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  1. i know it sounds like a joke but hyperinflation can make anything possible.. look at the link below about hyperinflation rate of Germany between 1922 and 1923 - "In the first half of 1922, the mark stabilized at about 320 marks per dollar. By November 1923, the US dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks ( 4.2 trillion marks." please check link below for details - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperinflation_in_the_Weimar_Republic
  2. Hi Guys. Do you think that with increasing price of xrp there is increased risk of accounts being hacked, specially when the account balances can be seen through bithomp. I understand that there are options available of putting them in cold wallets, but not many of us are geek enough to understand that or may be scared that they will lose it if computer breaks, or any other reasons. I think all of us have money in the bank account and never lose sleep about security because we know there is increased level of security in case of money in bank accounts so I am really looking forward to a bank starting Xrp wallet with the same level of security as bank accounts. Please let me know what you think..
  3. Common wealth bank of Australia said in 2015 that it would not take much of an effort to store digital currencies and loyalty points the same way as people store different currencies, There has not been any updates about that recently, i think its because digital currencies are yet to be regulated in Australia, and I think Japan will be the first one for bank to offer bank wallet. may be SBI bank.. ( but your guess is as good as mine ). attaching the link of Common wealth bank stating the above, because even if it takes time, i would still give it some weight, unless of course things have changed in background. http://www.cio.com.au/article/575937/commonwealth-bank-launch-ripple-payments-between-its-subsidiaries/ "Whiteing said he can’t see why a bank account couldn’t be used to store loyalty coins and cryptocurrencies, shifting it from being something that just stores fiat currency to something more innovative and diverse in function. “You have multicurrency bank accounts today with the Commonwealth Bank's app, 15 currencies available on your phone instantly in real time. It’s not that difficult for us to take that technology and make that a loyalty points store. "It shouldn’t be that difficult for us to then add cryptocurrencies to it and whatever other means of payment transfers people might want.” .
  4. wish you the best mate... I am sorry that I could not help you much...
  5. have you tried google authenticator because i read it somewhere that it even works on laptop or computer if you add chrome extension to it ( i have never tried it ) but rather than authy try that on your tablet and see how you go...
  6. but is there a number that you can ring or can send to and from that sim card.. ?
  7. Hi Mate. I think it would not work on tablet reason being Authy asks your phone number and tablets do not have phone number so 2FA may not work with it. Disclosure- Its just my opinion and I not a geek so I am not 100% certain of above info but still wanted to help you with what i thought could be the case.
  8. I guess you have your answer from Joel . But now could you please answer below If Ripple is dead why 10 banks recently joined with the total team of 75 banks..? or you think you are smarter in analysing fundamentals of all these super smart analysts on the bank payroll who thought Ripple is the best option available. If xrp does not have potential why the accounts are being created at super fast speed and price is picking up when most of them know about 100 billion dollar supply in future. or you think you are smarter than IMF guys who need advisory from Chris larsen Do you hold some bitcoins and may be you are too scared or invested over your limit that Xrp potential can kill your far fetched dream of btc reaching " half a million dollar each " Why do you think they were able to gather 55 million dollars if their projects did not carry weight.. ? Do you have any better project, i mean you should if you are genius enough to find fault in this much smart project.. or it can be simple scenario that criticizing is easy part compared to being constructive and positive. Whatever your ulterior motives are my friend, nobody can obstruct the way of truth and that is, at this very moment, Ripple is reaping reward of their vision, their decisions of working with regulators, paying to harvard educated or experienced government employees who know their stuff. After all one should not forget that Ripple is backed by Google, who practically owns the world at the moment.
  9. i guess some people believes the stupid idea of trolling leading to panic, enabling them to buy at cheaper price then they can switch sides. I have seen it happening to lot msg box of lot of good stocks, somebody shortsells and then panic begins, he/she is ready to go to any level to get back to break even... Do you guys think it was similar situation with this member....???
  10. That was the point and i am still waiting for the answer from @miguel
  11. I would like to know that as well....
  12. I tried to find the info on average Btc holding on Unocoin website but could not find that information.... Would post it if I get anymore update about it...
  13. I beg to differ about it. I am Indian, currently living in Australia. If you do the research you will find out how people there adapt to new technology much quicker than any other part of the world. Reasons are, over 50% of population is of youths, about 200 Million people in middle class and expected to grow to 400 million people soon ( and most of them being tech efficient due to being educated ) Growth rate and lately Governments will to reduce cash transactions. Everything is pushing people towards digital payments. And yes Xrp may take some months may be couple of years to pickup speed but once people get the taste of quick transfers, people will love it. Example of that is "Unocoin" which is one of the few bitcoin start up ( and where Xrp is rumoured to be launched ) alone has 150,000 bitcoin customers. India has much more mobile wallet users than most countries in the world. So I guess we can expect good things in next few months.
  14. when we add another 1.3 billion people from China (Bitbank is going to launch Xrp there in May ) Xrp can be a scarce asset if and when it comes into proper usage. Seems like next few months will be exciting...
  15. I would like to add one more thing for fellow members that XRP is going be launched in India by Middle of 2017, I do not have more details as this was informed by miguel, when i asked him about launch of xrp in India and Australia ( for Australia he mentioned it may take by end of this year ) so that is also going to help with the price, because India alone is market of 1.2 billion people. 100 billion xrp is not much even for India alone.