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  1. Thanks buddy. See you on the other side!
  2. Same here! Hey @RegalChicken@Chewiecoin , got anymore of those Zerpening invites? Cheers!
  3. Same story here! Been lurking since last February. Picked up the lions share July 2017. Been hodling strong ever since. Looking forward to contributing to the xrp community
  4. Welcome my dude! Thanks for supporting the greater crypto community.
  5. Carl-XRP

    Reaching Out

    No better time than the present. Why wait?
  6. Its always a good time to buy XRP! Price is still a bargain.
  7. Welcome....you should have plenty of material for your thesis in two years time!
  8. You think your happy now?.....wait until you get into the zerpening!
  9. Completely safe to give out your receive address.
  10. Been using Bitstamp for over a year without issue. Solid platform Imho. Safe bet
  11. Carl-XRP


    Welcome aboard Elena. Here is a rocket for you! Enjoy
  12. Bueller?....anyone?.....anyone?...
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