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    Listening, resonance, and perspective
  1. PhiGuy

    When rich ?

    50sma is buy line for inst. Resistance will be futile- (Q2)
  2. The price will change. Todays top 100 crypto chart brought to you by Lack of Clarity - ( If you stare at it long enough "589" will pop out )
  3. I think the true spirit of the season is putting others' happiness before our own, and finding you've never known such happiness.
  4. Signing off for a bit and just wanted to extend my sincere wishes to everyone for a peaceful Holiday, as well as wish you all an amazing 2019. I have a feeling 2019 might be a very interesting year Message from Chuck:
  5. PhiGuy

    XRP vs XLM

    I'll stick with XRP.
  6. PhiGuy

    XRP vs XLM

  7. PhiGuy

    XRP vs XLM

  8. PhiGuy

    XRP vs XLM

  9. PhiGuy

    XRP vs XLM

    Plagiarized white papers, an inflationary "asset" that only exists because JED is propping it up with his continuous sell-off of XRP, garbage dumps and parking lots. Sounds intriguing. Good luck lol...
  10. PhiGuy

    XRP vs XLM

    Can you provide a document that lists the partnerships for Tron, Iota, Stellar? I'd like to compare notes... Thanks https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E1AcLBd_ykemoDAPwZsbl5f2wyrS7RhlAt94CrHXTAg/edit#gid=1168577263
  11. Retail is going to have very little to do with it.
  12. Tell me this mans mischievous smile doesn't make you wonder, not even a little bit?
  13. In Canada, You can buy XRP directly with CAD/USD on both Coinfield & Coinsquare (the latter have significantly higher volume running through it)
  14. I dunno, maybe I'm not following correctly, but aside from the boatloads of $ they would make off of the price increase (which they could then set at whatever they pleased) I would think price stability for one (although I'm sure XPool will probably function as some sort of price stabilizing mechanism/volatility buffer) Secondly, a raise in price is required in order to facilitate/meet the global liquidity requirements.