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  1. "Hey" is how you address your clientele? Paragon of professionalism...
  2. GH/Ripple can't make a statement as it would likely prejudice their position. Expect limited to no pubic communication until all is in order. Communications should be directed from/by your counsel.
  3. What I find interesting is how many people don't understand the vulnerabilities associated with SMS 2FA. It can reduce your overall level of security (on multiple levels). SMS is not encrypted! Aside from intercepting the non encrypted messages, if the hacker knows your name/number they can also attempt to take control of your sim through the carrier for a direct intercept. *If GH insinuates that because a users' 2FA wasn't enabled and they didn't take the required security measures to ensure the safety of their account, I would say bullocks to them. there is a legitimate legal argument for not enabling it- (I understand this may not have been their attack vector) *Some of the communications from GH shared by others are appalling. @lucky had it right back in 2016...
  4. The problem with stupid is that it's stupid.
  5. Simplii is underwritten by CIBC, who is (and has been for a while) a RL partner- Edit: NM, I didn't bother reading through post - I see this has been pointed out.
  6. The Stronghold payment pointer allows for USD (which may be beneficial in terms of tax calculations), here's their tut: https://stronghold.co/learn/set-up-stronghold-payment-pointer-for-coil Regarding pointer syntax, this may be of assistance: https://interledger.org/rfcs/0026-payment-pointers/
  7. Waiting on some sort of referral program from COIL to help incent adoption-
  8. Here's a couple... Had to break out the CS2 and paint for these baby's lol-
  9. I understand that they have bigger fish to fry, that being said sentiment in this largely ill-informed retail market is incredibly important. Boiler plate Cease and Desist letters, retraction/correction demands cost nothing. Was it David (or Bob I forget) that mentioned even he was shocked at the increase in bank attention with the spike in price? I dunno, seems to me that they should be nipping this kind of thing in the bud. This kind of libelous PR wouldn't fly in any other industry-
  10. I'm noticing a massive uptick in the volume of calumnious articles being churned out *which usually signals the beginning of a bull run/is a good sign for us Hodlers... but I am curious why their legal team isn't issuing C&D orders to some of these "news" outlets. The folly of any predator is to underestimate it's prey.
  11. XRP is a giant Red Oak in its nascent stages of growth. Splitcoin (Btc) is a withering fruit tree that's being swarmed by an echo of very loud and rather annoying mockingbirds.
  12. You have just won most insane thread of 2019 -
  13. Didn't realize this would spur such venomous responses (people calling others "conspiracy theorists", "retards" etc...) So much for respectful open dialogue lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #Yikes-
  14. Because they don't pose any meaningful threat. You haven't made it until you are sued-
  15. Here's a thought. Your exodus wallet does the same thing as WU. Why bother using them at all? Local exchanges abound-
  16. @BobWayI remember watching a doc many years ago that followed three C level tech exec's (Chairman of Cisco was one of them) and one thing they all shared in common was that they would draw inspiration from Korea. Having lived in both Seoul and Daegu, I can personally confirm the extremely rapid pace of technological development there. My fiancées Brother was an engineer for K-Telecom and I remember the first thing he asked me was (as he picked me up from the airport) so, how fast is your DSL in Canada lol? They are a proud bunch and it is well deserved. I would put special consideration into sussing out all of the Korean outlets because, as you mentioned they have a knack for leading the way- Anyway, one more to add to the list: S.P.Q.R Media - Top shelf.
  17. Well... 1) Past performance is not an indicator or guarantee of future results 2) Fundamentals
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