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  1. Crypto Eri, Kevin Cage, and occasionally Sam I am (To the Lifeboats). I understand that videos over 10 minutes in length help with the monetization, but I don't have the time to listen to 5 minutes of drivel regarding your sons baseball tournament, or the type of brisket you bought the day before. Edit: TMI as well, always on point-
  2. I'd be curious to see your analysis. Would you kindly create and post an overlay? (log & linear charts plz) Thanks
  3. Just offering some macro for additional perspective; short-term TA, not unlike some members in here, can be rather myopic...
  4. There is zero correlation between the above posted 5 year macro, and the standard impulse/motive/corrective phase's of a 5 wave EW cycle-
  5. XRP, the fastest way to send Bitcoin.
  6. High probability of major upward AP increase over next 10 days.
  7. As beautiful as some of the Italian imports are, the wife says no. I guess I'll have to buy us each a new Honda... Buckle Up-
  8. I'm really looking forward to Bakkt and Fidelity offering put/call options instead of these low volume retail exchange synthetic margin trades
  9. Anomalous borrow cost %'s can sometimes proffer important data. Open interest aside, the borrow rate (short & long) were not as frenetic as one would have expected (were not inline with the historical asset price fluctuation/borrow cost spread). I suspect that this suppressive manipulation was/is in anticipation of potential upward AP movement.
  10. Long margin borrow rates (which are back to a reasonable level) are hovering at 0.029%. Short interest rate 0.004%. Am currently long; the borrow costs are totally out of whack. KIM it only takes 1 whale to trigger this kind of activity on a retail exchange like Bitfinex.
  11. For those interested in the daily: Breakdown into new accumulation range with 8k serving as an average floor price within next 10 days possible (7800 -8200 short term) Watching the 200 EMA carefully. Total margin longs (av/c): 23.192k, daily interest 0.060% Total margin short (av/c): 5.522k, interest 0.006% ↑ (when retail believes the bottom is in, it usually isn't - bias, not logic). Buckle up-
  12. Well based on this mans mischievous smile alone...10
  13. Regarding bull run starts, just use the 350DMA. Every time BTC price has moved above it the run begins. Also if you take the 350DMA and multiply it by (Fib x1.6) that newly formed line will also act as support and resistance-
  14. I believe this is the origination of a 1.5 - 2 year bull run. That being said, and as many in here have eluded to, fundamentals & utility are what will ultimately drive XRP. Will it lag short-term? Probably. Will it outperform BTC mid to long-term? Dramatically.
  15. I'd look to this for additional macro (useful for calculating tops, as well as upcoming runs): When the 350DMA (FIB x2 multiple) crosses below the 111DMA, Bitcoin price peaks in its market cycle. Over the past three market cycles, this has been accurate to within three days of Bitcoin price topping out:
  16. One more plot line maybe worth considering...
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