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  1. Could you expand and give any reasons why you think he should resign
  2. I find the behaviour of the exchanges that have de-listed or stopped trading XRP cowardly. It is disrespectful to all of their clients. XRP has not as yet been classified as a security and I can see no reason for this knee jerk re-action. Coinbase dragged their feet before listing XRP, their legal team surely addressed the issue before they did list. They should have stood by XRP. Again if XRP is deemed a security, then how many other coins that are listed on Coinbase will be be named as securities. That would not look good for the likes of Coinbase having traded so many unregistered securiti
  3. Likewise Merry Christmas to everybody except you and your family. Its not a nice to say maybe it will make you think before you utter such nasty sentiments.
  4. So in the UK you can petition the Government Via the internet. If your petition garners more than 100,00 signatures it is considered for debate in parliament. If there are any vehicles similar to this in the US someone should start an online petition and the whole crypto space should unite and support it. Put aside your maxamilist views, this is not just about XRP but the whole space.
  5. Hi Been holding for a long time and been buying sporadically from different source during that time. in time honoured fashion I am not qualified to give financial advice the following are my own opinions. When I first got interested in Crypto buying was stressful and expensive. The market has evolved now and entry has been made a lot easier and less stressful. so firstly I would keep well away from Revolut You don't own any coins you buy and when you sell them the fees Revolut charge are horrendous. So no chance of spark tokens from them. They are pretty good as a banking a
  6. Just watched crypto Eris you tube vid about Spendthebits a new Wallet that will use the XRP Leger to send Bitcoin instantly at low cost. https://spendthebits.com/ Can Anyone tell me How this works and if this is advantageous to XRP. IE is XRP used to facilitate The transaction. Thanks
  7. These are the FAQs From the Flare Website. https://flare.ghost.io/claiming-spark-faq/ Flare Networks UNLOCKING VALUE Claiming Spark FAQ's THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 2020 5 MIN READ We've been amazed at the amount of interest in Flare over the past few days! Since announcing the process for preparing your XRPL account to receive Spark on Friday, there has been over 295 million XRP contained in XRPL accounts that have set their accounts to receive the Spark token. In this post, we're going to highlight answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the Spark token c
  8. Woodseal

    XRP Killers

    I have noticed recently the rise of XRP killers. I have also heard that a contract has been put out on XRP with 10 grand being offered to whack XRP. So I have put together a list of possible threats to keep an out eye for. If you see any of the following gather up your XRP and run for the hills. 1, The Rock Lobster The Rock Lobster when not performing for the B52s has been seen snooping around toast wallets. The Aborigini, known for their love of decentralised living. Has been scouring the outback looking for the centralised XRP hideout. Full
  9. Hi thought i'd share this. I am selling my small catering business, i make lunches for a living. Part of my obligation to the buyer is to pass over all the IT. Whilst doing this I had to speak to numerous computer people. Three at the Web designers, Two at the Web hosting site and a guy at the E-mail hosters. Thought I would drop into the conversation my XRP take to sound cool with the tech guys. To my amazement not one of them had heard of XRP, they had heard of Bitcoin, but only as background noise. When I told the web designer about Coil and web monetization he was astonishe
  10. Hope some one can explain this to me. So the idea of XRP and XRAPID is to speed payments and reduce the cost. My understanding is that your payments provider buys XRP with the native currency on the exchange, sends it to the corresponding provider who the sells it on an exchange for the local currency and the transfer is settled and funds are in the account in seconds. My confusion lies with the cost of buying XRP on the Exchange in the first place, then a second cost in selling the XRP at the other end. So where are these huge savings. I sent £250 to Uphold to buy XRP, it cost me
  11. After being charged a whopping 3.77% on a pounds to XRP transaction, Of which £69 was a hidden fee. Prior to the transaction it quoted the fee at £6.50. On asking Revolut why the fee, they actually quoted the interbank exchange rate, and the fact they charge 3-5% on the Thai Bakt to Rubble exchange rate. Bewildering. on further conversation with Revolut, i was informed that they charge another 1.5% to take in account of Volatility, i Thought that XRP was so fast that volatility was not an issue. No transparency with Revolut, i spent half an hour scouring their website for the their "transpare
  12. Is anyone having trouble with binance trading been unable to trade for last 45 minutes
  13. David Swartz knows who they are.One of them asked his advice as far as i can make out he politely told him it was a pile of poo. This will tell you all you need to know,
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