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  1. Just read this little Gem that may be bad news for some Alts, but looks promising for an XRP Boooost in September... https://www.ccn.com/crypto/bitcoin-surges-analyst-warns-binance-altcoin-winter/2019/06/14
  2. The eventual plethora of Early Adopters across the whole cryptoverse will result in a New Wealth Class. Millions of Hodlers around the Planet will be very Wealthy in a relatively short time. This new asset class has the ability to spring flagging economies and the Retail Trade into viability again. Ripple & XRP are among the vanguards of this Evolution and the World of Fiat is eyeing up both of them. We are so fortunate to be a part of this.
  3. Still ladling out the FOMO then. You speak of people cashing out big time when the survey so far has most folks Hodling and loading up on the cheap XRP of recent Months, or just plain Hodling. But you're survey may be flawed...Those who have cashed in their Zerps won't be following xrpchat any more so won't know about the Whales snooping on the " climate "
  4. Wow ! What an interesting Video thanks for posting Greyfox. The statistics on Chinese adoption to date at the end, 1:03:21 is very impressive...20% of the populace use Crypto Wallets, 40% use Credit/Debit Cards, leaving 40% paying for Goods & Services with Fiat. 20% equates to 280 Million Crypto users, that's the Populations of Germany & Pakistan combined. I hope they take a liking to XRP.
  5. Yeah... Always check the source as " Chinese whispers " abound in the Cryptosphere. An old Military adage used to illustrate the point goes thus ; An Army General fighting at the Front and barely holding back the enemy sent the urgent message to HQ, " Send up reinforcements we're going to advance ! " The message received by the time it had travelled through the Ranks and Trenches to HQ was, " Send up Three and Fourpence we're going to a Dance."
  6. The Nigerian Lottery is now playing second fiddle to this new breed of Crypto scammers...If you've any Zerps left stash them in a Hard Wallet and forget about them for a while...Simples
  7. Hope you get your zerps back....How were you scammed ?
  8. Looks like your English Teacher cheated you on the Spelling level,
  9. Being a BritZerper it's good to see so many fellow countrymen & women supporting the Taxonomy in America on Change.org
  10. Thanks for the reminder only 46 signatures to go now that I've added mine.
  11. Hi, " good decade " ends in 7 Months time !!!
  12. I agree, adoption & usage being the keys to success there is a veritable breakneck race to be the widest adopted, most recognised and used Coin/Token. My heart sank yesterday & again today when I saw the new SWIFT GPI advert that now pops up on Financial / Crypto related sites.
  13. Hi, Have you tried Cryptomate ? They sell a bundle of different Coins including XRP for GBP. I've never had a problem with them, support is very good, it's simple to use and you don't have to wait long before the purchase is in your wallet.
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