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  1. I think it's rather apropos, all things considered...
  2. Curious, how does one burn 50% of an infinite/inflationary supply. Hmm... (Yes, I'm talking about you Xlm)
  3. Exactly - We're heading down - https://www.barchart.com/futures/commitment-of-traders/technical-charts/BTX19/overview
  4. Regarding Fib and harmonic sequences for swing trades, George Protonotarios wrote an excellent book on PHI and the numbers' correlation to various world markets, worth a look.
  5. Thanks for all your efforts. See you on the other side-
  6. Pilot error. https://www.facebook.com/pg/ToastWallet/posts/?ref=page_internal
  7. Just a reminder for anyone concerned about BTC's drop below the 200ma/potential death cross, it also happened in 2013...
  8. If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. GL
  9. For securities, the SEC mandates that FINRA publish all ATS trades with a two week delay. --> https://otctransparency.finra.org/otctransparency/AtsIssueData Unfortunately, there is currently no public price discovery pre-trade, only reporting after the fact. I haven’t heard a peep from any of the American regulators regarding implementation of similar rules for the Crypto HFT platforms/hedge funds. The introduction of reporting rules or injection of organic retail price discovery could (quite rapidly) destroy their golden goose. If you had the time & inclination, it might be possible to drill down on the liquidity increase bumps every week or so by overlaying that data onto the public exchange numbers as OTC trades are supposed to be closed at a higher price than the current retail market price (I forget the name of the rule). The reduction of arb. spread data could also be analyzed & backward engineered (one of the primary resultant effects of high freq-trading). If you want to dig through the data, IBC Group, Cumberland & Circle Trade might be worth a look-
  10. Was offering a few Leading indicators that I thought @Tinyaccount would appreciate. No magic there... Volume precedes price & momentum can be predictive / be used as part of your overall framework-
  11. Opinion on whether the huge gap left behind gets filled after earnings? In my opinion MGI is a top heavy company with an overpaid CEO , two years of declining revenue, and a 900M debt. I don't see xRapid solving all their problems. Just sayin'. Could there be a great short squeeze right now anyway? Of course! @dr_ed Target met - Short volume now 882,7372, volume ratio now 31.42. $4.02 close, up another 0.19 (4.96%).
  12. Watch the momentum & volume oscillators over the next 10 days-
  13. If you have the $, CME futures: $5.00 per bitcoin equaling $25.00 per contract Calendar Spread: $1.00 per bitcoin = $5.00 per contract. For other longer term leveraged positions you're going to have to wait until Fidelty or some such brokerage offers warrants or calls. I assume at that point there will also be volatility indexes pegged to BTC which will probably resemble the TVIX etn however this sort of product would also most likely be susceptible to contango so that might not be the best long term solution. There is currently up to 100X leverage on some of these non-regulated exchanges, and going into that kind of trade can be disastrous for several reasons - e.g.: some of these "exchanges" will quite often go into "maintenance mode" whenever there is a spike so trades/withdrawals/transfers are choked. Best bet might be to DCA your way in, as the MA's (and several other indicators) are now beginning to signal buy- Edit: P.S. I didn't really answer your question regarding Bybit, I just think it's a bad idea to use their platform for long term margin trades... Anyway, by virtue of selecting a lower margin rate you are (theoretically) buying a longer time period as the liquidation price ranges are much wider (be it short or long). This should buy you more time. Regarding fees, I would be more concerned about your bitcoin vaporizing / position being liquidated - Penny wise, pound foolish? P.P.S. 30X seems to be the sweet spot for the majority of traders I've spoken with all factors considered, but again, beware of violent moves and the inevitable maintenance mode which more often than not seems to follow.
  14. Speaking of astronomical, XRP is like a Saturn V rocket. Several stages to get to destiny. It appears final burn has completed and we are soon to enter lunar orbit.
  15. Agreed, at first glance fundamentals with this one are tricky and next earnings call isn't until November. That being said, Xrapid will have a net positive effect, maybe a dramatic one as many are positing. They seem to have a renewed sense of urgency in terms of their Global operations focus (yesterdays hire of Kamila, as well as todays [domestic only] Metropolitan bank announcement). Also, don't forget the Euronet 15.20/share offer rejection & RL's 30 mil buy at 4.10. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191001006030/en/Metropolitan-Commercial-Bank-Announces-Partnership-MoneyGram-Debit/ P.S. already up .14 (3.82%) after hours from its 3.67 close (3.81 post market)
  16. Don't want to derail this thread, but I thought this was worth mentioning. MGI looking like the shorts about to get squeezed. Short Interest (Shares Short) 4,160,000 Short Interest Ratio (Days To Cover) 1.9 Short Percent of Float 14.28 % Short % Increase / Decrease % Short Interest (Shares Short) - Prior 4,160,000 Shares Float 29,130,000 Trading Volume - Today 1,903,750 Trading Volume - Average 2,200,000 Trading Volume - Today vs. Average 86.53% % Owned by Insiders 5.34% % Owned by Institutions 82.88% Earnings Per Share 1 PE Ratio 8 Market Cap. $ 198,950,700 % From 52-Wk High ($ 6.68) -40.42% % From 52-Wk Low ($ 1.33) 199.25% % From 200-Day MA ($ 2.62) 51.92% % From 50-Day MA ($ 3.79) 4.89%
  17. Exactly. post from last year: In Canada there is no magic formula and each situation is dependent on its own facts in determining whether you owe capital gains or your profits are to be considered income. Factors Considered by the Courts the frequency of the transactions; the duration of the holdings; the intention to acquire the digital assets for resale at a profit; the nature and quantity of the securities/DA's; and the time spent on the activity. A portfolio that features a significant number of transactions and short holding periods, coupled with fairly active involvement by its owner can be indicative of a trade or business in buying and selling securities/DA's. When a taxpayer believes that a given disposition should be on account of capital and not income, the implication is that such a taxpayer is arguing that they disposed of a capital asset. Capital assets are defined by their ability to generate income through their use or simple ownership thereof, not by their ability to be sold at a profit at a later date. Therefore, securities/DA's that do not provide passive returns, such as XRP, are generally viewed as being less capital in nature. Small Number of Transactions — Adventure or Concern in the Nature of Trade The fewer transactions in which a taxpayer takes part, the more likely the activity is going to be viewed as on account of capital and not inventory. However, even this factor is not determinative: there are cases in Canada where the courts have held that even a single isolated transaction can constitute an adventure or concern in the nature of trade. The Courts are clear that this is a fact-driven exercise and that a given case can turn on the perceived significance of even a single factor. For instance, investing cash in a limited number of cryptocurrencies consisting of a small number of transactions, combined with a lengthy period of ownership, is more suggestive of the gains being characterized as capital gains and not fully taxable income. However, the exact same initial investment combined with a very brief period of ownership, perhaps a purchase of XRP in mid-August of 2017 and a subsequent sale when it reached its current historical high in December, looks more like an adventure or concern in the nature of trade. It is also important to point out that most if not all cryptocurrencies do not have the potential to earn passive income, such as dividends or interest payments, like stocks or bonds and prima facie do not resemble typical capital assets. While not determinative on its own, this generally means that the only way to earn income from many cryptocurrencies is to sell it at a profit, which is simply one factor that may favour a taxable income characterization in a given case. Other activities such as mining or running Codius Nodes to earn a return or claim tax exemptions (operational costs) are also significant factors to be considered. Edited August 13, 2018 by PhiGuy So, when the tax authority asks you, "were you expecting a profit when you purchased these digital assets" :
  18. Your definition of "Shorting" is incorrect. You have loosely described someone "Being Short" on a position, that sells and later rebuys. There was no discussion of puts, options or leveraged margin trades. Short volume data is incredibly important and it's unfortunate you didn't expand on this....Check out Bitmex if you're interested. For equities data, FINRA e.g.: http://regsho.finra.org/regsho-Index.html P.S. just re-read my post and realize I may have come across as being a bit curt. Not my intention, just feel that "shorting" (retail & tut.) in general is one most important driving forces behind this price manipulation, and that it may deserve a deeper look. That being said I still love ya, and appreciate everything you do (and have done for many years!)
  19. The stops are visible and the exchanges/whales hunt them, clear the book and rebuy. If XRP/BTC/USD is your only trade, use mental stops.
  20. A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.
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