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  1. It would be a greater debate if you substantiated your points, Swift has run trials using the hyperledger, due to its many advantages over the traditional system. Its true, Ripple is a rival for swift and thats why the've come up with GPI, which in many ways looks a lot like XCurrent. It is working with the already existing rails/corridors they have established. But its not hard to remember that this infrastructure is outdated. Swift GPI seems like an effort to modernise international payments but why didn't this happen 5 years ago. They have taken far too long to enter the game, Ripple and XRP have always been two steps ahead in regards to adopting and incorporating new technology into the international remittance and payments markets. "Anytime you find someone more successful than you are, especially when you're both engaged in the same business - you know they're doing something that you aren't". (Malcolm X) Speaks a lot about swifts decision to release GPI this year as soon as it seems that Xrapid will go live. Its simply a retaliation to what is happening in the same space.
  2. Unfortunately people will subject any evidence coming from videos as being unreliable. I agree that he used to wear the tinfoil hat too much but with this I only see what is available to anyone who spends the time to look at it. The trials ongoing for such a period of time genuinely shows the interest that multiple companies and financial institutions have in Ripple and XRP, I think that there is a lot that has happened behind that will come into play very soon.
  3. did you even watch it, it looks at fact and figures all of which are available for anyone to read and research
  4. I agree with your statement, I think this will shed some light on the whole Swift GPI concerns. Many may not agree with the statements and views but I believe there is heavy substantiation to the points being made.
  5. Thanks, I agree gradual implementation is a lot healthier and coincidentally will prevent withdrawal problems from occurring. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens, I have no doubt it will benefit all of us.
  6. I agree that this is a sensible strategy, and was/is definitely how I planned to make my future withdrawals. However with a lot of peoples responses it fails to address the issue I am talking about. I'm not technical genius but based on the assumption that XRapid will go live at some point later this year with at least one bank and many other financial institutions; I don't believe a bull run is necessary for XRP's value to increase positively against the sentiment of the market. The whole decoupling theory for XRP is based upon it achieving its use case, frictionless cross border transactions. If for example one bank signs up on full XRP utility, SBI uses XRP for JPY Forex Corridors etc.. then will we not see almost instantaneous price increase relative to the demand and volume of transactions? At some point many Xvia and XCurrent customers will make the transition to XRapid, what many people are calling 'convergence', and we know for a fact that all three solutions are able to overlap whenever the choice is made. To facilitate such large volumes/transactions will the price of XRP not have to increase immediately in order to liquid enough? In that case then we may see issues like i have described in the OP as there will not be a overall bull market which inherently provides general masses of market liquidity. Options like OTC market trading could well be an option for many holders. Perhaps everyone at Ripple is fully aware of how activating XRapid can have a significant effect on price and they may even decide to wait until the market looks healthier before making that move. I think this argument is irrelevent as previously mentioned, everyone owns different amounts of XRP and has different targets. For many reaching $10 could make them millionaires and for others it will have to get to a higher price all of which I believe it is capable of.
  7. Couldn't find the thread, but found this, which I assume is what you are talking about. Seems very interesting and could very well be the solution to the possible problem of exchange volatility/liquidity.
  8. Thanks for letting me know, looking at the UK's regulation on crypto it makes more sense. I wonder how this legislation will change over time. "As with any other activity, whether the treatment of income received from, and charges made in connection with, activities involving Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies will be subject to CT, IT or CGT depends on the activities and the parties involved". Guess theres no way getting around it!
  9. I really hope that Baakt can create a precedent for which other exchanges can follow, exchanges like Coinbase will have to make significant improvements to progress and not be overshadowed. I also hear that Binance intends to add fiat pairing which could be a game changer. I only fret about the issue of liquidity because I feel that price of XRP could increase at a value that many of us do not expect and in that case would make withdrawing large value amounts quite tenuous. In the case of using XRP for everyday purchases instead of converting to fiat, it will be interesting to see who accepts it and for what. Would very much prefer to be able to use 100% of my profits and not have to pay 20% capital gains tax losing a fifth of its value immediately.
  10. As much as it is sad to say, there will one day be a time where the majority of us sell a significant portion of our XRP holdings. I understand that everyone has a different price target in mind and a vague idea of a successful time to exit the market. My question however is how will everyone will go about making their exit and will liquidity on retail customer based exchanges make withdrawals a headache. As many of us are aware XRapid is yet to go live, I can also sense that many of us are eagerly waiting for the "push the button" moment by which many of Ripple's XCurrent and XVia customers will transition to using XRP as the digital asset of choice for high volume cross border transactions. It is also the case that Ripple has publicly announced that they will be using third party exchanges as sources of liquidity to facilitate the conversion of XRP into various fiat currencies . These exchanges will in essence become market makers for XRP through their respective specified corridors. Bittrex for example offering USD to XRP conversion will be a prime exchange for US based XRP holders to convert to fiat and withdraw to their bank accounts in a swift manner. The liquidity will also exist as financial institutions will be purchasing and selling XRP through Bittrex in high volume amounts. My concern however is with the limited amounts of fiat paired exchanges with XRP. Of the few that do offer fiat pairs they are primarily only available with USD conversion options which may be an issue for EUR, GBP and many other world currencies holders. In this case the options I am seeing here would to: 1. Convert into USD and Wire withdraw to your respective bank and currency. 2. Convert XRP into BTC/ETH or any other crypto which can then be withdrawn into the currency you desire. In regards to option 1, for large sums of money this could be an issue as its widely known that Wire transfers can be blocked due to KYC issues when it comes to international money transfers. Option 2 may seem like a suitable option but if upon understanding the fundamentals and technicals of XRP's use case, it could well be the case that XRP increases in substantial value compared to other Cryptocurrencies within a very short period of time.(XRP facilitating the transfers of large value and high volume transactions, therefore inherently creating immense demand). I personally like many of us was around for the rise from $0.20 to $3 upwards, although this was an exponential rise, it was ultimately fuelled by retail investors, speculation and FOMO. With actual utility I believe that the value of XRP can increase to much more significant heights much like how it 15x in Dec/Jan. As XRP's value could very much appreciate in this manner its value against assets such as BTC and ETH will also. On retail customer favourite exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase Pro, will order books not be able to process these conversions without being completely wiped out by vast amount of XRP holders all at once? As much as I understand this, it will not be a problem for all holders but it will be for some. I could be totally wrong about this but would like to know what other peoples exit strategies will be and if they involve converting to fiat currencies such as EUR/GBP and the like before withdrawing to their respective bank accounts. .....I agree that this arguments is also based on XRP's value increasing dramatically from its current $0.3 value, but again I personally believe all the fundamentals and technicals are there for it to happen. I would rather be prepared for an unexpected move then stressing about how to even cash in on my holdings which could result in missing out on some monumental price action!
  11. Wouldn't give much credit to her or her work, fired for several counts of misconduct much like many of her current colleagues at Satis Group. Also seems that the report disregards how Xrapid adoption will effect XRP's inherent value.
  12. Found this, no conclusion to the video but you should be able to come up with one quite quickly.
  13. This is great, it truly reiterates the overwhelming target market and effective use case of ripple technology; the outdated systems will be blown away. Can't help but think of how Xrapid can be incorporated into this and the significant cost reduction it will have for the different sized enterprises involved.
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