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  1. MEW does not appear on the list of wallets that allow the claim and will support the Spark token, but Metamask does. https://flare.xyz/supporting-wallets/
  2. https://blog.flare.xyz/further-information-on-the-spark-token-distribution/ WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE AND WHEN: At network launch, each account that has claimed Spark will receive 15% of the total Spark for which they are eligible. This is 15% of the Spark claimable term in the equation above. The remaining Spark claimable will be distributed over a minimum of 25 months and a maximum of 34 months. Each month,* a pseudorandom number in the interval [2,4][2,4] will be generated by the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO). This number corresponds to a percentage of the initial remain
  3. Hi guys. I have searched for an answer to this question in this chat and elsewhere without being able to find it. So, thanks in advance for your kindly reply: If I use a paper wallet and I have two Flare addresses to receive Spark, does the last added address delete the first one?
  4. But Ken Kurson no longer works at the Ripple company; He was a member of the Ripple Labs Board from February 2017 to October 2020, when he was charged with cyberbullying and related crimes, right?
  5. https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/ripple-new-bull-cycle-may-push-xrp-price-to-usd-0-92-analyst/
  6. “XRP retraced to the top of the falling wedge pattern (in blue) and tested it multiple times for support. Each time, XRP held the top of the falling wedge as support, and now, we can see that XRP is making a serious looking turn to the upside” https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/ripple-new-bull-cycle-may-push-xrp-price-to-usd-0-92-analyst/
  7. Excellent idea. However, today I tried to install this plugin on one of my Wordpress sites and it caused a fatal error that took the site offline. I could only solve the problem by locating the plugin in the server files and renaming it. I finally had to uninstall Payburner. Too bad, I would really like to use this plugin. Hopefully the mistakes are corrected.
  8. https://eng.ambcrypto.com/ripple-dops-xsongs-may-just-be-music-to-everyones-ears/ I consider this news of 5 days ago interesting and I did a search for "XSongs" in this chat without obtaining results, so I beg your pardon if it was already published. "Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have found their use in most industries by revolutionizing the realm of payments. Ripple has been at the forefront of creating instantaneous technologies for payments like its ODL platform for real-time cross border payments, while only charging the barest of transaction fees. Keeping up with the company’s
  9. Hola, bienvenido. El precio de XRP está muy bajo hoy (MXN$ 4.39 en Bitso al momento de escribir esto); aunque podría bajar un poco más, pienso que es momento de comprar.
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