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  1. Hi, I too have noticed the rise in the weekend activity of late, especially at the end of the Month... Could this be remittance corridors getting busy on Pay Days...
  2. I retired last year... its just like being unemployed... but without the stigma
  3. Hi, Your Husband must be getting excited too with the prospect of a bricks & mortar room looming...
  4. Hi, SWIFT can create as many cyrpto coins/tokens as they like,,, having a platform to run them on is a different prospect, many Patent protected rails means they would most probably collab with an existing network. Another relevant issue is Sharia compliance which Stellar & it's Lumens have already attained as a non profit organization. Imho Mr Garlinghouse could talk the hind legs off a Camel so will probably beat Stellar by a Nile
  5. The one whose dumped 5 Billion Zerps on the market and is still doing so !!! The man behind Stellar and it's Lumens.
  6. Q1; 0.24 Q2; 0.25 Q3 0.32 Q4 0.41 If the SEC get their act together this year Q4 could be an incredible $1.00 .
  7. But not as stupid as answering a post that was posted 2 years ago....
  8. possibly & hopefully it's due to NDA's that Ripple has entered into with these mega players. If so, when the cat's let out of the bag the humble Zerp will realize it's 2020 vision of mass adoption.
  9. Hi, just been trolling the interweb on a wet English Saturday afternoon as there's F*** All on the Telly worth the Electricity to power it. By chance I came across the attached Article from January 2018 concerning the anatomy / nature of Investment lures promising unimaginable Financial gains that Con people into buying beyond their fiscal budget, or worse using Loans, second mortgages or Credit Cards to jump aboard the latest South Sea Bubble that everyone's hyping. My reason for Posting the Article is that in the reading of the Authors advisory warnings and how not to be sucked into such Bubbles He explains what to look for to avoid being burnt , losing your life savings etc . XRP ticks all of his Box's as one of the standalone Crypto's that is Bubble Free, Scam Free & with realistic use cases for the 21st Century. All of the Crypto ATH's have been speculative or FOMO bearing no rational relation to monetary value. XRP I believe can justly survive the cull that'll destroy approximately 99% of the current 3000 Crypto's on offer. That leaves only 30 as potentially profitable investment instruments. To even consider that XRP won't be included in the adopted 1% is unwise . Hopefully like me you will see that the Article is still valid and points to a Bubble Bursting frenzy sometime in the near future that will benefit XRP and it's Hodler's greatly. http://www.ithappens.nu/cryptocurrency-bubble/
  10. No problem... Article was written on the Nov 1st 2019... SBI Report Document was penned 30th September of this Year.
  11. Please follow this Link, Pages 42/43 should give you a more positive outlook of XRP's Rosy prospects in the Orient. Hope this is the credible sort of source you trust... What's a " rando " anyway ? Pages 54-58 are an interesting read too. https://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/investors/disclosure/presentation/pdf/191030presentations.pdf
  12. SBI Ripple Asia, a consortium of large banks across Asia, is working on promoting XRP to its large user base as it prepares to take over at least 50% of the whole Ripple network, a document released by SBI Holdings has shown. In the report, which contains SBI’s performance and strategy, the group says it is going to be making use of XRP for remittance between Japan and South-East Asia, pointing that SBI Remit, a subsidiary of the SBI Holdings will increasingly make use of Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity service (xRapid). SBI Holding is promoting the adoption of XRP in the region by gifting the asset to newbies. Morning Star Japan app, a platform where SBI has around 48.82% shares, gifted 30 XRP to around 15,000 Shareholders with minimum of 1 trading unit (100 shares) as of September 30, 2019. Other SBI Group companies are as well considering to reward shareholders some XRP through a releated scheme. Also SBI VC Trade is gifting SBI NEOMOBILE SECURITIES customers JPY 1000 worth XRP when they open new account on the platform. Beyond all that, SBI Ripple Asia, a consortium created by Ripple, SBI and some other financial giants, is working to cover nearly 50% of the overall Ripple network once remittances from Japan to banks in Southeast Asia is functioning. The remittance corridor would be made to work in partnership with SBI Remit, SBI Ripple Asia and several banks in Southeast Asia. In another development, MoneyTap, a business investment by Ripple and SBI Ripple Asia, partnered with Japanese mobile e-payment firm PayPay with more than 10 million users. The partnership will make PayPay, with connection to 1 million merchants in the country, will start using MoneyTap, a cross-border remittance tool making use of Ripple’s xCurrent. PayPay will link up with MoneyTap to catch up with the global trend of fast, efficient, and cheap remittance.
  13. Hi, Just read this article on Cryptocurrency News Now from NewsLogical, "SBI Promotes XRP to Customers As Consortium Plans to Take Over 50% of Ripple Network" Good News or what...
  14. Far from crazy... The race is truly on, XRP has been held back waiting for Regulatory clarity to have any sort of mass adoption by the Public & Financial Institutions. In a Regulatory sense XRP is way ahead of the Libra project which may take Years to pass the SEC.s and other Financial regulatory bodies scrutiny. This opens the door even wider for the Zerp to win the race .
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