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  1. Will be back early next week (need more data) and yes things are playing out as expected
  2. See y'all in 3-5 months (had my fill of xrpchat for now)... Good luck to all those invested, and best wishes for the New Year. Have a wonderful Christmas.
  3. Interesting FIB modification that may be worth a look (4 min. 18 second mark):
  4. Long enough to have earned a grey hair or two - Crypto since 2014.
  5. $25-$29 are 3rd wave PT's, however volume on the first wave and consolidation behavior after W1/W2 will be required to better determine time frames more accurately. The $2.80 -$4.00 are PT's for wave 1.
  6. High probability of reversal to 0.22-0.24 over next 10-15 days. Expecting first macro impulse to complete in approx. 3 months, 3rd wave in approx. 5 months. PT remains at $25.00 -$29.00 (time frame on 3rd wave will need to be revisited once volume can be accurately assessed). In short, this will begin a new sustained parabolic increase with W1 range of $2.80 - $4.00. New ATH's incoming - Buckle up...
  7. I think it's rather apropos, all things considered...
  8. Curious, how does one burn 50% of an infinite/inflationary supply. Hmm... (Yes, I'm talking about you Xlm)
  9. Exactly - We're heading down - https://www.barchart.com/futures/commitment-of-traders/technical-charts/BTX19/overview
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