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  1. Exactly, i love Ripple and xrp, i also believe strongly in its fundamentals, real world usage, and potential but at the same time this report’s content/ style/quality was not up to the mark. Seemed like some novice did the data collection and put it in the report. And no future insight. Which could be either of two things. (1) they think bear market is likely to prolong and they dont want take any risk of over promises (2) they dont want to ruin the surprises otherwise we may miss the price action of surprise.
  2. how comfortable you are with keeping funds in Nano ledger Vs paper wallet/toast wallet. ? how much technical knowledge is required to create a regular key for existing wallet, how to do it, if my crypto is sitting with gatehub ripple wallet ?
  3. I get your point and agree with most of it i really wish that i am wrong there and xrp price at double digits is sustainable (after all it benefits all of us) but in regards to the higher price with other coins, its also related to their supply, with bigger coins there will be less number of people/institutions holding the coins vs with 40 billion in circulation. I would love to see the data of Ripple management teams wallets( if it ever becomes available) which will be clearer indication of their opinions of xrp price.
  4. I agree with u mate and i would love to see xrp in double digits as well but the problem as it gets into the higher price zone such as $19usd somebody is paying from their pocket $19 for each xrp that u and i and lots of others are selling so price may not be sustainable unless there is loads of constant liquidity available in the market, it may happen but i think its going to take time i think, probably thats why brad G is always referring to the time frame 3 years plus.
  5. How easy/tricky/technical/risky would it be for somebody like me who is not very technical minded ?? @nikb how to create new account ? Is it with ripple or hardware wallet ? Plz advise.
  6. Hi Guys. What does it mean by opening a new account?? Where and how ? I am not very tech minded so all that is above my head. I have account which could be impacted as per chart there ..? Advice please @Tinyaccount @Chewiecoin
  7. How about we as protest from XRP Community do *** for tat blocking of him, lol. ?
  8. Not sure if u remember when Amazon came from 90 to 10 in dot.com bust, even though its fundamentals were strong and everybody who understood that, was surprised and was expecting and predicting the price to go up like yesterday,it didnt happen overnight, didnt mean they were wrong either, because now its trading at $1495 usd. Moral of the story( only for those who like to learn not whinge) nobody knows or has guarantees of future price of something but best thing one can do is make an educated guess, u may be right or wrong but thats the risk u take if u r seeking higher returns than usual. Other options include creating negative environment, spreading FUD, to whine and whinge etc, but in my opinion they dont lead to a successful early retirement otherwise everyone could get there easily. So my friend @Cometome if u really think xrp is not gonna be used u can always stop wasting ur time here (if u think ur time is valuable like us ) and may be check with jed camp if those guys have similar opinions and spend time with their chat group) after all not everyone is patient man like @Tinyaccount who answered even ur Fud very nicely.
  9. Coinbase pro. What does pro represent apart from professional...???? 😜
  10. Even if he wants to hold, he will probably transfer it to other account, so that new account xrp are free from any limits so for once it has to sold in the market, even if its only an entry from legal point of view and buyer and sellers are the same party ( just my opinion, i may be wrong here)
  11. U dont need tips anyway bro, assuming as per ur dedication, u must be sitting at few million zerps. Lol 😜 didnt mean to pry bro, just pulling ur leg.
  12. As much as i love xrp, the reality is if it doesnt take off in next 5 years, unfortunately there is big chance that some competitors beats it with better product,
  13. Isnt it old news. I have had some xrps in edge app for months now.
  14. Just curious to know how much would u appraise below ( dont plan to sell just want to get ur expert opinion since u r in this field.) broker.tokyo bitcoins.melbourne
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