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  1. It was the lack of any trading of XRP being seen on Fiatleak that alerted me to the possibility that there was too little going on in the GBP environment, the currency isn't even featured when it is for BTC & XLM for example.
  2. And if each of the 1 Billion buys 100 XRP the Escrow is accounted for and in circulation... Imagine that
  3. And could you further imagine that Retail outlets realizing that all these Bag Hodlers need places to spend their Zerps so they start accepting them for Goods & Services with a price reduction for relieving them of the Fiat hassle. Imo the Ball is definitely starting to roll towards the goal area. i'm also thinking that Facebooks Libra if ever launched will be DOA in Europe as Christine Lagarde will surely not be welcoming it, it'll be a LIBREXIT from the get go. Wow ! A whole Dollar by Christmas, I might celebrate it this year then.
  4. Good to know I'm not the only Brit with a Bag of Zerps ... Is it possible that the Patron Saint of Alt Coins Christine Lagarde getting the Top job at the ECB has given the Market a long awaited boost ?
  5. Hi, I also have enjoyed fiatleak since it's inception and am still perplexed as to it's accuracy due to GBP trade not being recorded & no coins flying to the UK ? It looks as though Exchanges such as Cryptomate who sell XRP for GBP in the UK are not represented. Or is it that the Brits just aren't buying tickets for the Xrp Moon Shot ?
  6. What rattles my Pumpkin is the knowledge that a UK Referendum is not Legally Binding, it is merely advisory to the Government. The result is not set in stone as the will of the people as successive British PM's have been hammering home for the past 3 Years. Neither has the Government revealed that the extensive Trade Talks & Conferences with India, Japan & Others to arrange future Trade/Tariffs etc are all dependent on a No Deal break from Europe. Maybe the Trump has plans for the UK becoming the 51st State in his striving to create an American Empire & The Boris is buying into it as Britain's economy is now dependent on Tourism, Banking & weapons of Mass Destruction. Thanks for raising the issue Supernelson, if the Brexit result helps towards XRP adoption bring it on !
  7. XRP Ship seems to be well built and sturdy enough to withstand all the future Icebergs it may encounter, especially in relation to Class Action Suits , SEC & other regulatory bodies. As said my bag was kicked into life with $100, But it has grown and is now as much a Bag of Peanuts as your own. If by " Captain " you are referring the Commander of the Ripple Fleet Mr Garlinghouse seemingly Dumping XRP on the Market, what is it that you didn't understand about the ESCROW , and the rate that it would be released ? The ESCROW arrangement wasn't tucked away in the small print. Is it not possible that we are suffering this haunting low price levels because on top of Ripples ESCROW releases we have Jed Mccaleb & Chris Larsen offloading their Millions of XRP leading to a near permanent Oversold situation... Fear not dear retep because at the end of the day when the Escrow account is depleted and the other two suspects decide to HODL because the price is making them seriousy wealthier we too will be releived that we didnt jump Ship just because it's low in the water without the nessesary fiscal wind in her sails at the moment. There is a Breeze approaching that may well develope into a sustained Wind. All the perameters that led to you and I getting on board are still in play. Wish I had your courage to dip in and out of BTC or other Alts to earn a Dollar or increase the XRP Stack . Trying times indeed for the HODLers, hopefully the Strong Hands will profit in the not too distant future. Good OP though as you've highlighted the situation for a lot of us concerned XRP Hands
  8. He couldn't Rip a new one for himself as he's a complete one, even in the role of devils advocate. The vid is Informative none the less dispelling some of the misunderstandings surrounding all things Zerp. obviously Scripted and Staged.
  9. But it's reasonable to hazard a guess that in the Year 4019 they will still be using Zerps in one form or another. Crypto is a diffinitive.. there may never be a reason to change once adopted, take the Wheel for example ,it's been around for a very long time...and will be with us for a long time to come.
  10. But what happens if they are Dumping their Bits to get aboard the XRP Express because of the supposed / alleged Cartel and other nefarios money Launderers using BTC & Monero attracting massive Government and Financial Regulatory investigations leading to a mass exodus from these tainted assets. On a conspiritorial level the powers that be could have plans to Crash both of these Tokens seriously depleting the bad actors funding. Since Prixon abandoned the Gold Standard some 48 Years ago the World of Finance and Currency has been a farce, if not criminal, imo XRP is a major part of the long overdue solution. Will you be changing your Chat Moniker," XRP-to-20dollars," when it reaches $21 to avoid being seen as a Fudster ?
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