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  1. Gatehub's customer service has become so bad that some times i can not understand, what Ripple saw in gatehub, I lodged request with gatehub team for financial statement 2 months ago but did not get any response, then i lodged request to @enejfew days ago in personal message and even that was ignored, I cant imagine how can they treat their customers like this.
  2. Dude: There will be lot of things that you post, and others know about them, so should you not post them..? No, because its for those who do not know about it. Dude: i was one of the early investors and have been here for long enough to know that this community only respects people who are not proud, so if you know something please dont show off, by being sarcastic, as its not gonna give you any brownie points. Thanks
  3. XRP is the future i got this from Ripple.com and was going through article with link below, Major thing here was confidence in words, Please tell me if you felt the same. Here you go. "It’s a question of WHEN, not IF, banks and other financial institutions begin using digital assets in their day-to-day business operations and it will be interesting to see who the winners and losers in the digital asset space will be. We are confident that XRP will succeed because it has a purpose – enabling financial institutions to send money across borders quickly, cheaply, and easily – that is relevant to businesses and consumers everywhere." https://ripple.com/insights/nine-things-need-know-xrp/ Thanks
  4. i agree with you about the requirement of financial statements, to be honest, that should be available as an option on Gatehub website to generate pdf yearly statements, as we will need it come tax time, once we sell the xrp, taxmen will ask us about details of purchase price, selling price, date of buying and costs, in nutshell, without statements, it will be impossible to prove anything. so @enej please add the statements option on gatehub.
  5. GateHub Fifth Quantum

    How long do you think the hiring for new staff take.. ?
  6. I hear you brother. wish you the best. take care.
  7. I work in superannuation industry... My name is Rama, whats yours.. ?
  8. Good job mate. its a nice area. i visit Blackburn almost every fortnight, close to box hill south. what do you do.. ?
  9. Thanks bro. Well done to you too brother. I have been in Melbourne for around 7 years. Which part of melbourne do you live in. I live in Oakleigh, south east.
  10. yeah mate, that will be fun. Where are you from. I am from Melbourne, Aus
  11. From my few years of experience of chat with members and reading xrp posts, there are lot of people who are waiting for parity, so in my opinion there should be huge volatility around that price, there should be lot of sellers but they can be overcome by those who short it on leverage and big buyers take the price to another level, which causes panic for short sellers and they get forced to buy it at much higher level, it should be back and forth for some time around $1 level and every big increase afterwards, as there are 37 billion in circulation (some with big guys who will probably sell at their own time but still big chunk with retail investors ). This much supply can and will cause volatility, unless big banks start buying from exchanges and they dry up the supply. Again, all of us here can only guess on the basis of what we know, but there are lot things, behind the scenes, that we are not aware of.
  12. Interesting thing is the time frame mentioned on page 112, which can be helpful in price related calculations. "Until Mar. 2017 Completion of construction of RC Cloud Summer-Winter in 2017 Start of commercial use for cross-border payments By the end of 2017 Initial launch of commercial use for domestic payments After 2018 Expansion of commercial use for domestic payments "