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    LotusFace reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    @automatic Here's the thing with Alt season.  I don't see it happening prior to bitcoin going parabolic.  Basically this is the way I see alt season playing out.  Bitcoin breaks ATH then begins to ramp up with gains, then bitcoin goes parabolic again and tops out at my predicted number of somewhere around $400k at the end of 2020 or in 2021 (i have McAfee having to eat his d*ck but hey maybe we get to $1m ( I certainly hope we do)).Once bitcoin is at this price - everyone that missed out starts to look for "the next bitcoin" and they jump into ALTs, which will have ridden up the wave probably at least 10x from where they are now but still nowhere near where bitcoin is.  I don't think ALT season will take place at the expense of bitcoin.  I think it will be new money that had missed out on bitcoin.  This will propel ALTs to and we should see some crazy high gainers.   
    Now that being said I don't think XRP needs to wait for alt season to move up.  XRP is basically unique in the crypto space (many argue it's not a crypto currency at all and as we know most crypto purists hate it) and moves for it's own reasons.  I can easily see XRP at $5-10 at the same time bitcoin is near it's previous ATH of $20k.
    But maybe we get a mini ALT season before then, maybe ALTs have a relief rally in the mean time or maybe I'm just wrong about what will happen. 
    @LotusFace I had bittrex and bitfinex but since I'm from NY they kicked me out a while ago.  I use coinbase I think my fees have been about $4 a purchase, something like that. @LittleLordFauntleroy I'll check out GDAX
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    LotusFace got a reaction from Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Eric and others in the US:
    So far I have been wiring fiat to Kraken for my purchases, but this isn’t feasible for smaller weekly buys (which I want to begin making).
    What exchange are you using for your small purchases? I have a bank account linked to Coinbase, but have yet to use them due to their fees.
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    LotusFace reacted to LittleLordFauntleroy in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Use Coinbase Pro (aka GDAX).  Same account, still connected to your bank account, but much lower fees.
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    LotusFace reacted to Julian_Williams in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Your point is self evidently wrong; if the market was always right there would be no bubbles and crashes.  The fact that the market is always moving is because the buyers and sellers are are changing their consensus about the market being too high or too low.     The more volatile and violent the adjustments the more obvious it is that there is no consensus about valuation, the only consensus is that the market is wrong. 
    During the dot com bubble the market was pretty much wrong about everything!
    With regards to hopes, on a daily basis I hardly have any.  My hopes are long term, but whether it goes up or down on any particular day is pretty much meaningless to me.  I think I have made this point many times.
    Are you always patronising to people who are older than you?
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    LotusFace reacted to MQB in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    You HOPED too much, old man, borderline dillusional.
    The market doesn't work that way and the market is always right.
    In the foreseable future, everything is at the whim of BTC. No exception.
    Sorry to disappoint you
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    LotusFace got a reaction from GiddyUp in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    This thread has been good conversation until recently....let’s not “throw out the baby with the bath water”.
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    LotusFace got a reaction from VegitaXRP in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    This thread has been good conversation until recently....let’s not “throw out the baby with the bath water”.
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    LotusFace got a reaction from manateehunter in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    This thread has been good conversation until recently....let’s not “throw out the baby with the bath water”.
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    LotusFace got a reaction from Tinyaccount in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    This thread has been good conversation until recently....let’s not “throw out the baby with the bath water”.
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    LotusFace got a reaction from AgamemnonUA in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    This thread has been good conversation until recently....let’s not “throw out the baby with the bath water”.
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    LotusFace reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    The amount you don't know is staggering.  Free statements, that are not specifically directed to anyone about whether something is going to go up or down in price is NOT Actionable as Financial Advice.  If it were every guest on CNBC as well as the hosts would be able to be sued. (as well as every other financial program).  No you don't have lawyers on retainer.  I think you need help.
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    LotusFace reacted to Finesse in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Na not lighten up we have people coming here to get info who are noobs on XRP, not to learn about all these other coins. Anything about alts needs to be in alts.
    Literally the title of this sections is "XRP price and trading speculation"
    Its not " crypto market price and speculation and TA"
    Also you are insane and not knowledgeable of the law, why do you think you tubers always say "im not an advisor this is not financial advise. This is just my opinion."
    What do you think im talking about some pro bono case where the attorney just takes it up? Do you assume i have no lawyer on retainer capable of just submitting a lawsuit?
    I literally have tons of proof on here of people saying the price will go up or down, that is financial advice.
    If you are wrong and i incur losses i have written proof of your words on this forum and i can have my attorney subpoena the website for the members info.
    Not going to do that but that is a risk you guys are taking, You like giving financial advise? Cool go get certified.
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    LotusFace got a reaction from dr_ed in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    I was waiting for the “sell the news” dump, but it seems that dump happened the other day.
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    LotusFace got a reaction from dr_ed in Life after xrp   
    I would design 2-3 midsize homes for my family in places we love, for vacation and rental. I would also like to make a film.
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    LotusFace reacted to KarmaCoverage in European Central Bank integrates RippleNet on 22-11-2021   
    I will always be appreciative that I've been lucky enough to watch this train be built, the tracks layed, and the system started.
    Humanity is getting an upgrade.
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    LotusFace reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    @Finesse @robertbruce @LiquidGoat @captainjack @Trentsteel @Caracappa @automatic @Yodaxrp @eoma
    I Agree with everyone.  Look it is obvious that TA has it's limitations as I have written before.   XRP almost completely defies TA, as it's price lays dormant for periods of time then seeming runs out of nowhere. Predicting XRP price timing with TA seems to me to be nearly impossible.  Also the fact that the entire crypto market is basically dominated by Bitcoin also further complicates price movements of alts.
    That being said, certain price patterns have emerged regarding bitcoin that are foolish to ignore.  Charting these movements can provide the astute trader with possible good entry and exit points.  Obviously we have seen that exact point work in this thread and if you used my TA to pick your bitcoin entry or followed my advice on buying LTC you have already made a stellar (pun intended) return.  If you haven't or didn't, don't worry you still have a chance with XRP, I continue my daily buys. @LotusFace I use coinbase.
    Now I disagree with a ton of TA out there.  Reading the headlines on TradingView blogs usually makes me cringe.  As @eoma points out, as more stock traders enter the market, TA will become more important as it is what those guys use to set their algos, with many, if not most of their trades being performed by bots.  However, crypto doesn't move like stocks or commodities- it moves like crypto, so not all of the TA rules apply.  Also different TA indicators will give contradictory outlooks. 
    Basically the things to remember.  
    1.  TA works, kinda.
    2.  Buy and hold works, kinda.
    Remember no TA in the world would have told you to buy bitcoin when it was .01.
    If you research a project and believe in it, invest in it.  Should you use TA to pick your entry, yeah it usually helps.
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    LotusFace reacted to TiffanyHayden in Tiffany Hayden   
    I think it's strange how much people care about this. After carrying kids around on my right hip for so long, I am used to using my left hand for things. Since I don't actually have a camera crew that follows me around, that's how left-handed pictures turn out. I don't like posting pictures of myself nearly as much as people like to chide me for. I don't like it all. I hate it. Try and find a picture of me in my 20's or even in my early 30's. Do you think any woman thinks "Now that I'm 41, it feels like a good time to start taking pictures of myself to share online in a predominantly (young) male industry,  filled with vitriol, that scrutinizes every breath I take, and actively hates  me?" No. I do it DESPITE that. Contrary to what dude's with middle-aged, single mom fetishes may think, I post pictures for the women. Like attracts like. I want to be visibly present and this is the best that I can do. People who like to talk about all of the attention I crave are never able to explain why, then, have I turned down every single interview request over the years?  I push myself to be as personable as I can be because I want to be understood and I want to be visible to the other "regular people" in the world.
    Agreed. I was embarrassed at some of the comments and behavior coming from XRP supporters. It would be analogous to one flavor of Bitcoin making fun of another flavor of Bitcoin because their mempool was full. Same thing could happen to you, dude. Even more importantly, those people failed to recognize that the Stellar network SUCCEEDED, as designed, and stopped forward progress until it was safe. That was a victory for anyone championing Consensus over PoW. 
    Thank you for this. 
    Up until recently, I have never *only* liked XRP. One of the main features of the XRPL that originally attracted me to it is that it's currency agnostic. 
    I am uncomfortably open about things so people don't have to speculate. I try really hard to do the right thing, knowing full well that not only are strangers online watching closely and judging, but my 2 kids as well. They are teenagers now and I have to atone for all that I do. They read every word written about me. 
    I am sad at the way Bitcoin turned out. I didn't get involved in crypto to make a financial investment. I have always been poor. When the financial/housing crisis hit, I had a baby and a toddler and I felt terrified and helpless. The houses on every side of me went into foreclosure. They stayed empty for a long time. When somebody bought the house next door, they bought it for $12,000. When learned about Bitcoin, I latched on like it was a life raft. This is the Bitcoin that I was out evangelizing for:
    The entire article is good but it turned out to be ********. I was hopeful when Bitcoin forked that there was a chance to salvage it, but then Craig Wright showed up and there was just more infighting than I have the energy and capacity for, mostly because being an XRP supporter has been so damn taxing as well. And it's gotten worse lately.
    Nonstop **** like this. I don't know why, but as crypto enthusiasts poor into this space and grow in their knowledge, thoughts and reasoning, new XRP supporters have taken a different route, embracing ignorance and deciding to hunt cartoon bears and create conspiracies instead. 
    Jed reached out to me, in a sincere way, because he felt misjudged by me and wanted a chance to be heard. I have no reason to hate him and everything he touches into eternity. Life is short and I don't enjoy fighting with people or holding onto hate. The second news broke about Steller and IBM, everybody was trying to make it sound like a loss for Ripple/XRP. Good news for Stellar doesn't mean bad news for Ripple and vice versa. I'm not willing to spend one second getting into an XLM/XRP ******* match. And I don't want to participate in the cheering that goes on whenever another project stumbles. 
    I learn by doing and I'm here to learn. 
    Because, for the most part, if one of you gets screwed over, nobody will care. I have a small platform and try to use it to amplify the voices that don''t get heard. 
    I disagree. Neither my opinion of Ripple nor XRP has changed. It's because I am secure and feel confident in XRP that I don't feel the need to hate everything that isn't XRP. 
    There are lots of cool projects popping up everyday. I think it's exciting and I definitely want to be a part of it. I don't view crypto as a spectator sport. 
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    LotusFace reacted to BarryPotter in Price potential of XRP   
    and of course your entitled to your opinion. 
    But is rich coming from you who thinks he’s Fred Durst. Each to there own.
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    LotusFace reacted to JannaOneTrick in DLT will revolutionize not only Finance but also International Trade   
    A few days ago, I opened a topic regarding the vast positive effects in regards to the FX market and International Logistics.
    One of the key elements I highlighted was the Letters of Credits issued by banks to help exporters / importers conduct their operations;
    because of how highly tied the Letter of Credits are with the Correspondent Banking system.
    As being one of the core of my studies, I always was passionate about International Trade and its organizations (IMF, WTO...). Hence I wanted to give the people another look of the DLT potentials.
    You can find more details on this here:
    Today, after researching within the World Trade Organization website, I stumbled on a hefty and interesting document:
    If you go to page 21 - 22, (pictures below), you will find the traditional trade finance process, which is extremely cumbersome.
    Also, you will have an overall distribution of the players within the International Trade as well as the contracts and documents these players use to perform exports / imports.
    Among those documents there is the Letter of Credit, to which I gave a particular attention a few days ago.
    The document is a gold mine of information that resonate with Ripple technology and how their employees are marketing their solutions.

    Here is a couple of quotes:
    Blockchain can revolutionize international trade towards paperless trade:
    Blockchain could facilitate national G2G (Government to Government) and certain B2G (Business to Government) border procedures:
    There are many mentions to Ripple throughout the document, but nothing unknown in that perspective.
    The bottom line is, the developments provided by DLT far surpass what we commonly think and, in that regard, Ripple' solutions, given its compliance with banks, are a perfect fit to upgrade the International Trade and Logistics as a whole.
    As I see it, I am definitely convinced DLT, and Ripple, will dramatically enhance International Trade as we know it and alleviate its highly fragmented system.

    And below you will find 2 other documents, published by the Boston Consulting Group that works closely with the WTO.
    These documents also emphasize on how International Trade and Logistics need blockchain.
    Resolving the Blockchain Paradox in Transportation and Logistics
    Pairing Blockchain with IoT to Cut Supply Chain Costs
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    LotusFace reacted to Phintech in What’s up w Ripple tweet just now about Facebook?   
    This community sounds defeated.  There’s far, far more real world progress than all other coins combined.
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    LotusFace reacted to Julian_Williams in Q1 2019 XRP Markets Report   
    yuk, you really are dirtying your own reputation with that diatribe!  Do you have evidence of Ripple employees driving lambos?  What is the point of a well funded organisation going to the public for funds?  What is greedy about selling 2 -3 % of your assets pa to build the foundations of your company's future?
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    LotusFace reacted to JannaOneTrick in Spring Meetings - R3 - World Bank - OECD - Bank of Canada   
    April 11, 2019 | 13:00 to 14:30 ET, 17:00 to 18:30 GMT
    Atrium, World Bank Group Headquarters, Washington DC
    A flagship event of the 2019 Spring Meetings on Thursday, April 11 brought together a panel of fintech experts for a lively conversation on the wide-ranging opportunities and challenges of technological innovation in the capital markets, along with important legal, regulatory and competitive considerations.

    Overall it was a very interesting video to watch. The moderator was very professional and provided to a very pleasant discussion with the panelists.
    There is no strict mention of Ripple or XRP, but some parts of the video pricked up my ears.
    I will give a timeline for each speakers and provide a very succinct summary of each speaker's intervention.
    At the end of the panel, there is a Q/A.
    00:00:00 - Introduction from the World Bank Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer.
    00:07:21 - Presentation of all the panelists by the moderator.
    00:09:00 - Question to R3
    00:14:08 - Question to the Bank of Canada
    00:17:48 - Question to the OECD
    00:26:45 - Question to the Milken Institute
    00:39:32 - Question to R3
    00:46:18 - Question to the Bank of Canada
    00:51:52 - Question to the OECD
    00:57:39 - Question to the Milken Institute
    01:01:45 - Question to all and R3's answer
    01:05:54 - Milken Institute's answer
    01:07:10 - OECD's answer
    01:08:30 - Bank of Canada's answer
    01:10:30 - Questions
    01:15:35 - Bank of Canada answer to privacy question
    01:18:10 - OCDE answer to ICO's question
    01:21:45 - Milken Institute's answer to M-Pesa vs Blockchain question
    01:25:34 - R3's answer on energy issue and R3 Corda Settler advantages over PoW protocol
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    LotusFace reacted to Julian_Williams in Still XRP   
    This is a very interesting explanation of why XRP is lagging just at the moment
    A good read : https://hacked.com/crypto-price-analysis-ripple-in-a-long-wyckoffian-accumulation/
    Their conclusion is that when it goes it will shoot higher and faster than it did in 2017/18 - which is what many of us have been expecting.
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    LotusFace reacted to quetzalcoatl in How much XRP to hold longterm?   
    I'm here if you ever need someone who has been through it. Feel free to message me anytime brother. 
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    LotusFace reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in Galgitron’s blog: Impenetrable Consensus   
    Especially for you, from the same quoted Standards:
    XRPchat will not accept:
    zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts
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