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  1. Roll and grow, little snowball!
  2. I agree. Santander is the UE largest bank by market capitalization. Maneuvering a transatlantic ship is not the same as deciding a new direction on a bike.
  3. Corrected: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contract_for_difference
  4. Hello Armanius, Merry Christmas. Some time ago I used EToro and although I haven't used Robinhood, they aren't similar to me: While, as I understand it, with Robinhood you buy and sell XRP, with EToro you make a CFD with them (see https://en.wikipedia.org / wiki / Contract_for_difference) derived from XRP.
  5. Controversial issue, I think: XRP listing on eToro blows up Twitter as holders go ballistic against company
  6. https://www.ccn.com/sbi-ripple-is-officially-a-licensed-payments-agent-will-it-boost-xrp-adoption/ ... "Over the past year, SBI Ripple Asia has brought in 61 Japanese banks to its consortium representing 80 percent of Japan’s total assets. In the upcoming months, the consortium could begin to utilize the Ripple network to process cross-border payments. On September 26, SBI Ripple Asia successfully registered with the Kantou Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Finance as a licensed electronic payments agent. The license allows the organization to operate as a money transmitter, processing and clearing transactions on behalf of individuals and businesses." ... "Analysts attributed the abrupt increase in the price of XRP to the increase in demand for the asset from the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange market, which remains as the largest crypto market ahead of the US and South Korea. It is entirely possible that growing anticipation towards the integration of Ripple by the 61 banks involved in the consortium and two of the biggest commercial banks in South Korea Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank is contributing to the newly found momentum of XRP." ... "Earlier this year, Woori Bank hinted full integration of XRP by the end of 2018, if it is ready to be implemented onto the bank’s services for international payments. The status of SBI Ripple as a licensed payments agent increases the probability of large commercial banks in Asia collaborating more actively with the organization to speed up the integration of XRP."
  7. I can't stop thinking about Mt. Gox every time Jed McCaleb is mentioned.
  8. I get it. Thank you very much for your kind answer.
  9. Why did you leave the cold wallets? Maybe to take advantage of current volatility more quickly and easily? ... I want to learn
  10. But how much political influence can Clinton (and Brainard) have in the government that Trump presides over? Although I am not an American citizen, I will read your answer carefully.
  11. Minimalist Ripple Client --> Cold Wallet
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