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  1. same problem for me for both of my accounts. password is right but first it did not accept authy code for 2 steps verification multiple times even when it was correct, then i tried to login again it came up with error below stating they will send me an email but they never did... so I dont know if Gatehub is falling apart and I should transfer my funds to bitstamp... ????? AUTHORIZE NEW DEVICE It looks like you're signing in to GateHub from a computer or device we haven't seen before, or for some time. Please click the confirmation link in the email we just sent you. This is the process that protects the security of your wallet.
  2. I have not discussed with them but I guess the main thing is they let you use your debit card for instant funding, one you got balance with bitstamp, what you buy does not matter as they also let you buy xrp....
  3. What do you think about buying btc/xrp instantly using the debit card.....? https://www.bitstamp.net/article/debit-cc-payments-bitcoin-now-extended-beyond-eu/
  4. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,231,840,920 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,765,131,899* As of November 6th, 2016 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.
  5. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,231,840,920 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,765,131,899* As of November 6th, 2016 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.
  6. why do you need to link paypal with bithomp...?
  7. Thats right. I dont think they will take risk of being penalized until proper regulation comes through. Example of that is Japan. Few months before the regulation related to virtual currencies passed and today they started SBI virtual currencies exchange.
  8. The good news is I got their response in few days so Just sharing that email with you. Please give your opinions about it. "Thank you for your interest in CBA’s blockchain initiatives. We have been investigating and experimenting widely, and are currently working on 25+ use cases for blockchain technology with our partners. Our pilot with Ripple continues and we see opportunities in a range of areas including payments, international remittance, trade finance and capital markets. We are also involved in the R3 partnership, as part of ongoing research and development with other global banks in the exploration of emerging industry infrastructure. At this time, we are focused on collaborating with organisations to safely explore opportunities and establish global standards for new and emerging payments technologies. We are not yet in a position to report the results of these pilots and initiatives, as work is ongoing, and the timeline for public launches will depend on a variety of considerations including that the necessary regulatory approvals have been secured. We will certainly keep the market informed of new milestones, so please keep watching this space. Best regards, CBA Investor Relations Edited September 5 by RDS
  9. Hi Guys, Few days ago I enquired from Commonwealth Bank of Australia about status of their Ripple Project and sent email below. Dear Sir/Madam Some time ago Commonwelath bank announced pilot project with Company called "Ripple labs" about domestic and international fund transfers, but since the link below i could not track/obtain much information online about the results of that project. So my questions are (1) What is current status of your pilot projects with Ripple.(have u dropped them or you are still in process)(2) Any expected timeline of finishing these blockchain projects.(3) Results of your Ripple usage with your subsidiaries as mentioned by you in article below. i
  10. Thanks for the link mate but problem is that their soon has not come since year and half, as article date was April 2015. I dont know if they have changed their mind meanwhile or has hit some bumps on the road, otherwise we would have heard something
  11. Thanks for the info. What is Trezor wallet and how is it safer in layman terms..?
  12. Do you think Gatehub is any safer..? if xrps are in Ripple wallet...?
  13. Hope you are right bro as none of us wants Ripple to be attached with any bad news. To be honest I am no geek and that is why clarified in previous comments that i dont understand any of techical part. This news was posted to share the info that I found.
  14. As much as i would like that to happen but I do not want to count my chickens just yet as when it comes to making big decisions generally decisions tilt in the favour of organizations with deeper pockets... (I pray that it does not happen here because Ripple is far more superior than any other products being offered( with little bid of upgrades new packaging but same old and rusty infrastructure below )
  15. I really hope this article is wrong but thought to share with you as I am not tech expert but it may make sense to some of you, And xrp chat members are like family so if one sees something that can help protecting others he should share it... As per - Poloniex, the biggest altcoin exchange with daily volume in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands btc, is insecure according to an anonymous “really light testing” security review. Xavier59, whose StackExchange profile states “[a]pparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them,” publicly released three vulnerabilities after claiming Poloniex failed to reply to his emails informing them of security bugs more than a month ago. The vulnerabilities, according to Xavier59, indicate incompetence and potential risks. The most prominent seems to be using Get (which is mainly employed for public information) instead of Post (mainly used for private info) for cryptocurrency transactions. Xavier59 states: Poloniex apparently does not use what type of data the code is feeding – that is numbers, letters, etc – which “could cause unexpected behavior” and “is representative of bad security policy.” Moreover, the source code is visible to an attacker, making it is easier to find vulnerabilities, according to Xavier59, which would allow an attacker to gain moderator privileges in the infamous troll box thus sharing potentially malware infested links from a position of apparent authority.