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  1. Hi all, haven’t came to xrpchat for long. Well, straight to point, recently i had discussion with some others and he had asked what if all cryptos classified as security by sec then what will happen? Which crypto will survive and will die? I only have thought and defended in the way of backing up that XRP is not security so have no idea how it will be for XRP and all crypto. have any idea? thanks in advance
  2. I also hate to admit but IBM clearly stated that "The network already supports settlement using Stellar Lumens and a U.S. dollar stable coin through IBM's previously-announced collaboration with Stronghold. " https://newsroom.ibm.com/2019-03-18-IBM-Blockchain-World-Wire-a-New-Global-Payment-Network-to-Support-Payments-and-Foreign-Exchange-in-More-Than-50-Countries
  3. Well thank you for your reply. At least can show him there is someone who built something out of xrpl(or... rcl)
  4. Sorry if i confuse you. It is single expert that i talked and bunch of others together. I know him as expert because he’s been sharing insider’s info(at least for within Korea) for long time. And been around quite a few conferences around world. It is anonymous community and he, personally doesn’t like crypto, but sees future in blockchain. I am not here to spread FUD. I am also hodler and wants to stop spread FUD. And if you felt that i am here to spread FUD due to my grammar, Please kindly forgive my english as it is my second language. I should mention it at the first time. My whole purpose of this post is to check and show how wrong that Korean expert is. As i could find some thoughts of xrpl use cases by xrpchat community.
  5. Recently, i was talking(more likely just had few comments replies) with some blockchain experts in Korea via tech community and he mentioned that ripple blockchain is specially limited for its use case as now, bridging currencies and solving international remittance problem. Well... in fact all blockchain is made for their use cases, what developers intended to do with blockchain. But later it just raised me a question "is ripple as blockchain can be expandable to other functionalities?" First i thought it is possible as "sbi ripple asia" is leading consortium in japan to brining blockchain tech to security brokerage. But as far as i remember, no one confirms this blockchain is ripple blockchain(XRPL) that i know of.. or building new blockchain but having some advice from ripple. And i started to dig up xrpchat and some of noticeable finding are as below Hodor once mentioned, he wrote down all use cases with RCL(XRPL) can do. And Joelkatz once mentioned "people are welcome to use XRP for any application they would like" So is that meaning anyone who has interest can build up any kind of things with XRPL such as what hodor mentioned on other thread, healthcare (what ibm does), real-estates(IBREA), and even storage (Sia, storj) streaming (livepeer) but just ripple as company is only focusing just one use case international remittance .. right? @JoelKatz @nikb @Hodor I want to show answer from one of the ripple developer that they do not limit XRPL as What Korean blockchain expert claims.... Thank you in advance.
  6. http://m.kpinews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=65086 sorry that this is korean article but wemakeprice confirmed today that they did not planned to do it. Just bithumb proposed them the plan but wemakeprice declined.
  7. Sorry if this is not the ripple(usa) https://asia.nikkei.com/Tech-Science/Tech/Japan-s-brokerages-joining-to-adopt-blockchain?n_cid=NARAN1507 this article is just fresh one from this morning in japan and it mentions sbi ripple asia.. and ripple asia is leading consortium. And if any ripple employee can answer whether it is ripple(usa) does work on it or it is just ripple asia doing its own.
  8. It is massively swiping korean market right now. News is on tv and everywhere to illegalize exchanges.
  9. My thought is... some privacy annonymous coins will go down... and bitcoin also will go down for awhile as some early investors might get out before Federal gov't chase them.... but ultimately, this will benefit ctrypto worlds as more healthy way.
  10. At the moment 50/50 but lets see how the market changes. And I hope they give some priority to XRP hodlers.
  11. Bithumb is dead again that is why it does not go up anymore. Koreans should ban bithumb...(i am korean by the way..)
  12. Got crazy and now everyone is making money by filling selling orders. Price is under poloniex or other foreign market
  13. I still have some minor work bur just finished. Let me enjoy this for tonight. And work tomorrow again to add more xrp on my portfolio
  14. https://www.theclearinghouse.org/press-room/in-the-news/20171114 rtp first new core payments system only vocalink.... no mention of ripple
  15. 4 coins 99% ripple and 1% other. bought some cheap cheap alts when some satoshi left over from ripple purchase.
  16. By the way, it says this remit service will be available with Thai siam bank. So i guess this is the extention of what we saw last month that ripple enabled with japan and thai siam bank
  17. This one is just organized info of banks participating ripple. Actually been 2 or 3 months old.
  18. It is why major trade volume is made in Korea. 3 major exchanges offer direct purchase of xrp with krw.
  19. Thanks buddy. I do have unionpay debit but it is limited to domestic use(only in macau). I do have visa card but this is korean one so... need to wire money back to korea which is.... just meaningless.
  20. Good. I guess there are some swiss based crypto exchange. Or am i messed up from blockchain startup.... anyhow gatehub also supports euro. You can check which one is more favorable.
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