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  1. Hi Hal, Thanks for the insights, You are definitely a main man, or Woman, when it comes to Zerpology which is why I'm messaging You with a question... Whom in the Ripple Hierarchy should I approach with regards to selling the Domain Name, " XRPCRYPTOCARD" which I've owned for some years now.
  2. Hi, I received this Text today !!! If You get anything similar Do Not respond. Phishing Scam.
  3. Thanks for such a crucial update on how to lose your Zerps. Much appreciated, especially so because Toast was regarded as a bonefide XRP Wallet, Harbor Wallet Gone too. Today's recommended Zerp Wallets ? Can I trust them ? Why aren't Ripple Labs offering a secure Wallet that won't be Deprecated within a couple of years ? The humble Zerp is gaining traction pricewise and warrants a Safe parking space. Too many people are loosing their stash through Wallet impropriety. There is talk of the SEC providing Clarity with Regulation in this space. Wallet Regulations need to be hammered out aswell.
  4. Hi, my heart goes out to you. DO NOT PANIC !!! Has the 10 XRP arrived in the Wallet you sent them to ? If You have the secret key, the long number beginning with s, You can use this to import the contents of the dead Toast Wallet. XUMM Wallet seems to be one of those recommended here. Good Luck.
  5. Hi, The Nano s & Nano x are highly recommended but not the easiest to use for beginners like yourself and me.
  6. Looks like you have found the Cry in Crypto. I've had a lot of wallet probs too with two being unsupported and then abandoned. I sincerely hope that someone will have a solution for you... But I think that without recovery phrase you can wave the Zerps good bye. You could try contacting Bithomp they will have your coins on the XRP Ledger. Good Luck.
  7. The biggest Birdie in this showdown is the Effin enormous American Eagle, Bird of Prey, the SEC,. Who appears to be very hungry.
  8. So the SEC shoot themselves in the foot in the very 1st Paragraph of their 71 page " complaint " Marvellous !!! I can sense a massive victory ahead...
  9. Nice one Lucky. If the SEC decide that XRP is and has always been a Security Investment Contract every one who has sold or traded them is Guilty of breaching the Security Laws. Is the SEC going to Sue all of us ?
  10. I respectfully disagree. All previous actions against Crypto Entities have been dealt with without a great deal of outcry from Hodlers of any denomination or the Crypto Press. This case against Ripple/Brad/Chris looks to be set up to provide, " Precedence." " Clarity," and defined Crypto Regulations. For Years now we have been fed info that Ripple was working with the SEC to produce such terms. Remember the old maxim ; " If it looks like a Duck, and it Quacks like a Duck, it may be a young Swan. Selling Your Bags of XRP now may be a mistake You live to regret. XRP's Life is very very much in it's infancy.
  11. Welcome and Thankx for such an inciteful 1st Post. I too am looking forward to replies to your questions. Why isn't McCaleb included in the SEC's attack against Ripple ?
  12. Thanks for this very relevant Post. No Contract is valid until it is Signed with a Wet Signature, ie; By hand with pen & Ink . Hence XRP is not a Security, End of Story !!!
  13. probably higher... Commentary on the SEC's arguments being vilified and unjust could promote the sort of price rises seen with ADA & Doge these past weeks. The pre-fight odds are definitely in Ripples favour Imho.
  14. It would have been good to see XRP shoot up 1000% during the Pandemic Lockdowns and then lose a bit of steam. Fortunately ADA is one of the Horses in my Stable and I'm quite happy if it's taking a breather and giving a bit of Feed to the Zerps.
  15. I heard that the Toast wallet was already Brown Bread...
  16. Thanks Paym8, I am now a bit more informed than uninformed. Nevertheless a dedicated Wallet built to stand the test of time is desperately needed, especially now when the price is readying itself for it's best Year yet. A lot of Hodlers are loosing their Zerps when having to migrate from a dying Wallet to the next one " recommended " This will be a relevant factor in those supporting Banks as custodians.
  17. Thanks. Having read the 70 odd page of charges being levelled at Ripple & the humble Zerp by the SEC, it is going to take the intelligence and Legal knowledge of one such as Mr Deaton to seriously embarrass and quash them into submission. Imho it's the SEC that should be facing charges of deliberately, and on more than one occasion, harming the Business interests of Ripple, Chris Larsen, Brad Garlinghouse & a Legion of XRP Hodlers by releasing FUD that essentially send the Tokens price plummeting. The present Market action which see's the Zerp's value increasing in the face of the SEC's adversity is testament to the ineffectual , contrived action they are pursuing. Hopefully the SEC will stand down on the 22-2-2021 and XRP can continue it's adoption without this sort of crap hindering progress & the Currency of the 21st Century.
  18. Hi, I'm fortunate in having a Bag of each. Until the SEC reaches a verdict on their Classification they are both insecurities.
  19. Hi Bob, This situation should not be allowed to happen ! After being touted as a GOOD Wallet designed for XRP it is discontinued without fore warning. The same situation as the XRP HARBOR Wallet, shut down with no prior warning. A friend and I both have XRP Bags and Harbor was the recommended Wallet for them at the time, some 3yrs ago. The Harbor Wallet itself cannot be used for any of it's functions but we are waiting for news of a Wallet with a future before using Private key's etc to move them. Why the F*** aren't Ripple creating a rock solid Wallet for the Zerp ? I suspect that You are not alone with this Rip-Off... Hopefully the Law can intervene and bring the THIEVES the Karma they deserve.
  20. Yes Scout, Japan have been keen on XRP for a long time now and is one of the major players along with Korea and the USA. The thing to note with today's Trading is the massive rise in Trades in Europe. It is reassuring to see all this support with the SEC loading their cannon's to blow XRP out of the water without so much as a ripple.
  21. I'm also of the opinion that if Ripple wins they should do a massive airdrop to all Hodlers who have weathered this storm and supported them.
  22. That's the Big question that we Ripplers would like to forecast. Imho; For Years now we have had news of Ripple working hand in hand with the SEC to formulate a Regularity Framework for the new technology. If this is correct and not just BS shilling, this Court Case has been set up to clarify what Regulations need to be put in place to protect Consumers and Business's et al. If this is the case it is a show trial to set Precedents that will in effect stretch the Howey Test to include Crypto Regulations and Clauses. The end result I imagine is that it will be a long Trial covering all aspects of Crypto Trading etc. Ripple will have to pay a substantial financial penalty for past deliberate misdemeanours and the Escrow will be limited in how it is dispensed. If Ripple has been working closely with the SEC to define the Regulations it's my guess that Ripple is now fully compliant with the Regulations. XRP will be judged as not a Security and the price will benefit greatly.
  23. Hi, Just read an Article which seems to sum up the SEC situation quite well... We don't have a lot to worry about. "Attorney discusses worst-case scenarios of SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs" on CryptoNewsFlash
  24. Fortunately I have Secret number, mnemonic and password for the Harbor wallet . Will try to contact Daniel ,will check out Rippex in the morning. Thanks.
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