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  1. Hey to all, I'm late to this but would like join the study group. I've written to Bob just now and hope to be included. Languages: English (native) and Polish (fluent - non technical) Timezone : GMT (UK) Twitter: moledzki Discord: mazza#7283 I've described myself in the book club introduction as an educator, technologist, content creator and musician. I work in a university as an Online Learning Designer / Developer and have practice of designing learning content across many subject areas. I believe in education and equality, allowing everyone access to the same opportunities by ensuring that learning is inclusive. I have access to a large international network of professionals and also an even larger group of young adults learning about the world. Thanks,
  2. Hi Bob, I'm Mazza and already own a yacht, but not sure you'd want to stay on it as there's not much room to swing a cat! But it floats and sails, which is what real yachts do and after chilling the vodka in a wet towel, singing and playing sea shanties under the stars, it doesn't matter. As an educator, technologist, content creator and musician - (anyone know any good zerp songs? (no more 'Blaze of glory' thank you very much)) I'm keen to find ways to help people learn about xrp, ripple and all the cool things the eco system brings. Look forward to taking part and learning more about your mentally massive idea/s... Bestest, Mazza
  3. not sure about the tx's stats, but the price is averaged across all exchanges, doubt the Korean exchanges were affected in the crash,hence the higher average price... this is very common even in times of 'peace'.
  4. http://come-from-beyond.okis.ru/ Lead developer on NXT. Got this from this thread (not sure if you can call it a roadmap though?): https://blog.iota.org/iota-development-roadmap-74741f37ed01
  5. Good work Nedkt, thanks for sharing your findings. Agree with you about development road map, should be in place for any operation. Also agree that about the transparency of the foundation, however not necessarily individuals images, especially if they want to go forward and attract more investment, etc. I believe founder isn't a core developer so could explain the attention their web presence is getting. Come-from-beyond is Sergey Ivancheglo (https://medium.com/@cryptojudgement/iota-promise-of-a-bright-crypto-future-6b7517349e32) he's been mentioned as being an ex NXT dev. Yeah I agree that IOTA is early in it's development (have mentioned this in another thread) and completely believe that the price has been over-inflated, even at the 0.00015 btc/MIOTA = approx. 1B USD market cap and as you say perhaps at $750 too. The price must be being propped up somewhat. Totally agree that the price is being easily manipulated now.
  6. Oh and just seen a Forbes article too... https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogeraitken/2017/06/15/iotas-bitfinex-listing-surges-to-1-5b-record-breaking-crypto-capitalization-on-market-debut/#1a04dfa75a5a (but I guess you can just buy these types of articles? don't know how these magazines work in terms of marketing -- I'm guessing a large number of IOTA).
  7. A good summary article from the founder. I was replying to Max earlier today at work but before I could finish the blooming PC restarted for a update my IT department forced upon me... damn. Basically I was saying that I don't mind the founder keeping his indentity private, I believe we are all entitled to this (aka Mr Satoshi -- perhaps David wants to keep his family, friends and life the way it is rather than his wealth driving his life... I get this completely and would want to do the same if I was a founder of something big -- which it already is). On another point Max raises, as in the code isn't available, perhaps the this is IP related and the sealth mode approach; wanting to be first to market or gaining as big a head start as possible (again I can completely understand this)... and now I remember, RUST was the language that I remember reading about -- being cutting edge, even more lean than the leaner C + + + version or whatever, (sorry coding knowledge isn't my thing). I read an article today on the blog about the distribution of the IOTA and that it had a GNIM index (or something like that -- concentration of wealth (value/no. of accounts)) of 85%, compared to 99% of bitcoin (still seemed high to me -- sorry no link to hand and work starts in 5 hours, need to sleep), and now this summary article which starts to answer a number of questions that I had. I'm even more intriuged to find out and understand more. Wonder what @JoelKatz makes of the PoW, CURL processor, the COO and security information summarised? Worth a 5min read the article is. BTW thx JK for the reply in the other thread, good to see we can get info about Ripple when we need it. The IOTA lightwallet is interesting, poor UX imo... knock me up if you ever need any input on UX design on present/future wallet work, me and my team (we're all invested in XRP now) would be happy to help. Mazza (a Senior Learning Technologist @ a UK university -- no Max, you don't get any more than that )
  8. Yes nik, rather complicated indeed, not saying I have a grasp of all the detail and totally not here to endorse or otherwise (litterally used my IOTA profits from yesterday to top up on XRP seeing as I was late to it), just willing to share what I've learnt and observed while looking into IOTA. People think IOTA is new. It is not. It's been in development for 2 years. First year was in complete stealth mode, they only started talking about it last summer, once they had a proof of concept i.e. a functional network and development projects well under way. Could it all be for show? Perhaps, time will tell. Bitfinex have messed up the deposit system, I got an email back from their support saying they deposited my funds to the wrong wallet initally. YDK exchange should be up in a few days and I think it's a big project for IOTA, their own decentrilized exchange, to trade all cryptos (yes all 750 or whatever the count is -- well that's what they were saying, like why not all of them) and at zero trading fees - I think there will be a deposit fee though (obviously) -- I'm following this closely so can inform others here if desireable. They wanted to give Bitfinex a head start (3 days) to aviod being accused of price manipulations, looks like that hasn't worked out. Have a read of other posts on this forum where Zerpdigger and I have discussed stuff, might be some leads/new info for you. oh and may the zerp be with you (shi*e 2 starwars references in one day, I must be tired).
  9. By Ripple I assume you are referring to the interledger and computation required to transact XRP over it? Well we have no way of comparing energy consumption required to keep the interledger up and running (i.e. nodes) and no stats on the tangle so probably difficult to state which is more efficient... probably nothing in it, and either way, a negligable consideration to adoption and the benefits each will bring.
  10. I've not watched the video, (need to sleep up all night trading IOTA), but IOTA needs a POW (proof of work) for each transaction, not mining (yeah sure computational load, but that isn't mining). Ok just took a look at the date, it's March 2017, their mainnet at the time was undergoing work and so transactions were mega slow, hence no prior listing on exchange, was impossible. Only 2 weeks ago new version was ready. I tested a few months back, was terrible (CPU on laptop burning for one transaction), today not so much. Tx approx 1 min. But as they say it improves with the size of the Tangle and number of nodes. Again its very early days. IOTA is designed so that the POW can be carried out by micro (nano) processors. Being energy efficient is one of IOTA's sells not negatives. "Study more, jump less to conclusions" Yoda says
  11. hmmm competition to XRP? In terms of tech. yeah, but as we know that's just part of the equation. I think I've said before on another post, it'll be interesting to see how quickly IOTA and use cases can develop. I don't see it being a threat to cross boarder remintance (has been commented in the community before about Ripple's very specific use case) however, i do see it being a network that can support a payment standard, but why when there will already be one in place which is fast and cheap enough? XRP for fianance, Stellar for the unbanked. These are huge spaces with room to accomadate all. Supply chain will be main focus of IOTA I think, but possibly many other use cases...
  12. @xudiannan yeah I heard IOTA had some NXT dev's and picked up on Sergey Ivancheglo's name. Agree, IOTA does look different in a good way. The big(ish) news in the community at the weekend was https://outlierventures.io/research/our-first-investment-in-tokens-is/ interesting that after looking at over 100s of 'blockchain' investments they choose IOTA (probably due to the business's they have on their address book and their focus -- supply chain focused -- which is interesting for IOTA i.e. getting exposure to Bosch, Philips, CISCO, etc...) Max, I think you might want to consider the negative impact your comments can have, Europe and Asia have a different mindset and approach to North America, don't write things off just becuase they don't conform to your 'standards of opperation' -- the business world and world more generally is a lot more laid back and 'open minded' than it has been in the conservative past. Don't mean to start an argument with you, I come in peace to help educate and develop. mazza
  13. Yup. We got there in the end... 3:30am UK time, on the very go slow...
  14. sorry chap, my mistake on the math this time... I added an additional zero... it aint easy, esp. while trading IOTA on bitfinex for me and my brother (bought him into xrp at 29c so got a lot to make up for , but got 20BTC to my name now so going well I think, need to do accounting for the day). Right so uBTC would be the correct symbol. Micro not Milli. My bad. in terms of working out what I paid for my iota, was a little more than the 66Giota that I got, but I worked it out to be around the 0.075 BTC per GIOTA, approx. 50 on that chart. I think community admin saw it launching around 0.15 BTC per Giota, but I've been pleasently suprised by the high price. Now perhaps the big bag holders are giving us smaller fish a chance to feed, before they come in, I'm getting more nervous with every cycle and the margin in narrowing. Hope that helps...
  15. agree nedkt, I think price of IOTA will drop, so much so that I've sold 2/3 of my holding
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