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  1. Even if he wants to hold, he will probably transfer it to other account, so that new account xrp are free from any limits so for once it has to sold in the market, even if its only an entry from legal point of view and buyer and sellers are the same party ( just my opinion, i may be wrong here)
  2. U dont need tips anyway bro, assuming as per ur dedication, u must be sitting at few million zerps. Lol 😜 didnt mean to pry bro, just pulling ur leg.
  3. As much as i love xrp, the reality is if it doesnt take off in next 5 years, unfortunately there is big chance that some competitors beats it with better product,
  4. RDS

    Edge Mobile Wallet Now Supports XRP

    Isnt it old news. I have had some xrps in edge app for months now.
  5. RDS

    Premium Domains For XRP

    Just curious to know how much would u appraise below ( dont plan to sell just want to get ur expert opinion since u r in this field.) broker.tokyo bitcoins.melbourne
  6. Thanks mate. I wasnt into binance as they got very low withdrawal limits but otc optionis considerable. Since u r also in Australia, have u checked out independent reserve exxchange..?
  7. Just curious. Does binance have OTC option..?
  8. Exacto. Trying to save their faces by saying thry are gonna list all 200, bcz they are too embarrassed to say, we are being forced to list xrp.
  9. Not sure, if somebody felt the same but in this interview Asif hirji seemed stressed and not as confident and arrogant he used to look in previous interviews.
  10. RDS

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    Another company trying to takw Western unions lunch.
  11. He doesnt have a lot of hair on his head to lose. ?
  12. Well if has to do with coinbase, and lot of people who has zerps like to get updates on coinbase as its relevant to price of xrp, so it was put in General, off topic means something that has completely nothing to do with xrp.
  13. Which custody service is being used by Coinbase..? That has bad history??
  14. totally agree, Nasdaq is not far as well bro. There are plenty of exchanges after Coinbase's lunch. They had such a big chance of being ahead in the game, lost it all due to arrogance and their early success got into their heads