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  1. Hi Mate. people at branch only know about day to day stuff (unless they are keen about something or they get any training about it ) (from my own experience of working in bank ). try contacting their investors services department and there are better chances of getting up to date information as they can not give any wrong information which may make your decision to buy or sell their stock. I have tried that myself and has received much better response with common wealth bank. I am copy pasting that email. I contacted investors services of commonwealth bank last year and received this response. "Thank you for your interest in CBA’s blockchain initiatives. We have been investigating and experimenting widely, and are currently working on 25+ use cases for blockchain technology with our partners. Our pilot with Ripple continues and we see opportunities in a range of areas including payments, international remittance, trade finance and capital markets. We are also involved in the R3 partnership, as part of ongoing research and development with other global banks in the exploration of emerging industry infrastructure. At this time, we are focused on collaborating with organisations to safely explore opportunities and establish global standards for new and emerging payments technologies. We are not yet in a position to report the results of these pilots and initiatives, as work is ongoing, and the timeline for public launches will depend on a variety of considerations including that the necessary regulatory approvals have been secured. We will certainly keep the market informed of new milestones, so please keep watching this space. Best regards, CBA Investor Relations
  2. video is not working mate. .....?????
  3. and people do not realize that when it comes to money you need some sort of central authority to solve number of issues for example lost transaction, investigation of fraud etc. so premined is good, no central authority means no body is responsible if things go wrong. Ripple will add new features to existing structure by bank so customers will still have security of bank with benefits of digital tokens.
  4. i know how it feels when u r waiting for long time for something to happen and when it does not it kind of kills you every day. I am on the same boat with xrp. started investing since 2013 and since waiting to go up but all i have seen it is coming down but look at it from logical point of view when something is available in abundance it had to happen untill it gains popularity ( assuming if it ever does ) but when it starts going up selling yourself short will be even more regretful because few years ago who would have thought btc which is only a code and it will be 1200 times world's strongest currency and when its time came, it would have gone to 1 cents to 100 cents multiple times but those who sold it then, how would they have been feeling. I would rather take a 100% loss but I dont want to face their circumstances becuase that will make me regret every moment of life that I missed my life's biggest opportunity because I was not paient enough. Rest is up to you brother because everybody has different circumstances.
  5. you seem to be a very patient person my friend..
  6. In the light of new information about different banks onboard with Ripple. What do you guys think will be the right price to get out of xrp. I think 25% at 10 cents (Assuming it ever gets there and above ) 25% @ 25 cents 25% @1 USD then depending on news and market at that time. Please share your opinions in the hypothetical scenario of price going up as i find its easier to not to sell when you can lose your own money because most of us have hardly thousands of dollars invested individually so anyone can live with losing few thousand dollars but when price gets to a certain point its much more money and we will be tempted to sell with each move as we dont want to lose a life changing amount and on the otherside if it goes further up we will regret it for rest of our lives that we could not hold it so for me its bit catch 22. what do you think...?
  7. Agreed. Even an investment like buying a real estate property can be speculative, if done in wrong circumstances so end of the day its a matter of perspective and you can consider anything as speculation. e.g Making a deal in court case, accepting an offer for buying or selling property at particular price, changing a job etc. ............... What matters is whether or not your guess is educated guess or not. In the case of ripple most of us have been involved for so long that we have pretty good idea of at least the publicly available information ( if there is something hidden, that can happen with any company even with publicaly listed fortune 500 companies as well )
  8. I am an Xrp investor and i believer, the worst nightmare of everyone like me is losing all the xrp due to being hacked or issues with wallets such as Mt Gox exchange. Another problem is buy and selling xrp. It needs lot of effort and expense to just to buy xrp and not every one is willing to up this much effort to it so I believe if you actually want to do something, convince your partner banks to have xrp wallets and it will do two things. (1) Regardless of what happened even after GFC, Banks are in the most trusted institutions in the world and investors will have increased faith in putting money in XRP, which will in turn bring higher prices and more users to it. (2) It will also open up a way to at least buy xrps without going through all these hoops. ( I live in Australia and everytime I buy xrps I pay about 7%-8% in total including forex fee to convert from AUD to USD and different fees of banks, and it defeats the purpose for having xrp because one has to pay the forex fee to begin with why would they take extra pain by trusting Ripple.
  9. same problem for me for both of my accounts. password is right but first it did not accept authy code for 2 steps verification multiple times even when it was correct, then i tried to login again it came up with error below stating they will send me an email but they never did... so I dont know if Gatehub is falling apart and I should transfer my funds to bitstamp... ????? AUTHORIZE NEW DEVICE It looks like you're signing in to GateHub from a computer or device we haven't seen before, or for some time. Please click the confirmation link in the email we just sent you. This is the process that protects the security of your wallet.
  10. I have not discussed with them but I guess the main thing is they let you use your debit card for instant funding, one you got balance with bitstamp, what you buy does not matter as they also let you buy xrp....
  11. What do you think about buying btc/xrp instantly using the debit card.....? https://www.bitstamp.net/article/debit-cc-payments-bitcoin-now-extended-beyond-eu/
  12. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,231,840,920 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,765,131,899* As of November 6th, 2016 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.
  13. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,231,840,920 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,765,131,899* As of November 6th, 2016 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.
  14. why do you need to link paypal with bithomp...?
  15. Thats right. I dont think they will take risk of being penalized until proper regulation comes through. Example of that is Japan. Few months before the regulation related to virtual currencies passed and today they started SBI virtual currencies exchange.