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  1. Re: Escrows being handed over to IMF or similar international body This may sound like conspiracy to some folks at first, but there is an interview where Miguel Vias (Ripple's head of XRP Markets) where he is asked what will Ripple do when the value of XRP rises to a high enough price to make it odd for a private company to hold so much wealth. Miguel says something along the lines of Ripple becoming a Lender of Last Resort, acknowledges it would be odd for a private company to take on such a function, and goes on to say the escrows would probably be handed over to some other body.
  2. Interesting. I think the tweet is referring to an alternative financial communications protocol/arrangements (an alternative to SWIFT), whereas the BRICS reserve pool is just about providing access to funds to the member countries. Likely what this article from November 2017 is referring to: https://www.businessinsider.com/russia-and-china-discuss-linking-currencies-to-end-the-usd-dominance-2017-11 Whatever they're referring to, there are definitely big changes ahead in the global financial system in the coming months and years. Should be interesting.
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