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  1. i saw the video, he also said in the end , whoever solves a problem will win, i think i also heard something about time it takes to send info vs time to send money, both sounds to me he is long on Ripple but i may be wrong, what do you guys think.. ?
  2. Hi mate. 99% of people lose money in trading, i have learnt this lesson hard way as well. You are lucky guy that u r on break even if not ahead, Its not financial advice but i think there is more money to be made by hodling rather than taking the risk of losing it all, plus if you trade that means you are not holding for more than an year and I am not sure how that works in your country but in Australia I may lose my capital gains tax advantage which means a lot . so best of luck whichever way you want to go..
  3. the only big kick i can think of is launch of sbi exchange with xrp listing, or the BIGGEST ONE is COINBASE listing xrp, which can take it to the new highs.
  4. i think there is something in between. I think $100 is possible after Coinbase launch, but I also think the max limit it can go to is $300 to $400 range then the new supply of 1 billion xrp per month becomes too much. I like it to touch $1000 but it seems like a dream at the moment.
  5. When there is RED everywhere, i think a big announcement from Ripple such as SBI VC start date, or XRP listing date would help as SBI is a big platform and not only it will show constant support for XRP it will also show that even if S Korea and China are not helping cryptos, Japan is going to support innovation and new type of financial products and markets. What do you guys think... ???
  6. just thinking about the coincidence that Omni is storage company, what if the plan is to get an online storage or wallet for cryptos... ????
  7. Thanks mate. @JoelKatzdo u think above will sort out existing xrp safe storage issue for small and retail investors as well. If not what are the plans for secure and safe wallet for non technical persons who are worried sick about their xrps...??
  8. I will rather charge them premium if they are that desperate to buy it at $13 when the market price is $2 and that will start the bidding on the upper side vs downwards. lol
  9. Hi Guys, As per article on Reuters.com which is very reputed paper," XRP rose 13 percent to $13.38 on Thursday, according to coinmarketcap.com" which is obviously a typo but sounds good nevertheless. It seems Reuters.com is bullish o xrp as well. lol . https://www.reuters.com/article/us-moneygram-intl-hot/moneygram-shares-jump-on-partnership-with-bitcoin-rival-ripple-idUSKBN1F023A
  10. To be honest there is so much info overload on this forum that unless one constantly stays in touch with this on hourly basis, there is good chance of missing out some important info due to pages and pages of comments on new and old posts.