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  1. RDS

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    Another company trying to takw Western unions lunch.
  2. He doesnt have a lot of hair on his head to lose. ?
  3. Well if has to do with coinbase, and lot of people who has zerps like to get updates on coinbase as its relevant to price of xrp, so it was put in General, off topic means something that has completely nothing to do with xrp.
  4. Which custody service is being used by Coinbase..? That has bad history??
  5. totally agree, Nasdaq is not far as well bro. There are plenty of exchanges after Coinbase's lunch. They had such a big chance of being ahead in the game, lost it all due to arrogance and their early success got into their heads
  6. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/coinbase-ditches-its-index-fund-favor-new-retail-feature/
  7. Hi Guys, Seems like Coinbase is not making a lot of right decisions lately, I think its arrogance and overconfidence that is stopping them from taking right decisions. Found this interesting article, which states they couldnt find enough customers for their overhyped index funds, and are ditching the idea. Competition is already making things tough for them and i really hope the other exchanges take them over big time, because they really didnt make the xrp hodlers lives easy with their attitude. "Coinbase Ditches Its Index Fund in Favor of a New Retail Feature" Coinbase – one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the U.S. – is nixing its index fund designed for accredited investors and shifting its focus to a new retail product, The Block reports https://theblockcrypto.com/2018/10/11/coinbase-is-shutting-down-its-fund-aimed-at-big-investors-as-it-pivots-to-a-new-retail-product/ . Coinbase first announced its fund back in March of 2018. The project was designed to give institutional investors easy access to the digital currency market by offering them an index that represents a basket of Coinbase’s listed assets. During this time, Coinbase representatives stated that they were “seeing strong demand from institutional and high net worth individuals.” However, now the index fund has failed to attract an appropriate number of clients. Coinbase was reportedly unable to garner necessary revenue from the project and has since decided to move on to other endeavors. The latest retail product entitled the Coinbase Bundle, launched at the end of September. Using the feature, investors can purchase an assortment of the coins offered on Coinbase with one click. Minimum purchases begin at $25. Differing from an index fund, Coinbase Bundle does not offer fixed methodologies, nor does it provide rebalancing options. This is not the first feature of its kind. Circle introduced its clients to a similar product entitled Circle Invest, which allows users to buy up to 11 different tokens in a single investment. Circle also sports a lower purchasing minimum of merely $10. While the product has garnered solid reviews on Apple’s App Store, it remains unpopular amongst everyday users, and currently holds the #734 spot amongst finance apps according to App Annie. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is a broad company that covers trading,institutional brokerage and venture capital. It has amassed more than 20 million users, though active user activity has fallen by roughly 80 percent this year." "The company has worked hard to expand its team and has brought several renowned figures from the financial and tech industries on board, including former Instinet CEO Jonathan Kellner. Kellner will lead institutional sales and support for Coinbase beginning in 2019. He will work with the exchange to build an over-the-counter trading business, allowing Coinbase to better compete with exchanges such as itBit, Gemini and Kraken. Furthermore, the company is looking to hire 100 additional employees for its New York office, where they’ll join a campaign to bring more Wall Street vendors to the crypto industry. Recently, representatives havestated their desire to employ roughly 1,000 individuals by the end of the year."
  8. RDS

    XRP Voted as The Best Crypto to Buy Under $1

    Spot on. And the best thing is u can vote multiple times that way.?
  9. They arent stored in Nano but you access them via pin or 24 words keywords used to reset their pin, what happened was that user forgot the pin, went through 24 keywords, which rather than giving him access to his xrps, created new address so in nutshell he cant access his stack.
  10. I am more concerned about one nano that went through pin reset and then it generated new wallet with new address vs bringing balance, all i am waiting for is nasdaq and Bakkt exchanges to be launched so that i can transfer it there, these multibillion dollar companies have much more security measures in place to preserve their reputation.
  11. Its mainly related to your online wallet not synching with your nano, for example one member here found his xrp balance disappeared ( even though it was coming up on bithomp) but not on his screen after connecting Nano( not sure if it was resolved) this one is more scary, member forgot his pin and did the reset of nano ledger with his keywords( went correctly) but instead of bringing his account balance it created new wallet which means previous tokens in his wallet disappeared. it has not happened a lot of times but is scary regardless if you hold loads of tokens.
  12. Thanks for the info bro. But it doesnt state anything abt wat u r insured for in uphold and what isn’t covered. I would love for uphold to have vault like service like Coinbase. Do you have any idea about that? Because now u see people are complaining about issues they are facing with nano ledger so one thinks, is my crypto safe, where i am keeping. Are there better alternatives..?
  13. Insured for what bro..? Insured for hacks, insured for deposits, insured for what amount..? Insurance is a vague term. I love uphold, but they are just a baby compared to stability and guarantees offered by banks. Yes u can lose money with them as well but they got much more equity and reserves to bear losses than a recently started company. I hope uphold becomes bigger than coinbase soon and gets vsludd in billions of dollars but its gonna take sometime and announcements like this certainly help.
  14. Hypothetically speaking, how much interest are u expecting..? (If any) my guess, it should be around 1% per annum. Not too much but looking at term deposits in banks, this is approx one gets.
  15. anybody who writes $589 for each xrp prediction, just want to ask them to clarify. $589 meaning there has to be enough liquidity the market =$589 * 40 billion xrp in circulation (plus one billion xrp per month being released. ) that equates to over 20 trillion in liquidity atleast, where the hell do you suppose to get that before EOY of this year, even EOY of 2019. Because remember, in order to reach that price somebody in the market has to pay thgat trillions of dollar to xrp holders who are selling at these high prices, and i can not fathom availability of that liquidity at this stage, unless you get some sort of announcement of few central banks, Fed reserve, or IMF. Dont get me wrong, i would love for that to happen, infact i pray for that to happen, but there is difference between what we want and whats possible.