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  1. shant be posting any further articles if i get a "warning" for no apparent reason.
  2. https://dailyhodl.com/2018/10/07/world-trade-organization-says-ripple-could-transform-global-commerce-highlights-bitcoin-ethereum-and-iota/
  3. Same way Paypal does, over here in the UK it uses DirectDebit not sure what it does in US
  4. Given that banks are going to take a while to adopt xRapid, how about Ripple or some other company developing an "average joe friendly" payment system like paypal but which utilises XRP to send payments internationally. It would be like a hybrid of Paypal & Coinbase for its convinience / ease of use but with a fee structure more akin to paypal than cb ? The money would leave the senders bank in their local currency and be deposited in the recivers in their local currency using xrp as the bridge. just an idea ive been mulling over and puzzled why no one has developed it, be inter
  5. Not heard of LBX until I read this thread. I think i might go that route unless the Binance Fiat GBP rumour comes to fruition first
  6. wouldnt it be easier to just use fingerprint recognition?
  7. Would be interesting to know what other coins people hold, myself Im about 2 thirds in XRP, one third in TRX with a tiny amount of VET which I might sell.
  8. Try Bitstamp. Unfortunately those of us in the UK are still stuck with coinbase as AFAIK they are the only ones to do GBP directly
  9. But supply and demand laws mean that with a huge supply the transaction price is unlikely to reach astronomical levels
  10. I thi nk OP has just seen this article which contains exactly that quote: https://dailyhodl.com/2018/09/24/confirmed-ripple-now-has-7-partners-ready-to-use-xrp-powered-payment-solution-xrapid/
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