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  1. I just saw this when I was on Twitter. What does this mean exactly?
  2. 12 mil XRP have already been laundered and cashed out at exchanges. How does that even work? Can’t it still be traced to the exchange and then the exchange should KYC in place ?
  3. With XRP being up 20% in the last 24 hours, it is surprisingly quite in here. Thought there would be more talk about what caused a 20% pump. Anyone have any ideas ?
  4. That is a bummer. I was wanting to hear something amazing in this last session
  5. Anyone heard what was talked about yet during the last session about the gorilla in the room ?
  6. Any updates for those of us who can’t watch right now would be very much appreciated.
  7. I just read this article. It talks about Berkshire Hathaway investing ~$286 to $357 million USD in an Indian digital payments company Paytm. The article talks about other investors of Paytm. They mention Alibaba and Japan's SoftBank. Is Ripple involved with Paytm at all? I believe SoftBank is associated with SBI Remit in Japan somehow. Is this related to Ripple's hard work in India? Link to article: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/08/27/berkshire-hathaway-reportedly-in-talks-to-buy-a-stake-in-india-paytm.html
  8. I can’t watch this right at the moment but I am curious if someone has already seen it what the highlights are.
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