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  1. Me too mate, to be honest, i had stopped visiting the chat forum because of so much fud and negativity around, which was not helping on top of this bloody price thing. Anyway good to hear from u. Take care mate
  2. Hi mate, good to see you back, what is the source of this Fourthly their staff have privately indicated it needs to be in whole dollar double digits to achieve even a fraction of what they are aiming at
  3. Did the same comparison for $5k payment and there was rough difference of about $8 aud. And western union was more expensive by above amount, which shows that as the amount increases moneygram looks more and more attractive vs other players.
  4. Just did comparison of sending $100 Aud to india bia Moneygram vs western union. Found moneygram much cheaper showing cost of $1 to send $100, good on u moneygram, and even their exchange price was much better, western union showed $0 fee to send money but their exchange rate was much lower resulting in less money being received comparatively so it shows the potential for moneygram
  5. I totally get u mate, thats the reason i have not been very active here as well. Best of luck with the ride and chat sooon.
  6. I understand that we are not shareholders but since its new type of asset, there cant be a historic ruling or precedent for the same, which itself can be a base, which is how it works in general when new rulings take place. I agree that when u r in battle with big companies its not easy but its not un-winnable as well, if u look at history when big chunk of cases and class suites from common people were won against big companies, most of them thought they couldnt win, until it actually happened, and companies had to pay hefty amount of money( i am not legally qualified and its not legal advice to any reader here ). Not saying i would do that since i love Ripple and xrp but its a general discussion about our rights.
  7. Do u think Ripple can be sued by xrp investors for breach of trust? ( if above is found true) ????
  8. Its a matter of faith in fundamentals and is as simple as (1) Either u understand the importance of those fundamentals or (2) you dont. in any case no body should convince you if the facts themselves can not do so. (Dont mean to offend u ) When it comes to price action not supported by news, read this 100% true quote
  9. Exactly, i love Ripple and xrp, i also believe strongly in its fundamentals, real world usage, and potential but at the same time this report’s content/ style/quality was not up to the mark. Seemed like some novice did the data collection and put it in the report. And no future insight. Which could be either of two things. (1) they think bear market is likely to prolong and they dont want take any risk of over promises (2) they dont want to ruin the surprises otherwise we may miss the price action of surprise.
  10. I get your point and agree with most of it i really wish that i am wrong there and xrp price at double digits is sustainable (after all it benefits all of us) but in regards to the higher price with other coins, its also related to their supply, with bigger coins there will be less number of people/institutions holding the coins vs with 40 billion in circulation. I would love to see the data of Ripple management teams wallets( if it ever becomes available) which will be clearer indication of their opinions of xrp price.
  11. I agree with u mate and i would love to see xrp in double digits as well but the problem as it gets into the higher price zone such as $19usd somebody is paying from their pocket $19 for each xrp that u and i and lots of others are selling so price may not be sustainable unless there is loads of constant liquidity available in the market, it may happen but i think its going to take time i think, probably thats why brad G is always referring to the time frame 3 years plus.
  12. How easy/tricky/technical/risky would it be for somebody like me who is not very technical minded ?? @nikb how to create new account ? Is it with ripple or hardware wallet ? Plz advise.
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