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  1. The shadows on the building are a 12 month chart. It all takes off in November. Just buy through October then relax. ?$589+
  2. They are your words although you seem to be trying to paraphrase me very loosely. That’s not the same as saying ‘an ever increasing value equals persistent and constant trade value’ anyway is it? Straw man again. You cannot fit a camel through the eye of a needle and you cannot stuff billions of dollars worth of various world currencies per hour through a bridge currency worth only $20 billion, most of which is not on the exchanges. So, if Ripple are to succeed the price of XRP must go up ‘in orders of magnitude’. I never guaranteed Ripple’s success did I? I believe success will come but that’s a different matter.
  3. I’m not talking about an ever increasing value equalling persistent and constant trade value. Bit of a straw man that. I’m just saying the present value is nowhere near high enough to do what Ripple want to do. I don’t think comparing XRP to commodities and securities helps anyone much although, in answer to your question, I have no real experience of them. Neither do I think you need that much experience of anything to buy XRP and sit on it. Just patience and enough money/income to cover life’s expensive for the next few years should do it. ?$589+
  4. Ripple’s goal is to have several billions of pounds/dollars/yen/whatever moving in and out of XRP by the hour. That is simply not possible unless the price of XRP is many, many times higher than it is today.
  5. Best performance of the month, September 2018, out of the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. Must be. ?$589+
  6. I’m sure Ripple have run models and have expectations of where the price of XRP will go when certain levels of usage are combined with previously seen levels of speculation. If BG123 was/is an insider which seems a strong possibility (and to me the most likely explanation of the riddles) then I’d imagine he’s had access to that information considering the other stuff he has got right. The question is, since he disappeared, has anything changed? He seems to have predicted the go live date for xRapid but maybe there was something equally big or bigger like Amazon or Uber usage that was also supposed to be release at Swell but the plans changed. If that’s the case then his $589+ would be put back or voided. He can’t possibly have known how the year would pan out back then but he sure knew a lot of the plans. So have all the cards fallen in to place? We’ll know soon enough. Of course BG123 could just be a prophet. ??‍♀️$589+
  7. The bear appears to be pointing to exactly October 1st to me. ?$589+
  8. If you’re convinced the drop is coming sit this one out. If you think xRapid changes everything FOMO away.
  9. It seems to be saying it’s out there and it is up to Ripple’s customers to flip the switch and start using it.
  10. Santander are doing a big presentation at Swell on how they implemented xCurrent and the power of blockchain. No surprise they want to be involved in this as well.
  11. No, from sixth place now. If XRP is first based in utility and speculation. Speculators will plow in to the most similar alternative.
  12. Well said. Add to that XRP is now available here, there, and everywhere to be bought using fiat and the future looks rosy. £$¥€₱589+++++
  13. People in the streets are not going to choose to use any crypto be it bitcoin or any other. The choice will be made for them. Fiat is fine for 99% of transactions anyway and the man in the street is happy as he is.
  14. It could but I think the main focus is updating Japan's existing ancient bank clearing system. They cannot even transfer Yen from one to another the same day and without fees at the moment. They are using xCurrent to solve this but there is nothing to stop them bringing XRP to all those millions of Moneytap apps that will be downloaded.
  15. Give it 4 months. I believe XRP will be first, XLM second by a distance. BTC will be the limp old man. ?$589+
  16. I don't even get the argument that $589+ is bad for new investors. They might lose money they cannot afford to lose blah blah blah. Spend $169 on XRP today and if it goes to $589 you'll have $100K. If it does not go to $589 you'll have a different amount and you can choose to sell or not to sell. It might go to zero and you'll have lost $169. I'm sure there are millions of people in the world that cannot afford to spend $169 on XRP and I'm sure that almost all of those people have no idea who BG123 is and don't know what XRP is. ?$589+
  17. Sit tight everyone. It's going down, so what? I will only **** myself if and when I see an official announcement that xrapid is live and the price continues to tumble. At that point I will say to the Mrs, 'I am very sorry for wasting a **** load of our money'. More likely I'll be saying 'look how bloody wise I was'. ?589+
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