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  1. MY point is Public officials using their position for personnel gain be it financial or personal, undermines public faith in the institutions that are meant to serve their interests.
  2. In the Uk, our former Prime Minister is currently embroiled in a Lobbying scandal. Where he used his position to try to line his own pockets. Although his actions are not at present thought to be illegal, his integrity and reputation are questioned. The Gaurdian newspaper writes "The Greensill affair is several orders of magnitude more serious. A former prime minister is at the heart of this scandal that points to something rotten about how we are governed and is now embroiling not just politicians, but also the civil service." Full article here if you are interested. https://ww
  3. At the very least Gensler has to initiate an investigation into the scandalous behavior of these individuals. If the SEC is to retain any credibility under his watch, he needs to drop this case, apologise for the actions of the SEC. In fact this should be investigated at the highest level.
  4. British TV police drama, has the country on the edge of their seats.
  5. We need Hastings and DCI Steve Arnott to issue a Regulation 15 Notice agains’t Clayton, And investigate institutional corruption in the SEC. Hinman must be “H”
  6. So from listening to the Judges comments, it would appear that not only does she have a grasp of XRPS utility, but is also aware of the small investors who have bought sold and traded XRP. We all know how damaging this has been to XRPS price amid this sustained Bull Run, but it could be devastating for the SEC. Gensler could be presiding over the biggest embarrassment in their history. Does he really want to take the risk of the SEC losing all credibility.
  7. The amount of people crawling from under their stones to give their un educated opinions is truly staggering. The latest to catch my eye Phil Liu of Arca Investment who states XRP will be a Remnant of History by the end of 2021. Well Phil is founder of Arca a crypto asset management company. So I had a look at their Sec filing and Arca have a heady $15 million under management. Impressive he must know what he is talking about. so Phil a bit of advice, best not to spout off uneducated sound bites you just sound like a fool.
  8. Could you expand and give any reasons why you think he should resign
  9. I find the behaviour of the exchanges that have de-listed or stopped trading XRP cowardly. It is disrespectful to all of their clients. XRP has not as yet been classified as a security and I can see no reason for this knee jerk re-action. Coinbase dragged their feet before listing XRP, their legal team surely addressed the issue before they did list. They should have stood by XRP. Again if XRP is deemed a security, then how many other coins that are listed on Coinbase will be be named as securities. That would not look good for the likes of Coinbase having traded so many unregistered securiti
  10. Likewise Merry Christmas to everybody except you and your family. Its not a nice to say maybe it will make you think before you utter such nasty sentiments.
  11. So in the UK you can petition the Government Via the internet. If your petition garners more than 100,00 signatures it is considered for debate in parliament. If there are any vehicles similar to this in the US someone should start an online petition and the whole crypto space should unite and support it. Put aside your maxamilist views, this is not just about XRP but the whole space.
  12. Hi Been holding for a long time and been buying sporadically from different source during that time. in time honoured fashion I am not qualified to give financial advice the following are my own opinions. When I first got interested in Crypto buying was stressful and expensive. The market has evolved now and entry has been made a lot easier and less stressful. so firstly I would keep well away from Revolut You don't own any coins you buy and when you sell them the fees Revolut charge are horrendous. So no chance of spark tokens from them. They are pretty good as a banking a
  13. Just watched crypto Eris you tube vid about Spendthebits a new Wallet that will use the XRP Leger to send Bitcoin instantly at low cost. https://spendthebits.com/ Can Anyone tell me How this works and if this is advantageous to XRP. IE is XRP used to facilitate The transaction. Thanks
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