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  1. I know what you mean mate but there is no way of calculation of price because once will need information on how many people /institutions will keep the xrps for how long, some of them would like to keep them not sell and buy every minute when its a neutral asset that can be changed into any currency and then even 100 billion xrp dont sound as much, specially if it can be used by common people, so in total there are around 15000 banks , lets not forget the total population of world is around 7.5 billion which technically means only 15 xrp per person, ofcourse not everybody is gonna use or store it but even in that case the price should be in tens of dollars if not hundreds. While its fun to try to gauge the price of xrp but i dont think anybody here can give you right answer to that, (including Ripple's big bosses ) the same way, nobody could have thought about price of bitcoin today, and those who would have said that, either they were considered day dreamers or some other funny names.
  2. Exactly. I am sure big chunk of that 3 billion is bitcoins kept by so called bank haters, who dont realise that Coinbase has Westpac as shareholder, so where is the logic. But i guess some people just love the cool talk, rather than actually believing in it.
  3. Jokes apart. If Ripple actually buys a bank ( even if small one ) it will put itself in totally different league. Regardless of how much people hate banks, a big chunk of people trust them too ( even after GFC)
  4. as per their website, they have a million clients in 196 countries. thats a big exposure. https://www.xm.com/about
  5. This idea is as hot as you are Tiff.
  6. I would be keen to see how xm.com performs because their name suggests they are serious guys. Those who keep bit of interest in domain trading would know that 2 letters .com domain alone is valued in hundred of thousand dollars.
  7. Seems like buying a bank is not as expensive as it sounds. Compliance and regulation will be bitttchh though. https://dealstream.com/banks-for-sale/listings
  8. Gatehub Limited this is for you

    how do you know toast wallet is safe.. ?
  9. Gatehub Limited this is for you

    @enej whats happening...?
  10. Gatehub Limited this is for you

    where did you transfer them to..?
  11. Gatehub Limited this is for you

    should i transfer my xrps... ?
  12. i agree with it, and in-fact its good on him that he came in despite his situation, but you know that different reasons come to your mind when your got bit of skin in the game. But i am very thankful to him for taking time out of his busy schedule to comment in this section. Cheers.
  13. The part when you said " i guess its two part question was bit funny " lol
  14. Thats alright @miguel luv you and your work. hope you are better now. take care of your self & take the xrp to new heights.
  15. No doubts, he is always awesome, in-fact i love his "Harvey Spector " lke charisma, but i just felt that he has been better on other days. no offense intended.