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  1. I think it will cycle back at some point, it's just difficult to predict when. The money poured in based on pure speculation and we appear to be inching closer and closer to actual application of not only XRP, but crypto overall. ...or I hope at least. Like you, I let greed take over and didn't cash in a dime on the last run. Maybe another run will help my wife forgive me ?
  2. Came to this section to ask the same question as OP. Thanks everyone for the input!
  3. I want to say yes, but I have been expecting the bounce back all year. It appears that rumblings of positive sentiment are beginning to appear in the public eye. I'm still confident in an uptick as we near the end of the year. It seems like the wheels have been put in motion throughout this entire year, so hopefully we all have something to celebrate in the coming months.
  4. It still feels like we're early in the adopters phase. At least for me personally, there were a lot of questions and interest when prices were sky rocketing last year, but now it's mostly "I told you so" and doubt on crypto from an outsider perspective. This year has been tough to remain overly optimistic, but it's important to remember there is still SO much room to grow. It seems that the laggards are still a ways out to jumping in, and once that happens we could be in for a ride.
  5. This is my target as well. I was prepping to buy again between .25-.30 before it took off toward .70. I think we may get close one more time
  6. Hey All! Been interested in Ripple and XRP for the past year+ and have been lurking in this forum for far too long! Decided to join in after surviving Dec/Jan and immersing myself in the BG123 madness. Looking forward to being a part of the community! ?
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