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  1. RDS

    Bread Garlichouse update

    I have seen lit of people have used this name and unfortunately it doesnt make any of them right bro. Anyway we all have our opinions. Wish u the best with your investments, hopefully u hodl and prosper.
  2. RDS

    Bread Garlichouse update

    The part where it says Brad G doesnt know what xpool is, seems like word twisting at best. If not outright lie. Also i dont think its very respectful and seems mockery to twist his name as you did in heading. It helps FUD if doesnt cause it itself. Just because somebody is public figure doesnt give us right to mock them bro.
  3. RDS

    Bread Garlichouse update

    Seems nothing but FUD..
  4. I think they felt that making individual announcements were not impacting the xrp price as much as they deserved but when there is a announcement of another 100 banks on top previous 100, it may jumpstart and have the power to decouple xrp from rest of the coins.
  5. RDS

    Cannot remove trustlines

    Is it with Gatehub??? It happened to me too. I emailed gatehub 1 year ago and still waiting for their response.
  6. RDS

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Any idea about time frame of regularity certainities..??
  7. RDS

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Then i am buying loads of them on 27th 😜
  8. Because if u exit and wait, u will make fool of yourself, trying to time the market. If u want to do it, do it yourelf. Dont try to confuse newbies because of your ulterior motives.
  9. Just confused. R u talking about Trump or Brian Armstrongs resignation...😜
  10. Thanks @TiffanyHayden for coinbase if they are after half of Ripple company and arm and leg we can bargain them down to middle finger. Crypto world existed before Gemini and Coinbase and will exist after as well but we do need lots of exchanges to counter them as regardless of their arrogance their size matters atleast at the moment. Just wondering why is xrp is not on edge secure yet Tiff..????
  11. Thanks @TiffanyHayden are u expecting any official reply from ripple about this whole stuff. Apparently coinbase doesnt seem to be acting peofessionally otherwise they wouldnt have leaked the info and practice which is followed all over and is not illegal too. Whats ur opinion abt it..??
  12. U r right. Following the pattern it should be above $10 in next pump, went up by 80 times in first pump, then touched 12 cents and within few months touched above $3.