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  1. Are you guys storing multiple currencies on a single Nano or using multiple Nanos?
  2. I enjoy this thread and appreciate your posts. But seriously, why buy Bitcoin at all? Aren’t we witnessing its latest and only use case being thoroughly debunked?
  3. Amazing post-to reaction ratio with this one. I wonder why? Oh yes, IGNORE
  4. You sound quite irritated, sorry for that. If you read my post again, I clearly stated what my experience entails and what kind of places it applies to. My colleagues are typical white collar workers in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. They are working class professionals ...and locals. Back to the topic.
  5. I’m in China right now and have been working here (though not living here) for over ten years. I work in all the major cities and my comments are based on those places, not smaller communities. Though cash is accepted everywhere, it is not king.... almost nobody uses it. My Chinese coworker and I were just talking about this a few days ago. He told me he has only 300 rmb in his wallet (about $42 USD), and he has had that same money in his wallet for over 6 months. For him, WeChat pay and Alipay are the main payment facilitators.
  6. Eric and others in the US: So far I have been wiring fiat to Kraken for my purchases, but this isn’t feasible for smaller weekly buys (which I want to begin making). What exchange are you using for your small purchases? I have a bank account linked to Coinbase, but have yet to use them due to their fees.
  7. This thread has been good conversation until recently....let’s not “throw out the baby with the bath water”.
  8. I was waiting for the “sell the news” dump, but it seems that dump happened the other day.
  9. I would design 2-3 midsize homes for my family in places we love, for vacation and rental. I would also like to make a film.
  10. Really, if you are being serious, that is amazing. 5 stars.
  11. I understand completely. Around 25% of my income has gone towards family health issues/costs for the past 20 years.
  12. Interesting. Crypto is a release/hobby for me from a much more intense and stressful work/life balance. So many different life stories in here...
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