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  1. Really, if you are being serious, that is amazing. 5 stars.
  2. I understand completely. Around 25% of my income has gone towards family health issues/costs for the past 20 years.
  3. Interesting. Crypto is a release/hobby for me from a much more intense and stressful work/life balance. So many different life stories in here...
  4. Disregard disregard my previous post, seems I can use my ledger
  5. Will be buying in soon. Where do you guys store your Trx?
  6. And don’t have children either. Especially pretty little fembot children.
  7. @blubber, I have read your posts and have been troubled by an elusive thought at the edge of consciousness. Just now, it came to me. Is your avatar Delta Burke?
  8. Well, considering I held less than 250 xrp at the time of the ATH, I would say No. I echo Loki’s statement about what the bear market has meant for me....opportunity.
  9. Be not afear’d. The Isle is full of noises.
  10. Sorry but my BS meter is running wild on the OP. If what you say is true, then your entire post directly contradicts your “digital footprint philosophy”. But I love the subsequent comments. Good information and suggestions regarding precautions and cashing out. So for that alone, thanks for your post dadofzara!
  11. I travel for work and accumulate a lot of airline miles. One particular episode of FOMO coincided with my frustration in dealing with a specific airline, so I sold all my miles in said airline to a broker and almost doubled by stack.
  12. I previously put off buying in, but gonna have a go now. It’s just so difficult to divert funds that could be going to xrp!
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