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  1. Being a BritZerper it's good to see so many fellow countrymen & women supporting the Taxonomy in America on Change.org
  2. Thanks for the reminder only 46 signatures to go now that I've added mine.
  3. Hi, " good decade " ends in 7 Months time !!!
  4. I agree, adoption & usage being the keys to success there is a veritable breakneck race to be the widest adopted, most recognised and used Coin/Token. My heart sank yesterday & again today when I saw the new SWIFT GPI advert that now pops up on Financial / Crypto related sites.
  5. Hi, Have you tried Cryptomate ? They sell a bundle of different Coins including XRP for GBP. I've never had a problem with them, support is very good, it's simple to use and you don't have to wait long before the purchase is in your wallet.
  6. When that happens you'll be UP and Running !
  7. How long is a piece of string ?
  8. Hi, I shouldn't worry about Countries " Banning " Crypto. They are simply awaiting or busily working on regulation to protect their Populace from a nascent and very volatile market.. In effect with their present stance these Governments are giving Crypto a lot of media coverage which in turn garners public interest that otherwise may not be there. Eventually these Governments will bow to the will of their People and in doing so will absolve themselves of culpability in cases where Coins/Tokens bottom out to zilch and hurt People and their Families financially. India in particular is a very Tech Savvy Country that may be on the verge of Legitimising / Regulating Crypto on their road to a Cashless Society where all transactions are transparent. Just my Penny's worth..Keep the Faith.
  9. " Lack of interest in investing " When I was Young, ( I'm old now ) the High Street Banks would offer incentives for parents to open Savings Accounts for their offspring to instill in them from a very tender age the principle of, " putting something away for a rainy day," The Banks intention to capture customers for life, get their mortgage, Loans etc and guaranteed interest payments for the life span of that child whilst using their savings to gamble on the Markets... It is disappointing to see that this practice is now known as an Airdrop.
  10. Industrial demand for Silver has never been higher far surpassing the loss due to Digital Photography, every Phone, Tablet, Lap Top, Desk Top, Car, photovoltaic Cell in a Solar Panel requires Silver....Mass Adoption is at a low ebb, hence High Street Jewellery Shops have been in decline for the last 20 years or so. Silver Hodlers gave up a long time ago and ceased buying before it hit a parity with Tin. However with that said, I'm not parting with my Ingots and just added to my Zerp collection.
  11. I Agree this is not for fast bucks now and probably most of the people that bought in during the past couple of years are not at all comfortable with recent prices so are Hodling , waiting for the anticipated green route to the top of Everest. I have read that the movement and usage of Tokens/Coins is instrumental in raising their value. So Trading, Exchanging, sending cross border payments, Shopping with them & then buying more, or just moving them around from wallet to wallet is seen to be beneficial to rises in price . Maybe it's time to dust off these stashes of XRP before they get too rusty and give them a bit of fresh air and exercise. Look at Silver, the price has been stagnant for more than a decade yet every day another article is published explaining with Charts and insider info that explain that the Moon Shot is approaching... So stock up on Silver Rounds ! Silver not in Industrial demand is in the main being Hodled by JP Morgan/other Reserve Banks/Rothschilds/Pension Funds etc and of course those who sleep with Rounds and Bars under the Bed. This Market has been controlled by Whales for a long long time who are past masters at the game... This type of animal is ahead of the game as far as Crypto is concerned. Usage not speculation and Exchange listings is what will give XRP Value so it seems like a good idea to start using them.
  12. They publish the bulk of this Article on a regular basis only updating to the present prices... Outcome is always the same ; Buy some XRP while it's cheap .
  13. He doesn't seem to be saying, He most definitely says that they won't be using the crypto Currency just the Ripple Technology. As with many of the entities that are utilising RippleNet already when the SEC gets it's act together they will start to run XRP on it for the obvious cost effectiveness. Looks like Japan & Korea will lead the way to " Mass Adoption " and start pushing XRP to greener pastures.
  14. At least you've understood the Liquidity issue
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