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  1. Regarding bull run starts, just use the 350DMA. Every time BTC price has moved above it the run begins. Also if you take the 350DMA and multiply it by (Fib x1.6) that newly formed line will also act as support and resistance-
  2. I believe this is the origination of a 1.5 - 2 year bull run. That being said, and as many in here have eluded to, fundamentals & utility are what will ultimately drive XRP. Will it lag short-term? Probably. Will it outperform BTC mid to long-term? Dramatically.
  3. I'd look to this for additional macro (useful for calculating tops, as well as upcoming runs): When the 350DMA (FIB x2 multiple) crosses below the 111DMA, Bitcoin price peaks in its market cycle. Over the past three market cycles, this has been accurate to within three days of Bitcoin price topping out:
  4. For any doubters in the room, conclusive evidence of McDonalds' alignment with Ripple here: Tripple Ripple? Yes please
  5. "When xRapid is used, the XRP is bought on an exchange. It's then immediately sold on another exchange. So there's no net increase in demand but there's no net increase in supply either." Joel Katz. (as copied from twitter). As the conversation is taking place on twitter I thought I'd ask for clarification on my own thoughts regarding the explanation as it may or may not affect price. wil It is to my understanding that Xrapid inherently will not cause an increase in price due to the fact that the buy order will equal the sell order, however the use of Xrapid will increase price due to the fact that the usage of Xrapid by corporations will cause the scarcity in xrp. In another way. Xrapids function= zero increase in xrp demand as it is a zero sum process. Usage of Xrapid Increases demand on xrp therefore that creates the scarcity and possible/probable increase in xrp price" X-Rapid participants are able to buy XRP from the escrow/level II markets, and they will also be able to source directly from exchanges. The X-Rapid pathfinding automatically searches for and finds the lowest price on the buy side, and the highest on the sell, hence an organic increase in price with every transaction- As @mDuo13 Posted January 23, 2018: xRapid uses public exchanges that trade XRP to source liquidity from speculators and other members of the public who're trading cryptocurrencies for fiat and vice-versa. It pairs trades at different exchanges in real time and transfers the XRP between exchanges. It is, in a sense, a really polished standard interface to the exchanges' own APIs. It automates the following process, which one can do (slower, thereby less profitably) by hand: Deposit USD at (source exchange) Trade USD for XRP at (source exchange) Withdraw XRP from (source exchange), deposit at (destination exchange) Trade XRP for MXN at (destination exchange) Withdraw MXN from (destination exchange), send to customer And yes, I've heard that agreements are in place to prevent profit taking for those that source from Level II, whether or not that's true, I dunno-
  6. "Unavailable This video can't be embedded. Watch on Facebook · Learn More" Watch on Facebook? No thanks...
  7. "Hey" is how you address your clientele? Paragon of professionalism...
  8. GH/Ripple can't make a statement as it would likely prejudice their position. Expect limited to no pubic communication until all is in order. Communications should be directed from/by your counsel.
  9. What I find interesting is how many people don't understand the vulnerabilities associated with SMS 2FA. It can reduce your overall level of security (on multiple levels). SMS is not encrypted! Aside from intercepting the non encrypted messages, if the hacker knows your name/number they can also attempt to take control of your sim through the carrier for a direct intercept. *If GH insinuates that because a users' 2FA wasn't enabled and they didn't take the required security measures to ensure the safety of their account, I would say bullocks to them. there is a legitimate legal argument for not enabling it- (I understand this may not have been their attack vector) *Some of the communications from GH shared by others are appalling. @lucky had it right back in 2016...
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