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  1. So why have Ripple not been busted yet Oh Ripple Guru with a |farting partner... Let Her Rip & get intoxicated by the fumes. In the not too distant future the Zerps adoption will render all your Posts irrelevant and based upon paranoia... We live in times where Pronoia is all that's going to pull us through. So less of your distopian diatribe. Please join the rest of us to build a better future, or we will end up with a " New Normal " Big Up the Zerp, it has been designed to help unlike many Altcoins .
  2. Hi, Just had a peak at Fiatleak to see how the Zerp was performing and was surprised to see that their " Latest News," is from 8 Days ago. Have they lost faith or is something afoot that we don't know about ?
  3. Hi, The Spark AirDrop is for Wallets containing 5 Million XRP or more. If You have a Bag of this magnitude You definately need a Nano S or X to protect Your stash.
  4. I read in News today that The Flare Network are doing a Massive Airdrop of their Spark token to XRP Holders. Source; " 500 Million XRP prepared for Spark Tokens. " The full Report can be found on FiatLeak, the shocking revelation is that the 45 Billion Spark units will only be Dropped into Wallets holding 5 Million XRP or more ! Ripple give diddly to the humble hodler, that's how you know that any online advert to get free XRP is a scam... They give us nothing and never have !
  5. Hi everyone, hope you are all virus free and getting some fun out of life. RTGS have a Patent or Patents Pending . Patents take 18 Months or more to be either Granted or Disallowed. The Legal Bods scour the Planet to assertain whether or not anyone else has prior claims. Details of any Prior invention similar that already has/or had a Patent will be sent to the Applicant by their Patent Examiner in the form of submitting Prior Intellectual Property/Inventions that may conflict. These challenges have to be answered to prove that your idea is " Novel " New. Ripple have first mover advant
  6. Well said bx549, like yourself I got on board the good ship Zerp in 2017 and Galgatrons posts were influential in me choosing XRP as my main Crypyo Investment. He made it perfectly clear that Ripple are involved in a massive international project and that laying the foundations would take a loooong time, hence the low price of the tokens at present. I particularly liked his article titled, " The anatomy of a Whale." Imho Galgatron has served XRP beyond the call of duty and is probably responsible for getting a lot of people onboard the good ship Zerp.
  7. Time will answer that one... Best advice is to have a diverse portfolio if you need a " Safe Haven " of any sort for any reason. Before the opportunity to gamble on Crypto came along I'd had 15 yrs stacking silver when everyone thought it a stupid investment. Went in heavy on Gold just before the Coronavirus Crisis @ $1500 an ounce. Sometimes it pays off to play the long game, others the short one... Imho Xrp is a long one... but it's time will come.
  8. I'm with you on this one, XRP has outstripped BTC over the past week and is showing signs that the run isn't over. Plenty of trade over the wekend too when weekends are generally weak on buyers. People are searching for a " Safe haven " for their wealth, Gold & Silver have performed really well since the Covid nightmare arrived and the BTC has attracted new money. But the Big news is the rise in Crypto adoption as people lose faith in the Fiat Currencies. Due diligence now points to XRP eventually being the leader of the pack.
  9. Is this what's been pumping XRP ? US Court Dismisses Claims Against XRP: Report Shows Ripple Paid Moneygram $15.1M in Q2 The Northern California District Court finds that claims against Ripple Labs and its token made by two investors cannot be proven. The legal dispute, which began in May 2018, pitted Ripple Labs including CEO Brad Garlinghouse and disgruntled investors. According to a report, the discontented investors wanted the court to determine whether the “native token XRP is, or is not a security by legal definition.” The investors insist that “Ripple shoul
  10. Hi, is anyone having trouble with seeing their Balance in the XRP Harbor Wallet. Customer Support has informed that , " We are working on a solution, but it will likely take at least a month. We are a very small development team and we relied on a partner for that data. They suddenly removed that service without notice. If you have an escrow created with Harbor you can use our Escrow Release Tool to complete any outstanding escrows. If you need to place a transaction sooner than our fix arrives, you can import your secret key into any other non-custodial wallet to gain the
  11. Hi, I too have noticed the rise in the weekend activity of late, especially at the end of the Month... Could this be remittance corridors getting busy on Pay Days...
  12. I retired last year... its just like being unemployed... but without the stigma
  13. Hi, Your Husband must be getting excited too with the prospect of a bricks & mortar room looming...
  14. Hi, SWIFT can create as many cyrpto coins/tokens as they like,,, having a platform to run them on is a different prospect, many Patent protected rails means they would most probably collab with an existing network. Another relevant issue is Sharia compliance which Stellar & it's Lumens have already attained as a non profit organization. Imho Mr Garlinghouse could talk the hind legs off a Camel so will probably beat Stellar by a Nile
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