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  1. RDS

    QAU will be lost on Gatehub?

    @xrpwin I followed this process, you are right that support doesnt answer so i created this topic to help community members.
  2. RDS

    QAU will be lost on Gatehub?

    I dont know about ur experience bro but my qau to myetherwallet never reached and I lost 80 qau tokens in process. I tried sending them on Edge wallet and it worked, took little bit of process but my experience was better than MEW.
  3. Thats ok bro, if we embrace ourselves for worst $0, everything else is improvement. I had never thought we would see low levels 29 cents again but now I wouldnt put any minimum or max limits because on the positive side most of the weak hands should be out or they will be out soon so only real hodlers will be left....so what would br incentive for whales to keep price low in long term unless there is a fundamental reason of price crash that we r not aware of.
  4. Glad you liked the content. Happy to help.
  5. Regardless of what happens, facts are.... Worst case we can go down from here is 30 cents. Best case, there is no limit on how many times xrp can go up by. lol
  6. sorry duplicate post. deleted.
  7. @cmbartley As discussed with you brother.
  8. https://www.quantumproject.org/s/qaudtr_conversion.pdf
  9. There is a pdf from Quantumprojects but that is only for the steps after you have QAU tokens in an ERC-20 compatible wallet, which Gatehub.net is not so you can not directly send QAU from gatehub to Quantumprojects address, otherwise you will lose them. I followed following process to transfer QAU from gatehub.net to my edge secure wallet. First create an account with Edgesecure app and login Go to my wallets and add Ethereum wallet there. on the right side of Ethereum wallet there will be three dots and if you click on them, click on Add/edit tokens click on add it will ask for token data such as name token code, contract address and these details can be obtained from https://etherscan.io/ by searching QAU and DTR tokens with their full names. click save and token should come up with name and tick in checkbox. click on save again. You will see the name of your ERC-20 tokens there ( you will have to do this process twice to add both QAU and DTR ) Click on QAU first and then click on Request. it will give you your QAU address to which one can send QAU tokens from Gatehub.net Please send only 10 QAU tokens in the begining (minimum amount from gatehub.net ) not more to make sure that they are reaching your wallet and it takes roughly 10 minutes after you send them from gatehub to QAU edge address. If everything has gone fine, you would recieve the QAU tokens to your edge wallet. In order to convert them into DTR you need to send QAU to address provided by Quantumprojects in their pdf file, which I have attached below. You will need to have little bit Ethereum in your Edge secure wallet in order to pay for GAS i had roughly .10 ethereum ofcourse this amount will vary depending on how many QAU you plan to transfer. Please send only very low amount of QAU in the begining to the address provided by Quantumprojects company using send option of QAU token in Edge wallet and try bigger amount after you have received confirmation of DTR on your wallet It took around 15 minutes to get my DTR after i sent QAU to the address provided. Please note that I have provided this information only to help the community as i ended up wasting 4-5 hours before getting anywhere, as gatehub and Quantum projects are hopeless about response to their enquiries, Tokens.net also washed their hands by referring to Quantum projects procedure, but if by anychance if anything goes wrong in above process, I am not responsible for any loss due to any reason and if you have found any better and easier way please use that and advise the community as well, because I am sure there are multiple average joes like me who are not very tech friendly and are likely to miss out on deadline as they have no clue about transfer out process above.
  10. Hi Guys, If you are one of those people who are trying to convert QAU tokens into DTR and have QAU tokens sitting in Gatehub.net , i feel for you because Gatehub.net is not offering DTR tokens so you will have to transfer them into ERC-20 compatible wallet such as My ether wallet and unfortunately even if you set it up, there is no guarantee your QAU will reach there, when transferred from Gatehub.net , i know it because i lost 80 QAU tokens while trying in 4 different transactions. When tried Etherscan.io with transaction hash, it came up with no results, even though Gatehub data suggested all of the transactions were successful and I must confess that i am not geek (even though i have average knowledge of the stuff ) so may be things are easier for you if you are already using ERC-20 compatible wallet and have transferred QAU or similar tokens from gatehub.net before. In the end I was able to transfer my QAU to Edge wallet , and I am happy to share the process with you as there are no online guides available on " How to transfer out of Gatehub.net for Erc-20 tokens and which options could be suitable, the general ERC-20 videos and guides caused me loss of 80 QAU " , but please note that its neither personal, financial advice nor recommendation of Edge wallet, (even though i liked my experience with them vs some other options have seen but your circumstances and experience could be completely different )
  11. Thanks for the reply bro, apart from some Qau i lost roughly 80 in trials of sending to different MEW addresses( which i am not worried too much about, as they are worth $20 at the moment) i have figured out the way to convert qau into DTR easily now, i plan to start a topic soon to help the community about similar stuff as gatehub and Quantum projects are hopeless because they dont have enough information to help users about the peocess and their response takes ages, and since we have only few more days before the deadline passes( roughly 10 sep for gatehub i think) to convert QAU to DTR its in exchange’s interest to not to respond as they get to keep free money. Which i think is pathetic, but atleast by creating a topic to help i can use my few hours work to help my other xrp family members in retrieving their hard earned money.
  12. i checked with etherscan.io but it doesnt come up with any result by address and trx hash both, i am not sure if trust is added ( is it gatehub fifth Eth i have to add trust line for.. ???) i will check that but i can see in transaction i have been charged fee in xrps so i was hoping it to go through... the problem is that QAU and Gatehub both are non responsive, and when contacted Tokens.net they only deal with the part after I got my QAU's into ERC-20 wallet , my problem is to transfer to them from gatehub to ERC-20 wallet such as MEW..
  13. how did you go with transferring QAU to MEW wallets mate, as mine are not transferring, i have lost 80 QAU in trials only.