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  1. Here's a thought. Your exodus wallet does the same thing as WU. Why bother using them at all? Local exchanges abound-
  2. @BobWayI remember watching a doc many years ago that followed three C level tech exec's (Chairman of Cisco was one of them) and one thing they all shared in common was that they would draw inspiration from Korea. Having lived in both Seoul and Daegu, I can personally confirm the extremely rapid pace of technological development there. My fiancées Brother was an engineer for K-Telecom and I remember the first thing he asked me was (as he picked me up from the airport) so, how fast is your DSL in Canada lol? They are a proud bunch and it is well deserved. I would put special consideration into sussing out all of the Korean outlets because, as you mentioned they have a knack for leading the way- Anyway, one more to add to the list: S.P.Q.R Media - Top shelf.
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  4. Well... 1) Past performance is not an indicator or guarantee of future results 2) Fundamentals
  5. If it were declared a security (which it won't be; reasons why have been discussed ad nauseam) current valuations put XRP in the 500-600 range. Either way I'm good- Edit: Esoteric trading solutions (low ball imo) perspective and valuation of $334.47USD per 1 XRP if it were declared a security is still up on youtube if you're interested.
  6. sigh... "@PhiGuy I'm not sure I understand why the canadian FINTRAC / FINCEN would be a point of interest for us considering that we are not canadian citizens nor is our business canadian based." Here---> https://iclg.com/practice-areas/anti-money-laundering-laws-and-regulations/romania
  7. Canadian FINTRAC / FINCEN requires compliance in 6 categories: Reporting <--- Record Keeping <--- Ascertaining identity<--- Compliance Regime (AML ) <--- etc... If you're facilitating anonymous non AML compliant transactions, you may be opening yourself to a world of hurt: "The penalties for non-compliance include significant fines and jail terms. The penalties are outlined in Part 5 of the Act. Failure to comply can lead to criminal charges against the persons and entities subject to the Act. The following are some of the elements of the penalties: • Failure to report suspicious transaction: conviction could lead to 5 years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $2,000,000 • Failure to report large cash transaction: conviction could lead to a fine of up to $500,000 for first offence and $1,000,000 for subsequent offences. • Failure to retain records: conviction could lead to 5 years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $500,000." Edit: "the overall principle is pretty much the same with the one used by LocalBitcoins.com". *Not sure that I'd want to model anything after an entity that has had hackers steal BTC from their users' accounts, posted instructions on how to bypass the access restrictions in Russia (after it was banned by the Ministry of Finance), had to deal with numerous cases of Money Laundering claims etc...
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