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  1. I tried to find the info on average Btc holding on Unocoin website but could not find that information.... Would post it if I get anymore update about it...
  2. I beg to differ about it. I am Indian, currently living in Australia. If you do the research you will find out how people there adapt to new technology much quicker than any other part of the world. Reasons are, over 50% of population is of youths, about 200 Million people in middle class and expected to grow to 400 million people soon ( and most of them being tech efficient due to being educated ) Growth rate and lately Governments will to reduce cash transactions. Everything is pushing people towards digital payments. And yes Xrp may take some months may be couple of years to pickup speed but once people get the taste of quick transfers, people will love it. Example of that is "Unocoin" which is one of the few bitcoin start up ( and where Xrp is rumoured to be launched ) alone has 150,000 bitcoin customers. India has much more mobile wallet users than most countries in the world. So I guess we can expect good things in next few months.
  3. when we add another 1.3 billion people from China (Bitbank is going to launch Xrp there in May ) Xrp can be a scarce asset if and when it comes into proper usage. Seems like next few months will be exciting...
  4. I would like to add one more thing for fellow members that XRP is going be launched in India by Middle of 2017, I do not have more details as this was informed by miguel, when i asked him about launch of xrp in India and Australia ( for Australia he mentioned it may take by end of this year ) so that is also going to help with the price, because India alone is market of 1.2 billion people. 100 billion xrp is not much even for India alone.
  5. Thanks for the info mate but I was precisely asking about Gatehub as i dont think most of us would want to put our debit or credit car details to an unknown site. Gatehub on the other hand is trustworthy due to number of reasons such as we have our xrp in it already and its supported by Ripple itself.
  6. @enej I remember seeing something from enej about introducing Gatehub app soon, which will have debit card option for debit and crediting the account. Few months have gone by and we have not heard anything about it... Similar thing happened to phone support assured by enej few months ago and I have repeatedly sent the msgs about it but all in vain... Any news or views...
  7. i know mate. i m from melbourne Australia too. I was asking about what suburb do you live in. i live in Oakleigh..
  8. I have been with Ripple since 2013 as well. I really wish that xrp becomes major too, again how major, no body knows, i do not think even people at Ripple have got any idea about limit of price..
  9. Doing boring 9 to 5 job while waiting for dream come true.... ( its taking too much time, getting harder to wait after the last pump... lol )
  10. Where in Melbourne..? I live in southeast.. I have held some domains in the past but found there are much better returns by buying xrp so did not renew most of them...
  11. You have said everything without saying. Thats what we love about you mate. ( may be i am being bit greedy but bit more info would help...lol ) ....
  12. @miguelThanks for the clarification on the questions about past but i think this post is missing about plans on future... ? I know it may not be possible to give all the details due to obvious reasons but we certainly would like more information on updates or things in pipeline since last week so that we can set our expectations accordingly...
  13. stuck between .0360 to .0365... is it a good sign...?????? may be time to go up after consolidation.. like last time...