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  1. http://www.ibtimes.com/ripple-xrp-news-meet-miguel-vias-cuban-born-idealist-behind-xrp-cryptocurrency-2546427?amp=1 Quoted: "Decentralization includes partnerships with a variety of virtual marketplaces and financial service providers beyond Ripple's ties to banks and corporate clients. Reuters reported Nejc Kodrič, the CEO of one of Europe’s leading bitcoin exchange markets, Bitstamp, said the demand for XRP is particularly strong. “The core center of our strategy is partnering with enterprise grade institutions who have a vested interest in making sure the XRP network is as healthy as possible,” Vias said. “A prime example is our partnership with BitGo.” BitGo’s digital wallet recently added XRP support. “In conjunction with that support, they are also running a node on the network,” Vias said. “Because now part of their business now relies on XRP, they have a vested interest in making sure the network is robust.” Ripple is still focused on payment transfers, first and foremost. But while bitcoin traders are often fiercely anti-capitalist compared to more business-minded XRP users, philosophy still factors into Vias’ vision. “Imagine a world where the price of sending payments is almost zero,” he said. “If you could, I think there are some pretty positive effects something like Ripple could have in terms of the challenges immigrants face.”
  2. https://www.spectator.co.uk/2017/05/blockchain-an-investors-guide/ Quoted: "Blockchain is still in development, but Randall says it will certainly become mainstream in banking and finance over the next decade. The way banks currently operate (made all the more elaborate by mandatory anti-money-laundering checks), sending money from place to place can be slow, unreliable and expensive. That’s because, as Marcus Treacher of San Francisco-based blockchain ­company Ripple says, ‘banks are still using ­antiquated systems that don’t inter-operate, so they can’t move money easily between them’."
  3. https://cointelegraph.com/news/top-altcoins-surge-as-bitcoin-price-crosses-2400-in-sign-of-recovery Quoted: "Ripple seems to be making amends with a grand 39.45 percent hike, being the biggest achiever at the elite altcoins club for the day."
  4. https://bravenewcoin.com/news/what-other-cryptos-can-learn-from-ripple/ Quoted
  5. Ahahaa im sorry noob english i mean there will be a big one that will adopt and integrate ripple hehehe
  6. It will use auka tech but there will be a new one for ripple wait for it .
  7. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/keeping-xrp-exchange-wallets-fuels-market-volatility/ Quoted: "The XRP price has seen quite a bit of negative momentum as of late. That is not entirely surprising, considering all currencies and assets lost value. The recent Bitcoin price drop is not doing the markets any favors. However, exchange users make life easier for market manipulators by keeping coins on online platforms. Stagnant coins can also create leverage for market traders, which needs to be avoided. Get Your XRP Balances Off Exchanges Although it may not seem like it, there are decent XRP wallets out there. Storing funds in an exchange is the most convenient option. However, Ledger enabled hardware wallet support for XRP. Anyone who wants to be a long-term XRP investor needs to move funds to a wallet they control themselves. An exchange or online wallet simply isn’t worth it. More specifically, so many people keeping funds in exchange wallets create more opportunities for margin traders. It is of the utmost importance the coin supply across exchanges is reduced to a minimum. XRP is not your average cryptocurrency investment by any means. It will not double in value overnight, nor should it. Storing funds offline has proven to be challenging for XRP holders. The Ledger Nano S is perhaps the best solution out there, although it is not free. There is also the official Ripple paper wallet website, which could be useful to some. Never keep any asset or currency in an exchange whatsoever, as it only leads to more price volatility. Moreover, panic selling ensues when too many people keep funds on an exchange as well. Everyone who wants to trade XRP on a frequent basis should keep it on an exchange. However, these people will facilitate volatility as well, which needs to be taken into account. Your funds is not your sole property when it is kept on an exchange. Moreover, you have no control over the money if you’re not the only one controlling the private key. Everyone needs to keep this in mind at all times."
  8. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/ripples-transactions-can-fully-anonymous/ Quoted: "Throughout the past couple of months, Ripple XRP has risen to become the biggest gainer amongst all cruptocurrencies recording more than 4000% growth during around 6 weeks. This reflects increased trust of crypt-enthusiasts in Ripple’s network which relies on “path based” transactions which sets Ripple apart from other altcoins. Ripple is pseudonymous and deanonmymization attacks have been successful in the past across Ripple’s network. But what if Ripple can be completely anonymous? Wouldn’t that greatly increase the value of XRP? Before we can answer this question, let’s first understand how Ripple’s network works Ripple and Other Credit Networks: Ripple is a form of a credit network across which users build trust with others via the “I Owe You” (IOU) credit concept. The concept initiates transactions between a couple of users to settle IOU credit along the trust path that extends between both of hem. Practically speaking, the IOU credit concept promotes the creation of credit networks that can undergo same and different currency transaction settlements among cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and even other forms of user-defined currencies in a matter of a few seconds and at extremely low transaction costs. Ripple’s Privacy Issues: Even though Ripple’s network holds great potential for individuals as well as various financial institutions all over the world, it is vulnerable to deanonymization attacks similarly to those taking place on bitcoin’s network. A recent study showed that most transactions across Ripple’s network can be easily deanonymized so that everyone can know who is paying what to whom. Mixing solutions, which can solve the privacy issues of other cryptocurrencies without relying on smart contracts, such as Blindcoin and Mixcoin, cannot be implemented on Ripple’s transactions, because simply the central server can steal the coins. PathShuffle – Anonymizing Ripple’s Transactions: A group of researchers recently presented a perfect solution that can anonymize most transactions across Ripple’s network. PathShuffle is by far the first coin mixing protocol for path based transactions across credit networks. The protocol relies on a new approach named “path mixing” for anonymizing transactions across credit networks that is based on the observation that IOU credit transaction paths sharing a common node can be successfully mixed. The researchers proposed PathJoin, a protocol able to execute transactions with multiple inputs and outputs. This allows multiple users to move credit atomically from input wallets to output wallets, thus, solving one of coin mixing’s standard fairness problems. PathShuffle is the first ever decenteralized path mixing algorithm for credit networks. PathShuffle integrates PathJoin with DiceMix; a P2P message mixing algorithm. Via this combination, PathShuffle is evidently as efficient as Bitcoin’s mixing protocols e.g. CoinJoin. The coin mixing ensues along 5 rounds to yield anonymous transactions across intersecting settlement paths on the number of users that participate in the path mixing procedure, yet this would need 5 + 3f mixing rounds when an f number of disrupting users are present. Throughout their experiments, the researchers managed to demonstrate that their proof-of-concept (PoC) implementation of PathShuffle is fully compatible with Ripple’s protocol. PathShuffle successfully executed 100% anonymous Ripple transactions in real time. So, if Ripple can be fully anonymous adding another advantage to its already unique features, where can we expect its price to be a couple of years from now?"
  9. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/satoshi-citadel-industries-will-integrate-xrp-remittance-mobile-money-services/ Quoted: Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be familiar with Satoshi Citadel Industries. The company has built up a solid reputation when it comes to blockchain-based services in The Philippines. It appears the group is now working on integrating XRP support in the near future. That is quite an interesting development, to say the least. SCI Will Support XRP Services Shortly To put this news into perspective, BuyBitocin.ph will be the first subsidiary to enable XRP trading in the next few weeks. This allows users to buy and sell XRP in exchange for Philippine Pesos. Rebit.ph and Bitbit.cash will enable XRP support in the future as well, although no specific dates have been announced for these platforms. Given the recent popularity boost of XRP, it is not surprising to learn companies are paying attention once again. Although many people question the use cases for XRP outside of the financial sector, this news goes to show consumer use cases are not hard to find. In fact, these may be the first consumer use cases for XRP we have seen so far. Quite an intriguing development, to say the least. With financial institutions paying attention to XRP, there is no reason for Bitcoin companies not to do the same. Exchanges are supporting XRP, but that is only a speculative use case. Using this digital asset for remittance services and mobile money solutions is a whole different ballgame. It will be interesting to see if this news will have any impact on the XRP price over the coming weeks. Satoshi Citadel Industries firmly believes XRP is a valuable asset. Moreover, they feel XRP can play a major role in the blockchain-based financial ecosystem in The Philippines. Whether or not a lot of people will use XRP for these remittance and mobile money services, remains to be seen. The Philippines is a crucial area for cryptocurrency and digital asset adoption, though. This news may help push the price of XRP back to this previous all-time high in the coming weeks.
  10. http://blog.sci.ph/post/160832191621/sci-to-add-xrp-support-to-its-blockchain-ecosystem Quoted: "Since 2014, SCI has been working on building the best technology platform for Blockchain-based services in the Philippines. Using the Bitcoin Blockchain, it has provided cheaper, faster, and more accessible financial services to over 500,000 users with services like Rebit.ph, Buybitcoin.ph, Bitbit.cash, and several more. Today, we are happy to announce that SCI will soon start supporting Ripple’s XRP across several of our services. Starting with Buybitcoin.ph, our users will be able to buy and sell XRP with Philippine Pesos fast, safe, and easy, with support on Rebit.ph for remittances and Bitbit.cash for mobile money to follow in future integrations. XRP is a digital asset that has recently proven itself to have a clear use case. As established financial institutions, as well as major cryptocurrency exchanges, start to partner with Ripple and support XRP, its utility as a payment rail and settlement layer becomes more evident. Combined with its speed, low cost, and scalability, SCI believes that XRP is a valuable asset to add to its growing ecosystem of blockchain services in the Philippines and the rest of the world."
  11. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/05/23/r3-funding-blockchain-intel-bank-of-america-hsbc.html Guys what is your opinions with this? Related to ripple???
  12. Link: http://asia.nikkei.com/amp/Business/Companies/Japan-s-SBI-megabanks-take-stakes-in-blockchain-group-R3 What can you say about this guys
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