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  1. So despite the petition with 30,000 plus signatures. Despite the thousands who have backed John Deaton's motion to intervene Despite the 5000 listening in on the Telephone hearing. Despite the articles written in the press in particular by Roslyn Layton. Gensler has remained silent. Do you think that maybe Gensler himself instigated this Lawsuit. I find it hard to believe that Clayton and Gensler did not discuss this is some detail. After all would you really leave the biggest turd you can find on the desk of your replacement. And if this whole sorry state of affairs is the work of Mr Gensler, will he survive at The Sec if Ripple win the case. One more point if Ripple do win this case, will John Deaton be allowed to pursue his class action against the Sec for monetary compensation.
  2. Being informed helps you to make informed decisions, that is all I was doing on one topic only, Bitcoins energy usage. Have you ever heard the phrase every little helps, that by your actions you can help to make a difference. Your comments and arguments are so juvenile and intellectually stilted. You sound like an advocate for QAnon. So cool go and buy your mining gear and follow the Fomo as long as your OK. You make sure you look after yourself. Kindest regards Woodseal
  3. I sold all my Bitcoin when I discovered just how much energy is used in mining. My conscience would not allow me to be a part of something so energy hungry. So I just sold up. The argument that more and more Miners are using renewable energy is an obscene argument. Renewable energy should be used to reduce the usage of fossil fuels, for Schools and hospitals perhaps. Recently Barry Silbert tweeted “What if there was one company that was behind most of the bitcoin energy usage FUD? Now THAT would make for a sensational story for somebody to write…”By this very comment Mr Silbert is guilty of spreading FUD. In a space overflowing with fake news industry leaders like Mr Silbert should lead by example and be honest. So here are a few calculations on Bitcoins energy usage so you can make your own mind up. The Antminer S19 Pro is a Bitcoin miner you can buy one on Amazon for just under $17,000 https://www.amazon.com/Antminer-S19-pro-110th-Bitmain/dp/B08K7CVKDZ This is what it says in the description “Antminer s19 pro 110th Crypto Miners Power consumption is 3250w, so please make sure your place can afford so much voltage watts” On the Asic Miner Value Website it lays out its energy usage and profitability https://www.asicminervalue.com/miners/bitmain/antminer-s19-pro-110th The table below assume a price of 12 cents per Kilowatt Hour and the price of Bitcoin at $37871 on CoinGecko at 17.08 GMT Profitability Period Day Month Year Income $27.92 $816.61 $9,799.29 Electricity $9.36 280.80 $3,369.60 Profit $17.86 535.81 $6,429.69 So to mine one bitcoin in a day would cost 37,871/ 27.92 = 1353 Electricity cost = 1353 x 9.36 = $12,672 105,600 kW/h to mine one Bitcoin Enough to power 10 average households for a year. Thats $12,672 or 3760 gallons of petrol. Approx 130,000 miles. Do the ends justify the means?
  4. So is yet another crypto winter howling its way towards us. Or is this a major correction. Either way this is savage.
  5. MY point is Public officials using their position for personnel gain be it financial or personal, undermines public faith in the institutions that are meant to serve their interests.
  6. In the Uk, our former Prime Minister is currently embroiled in a Lobbying scandal. Where he used his position to try to line his own pockets. Although his actions are not at present thought to be illegal, his integrity and reputation are questioned. The Gaurdian newspaper writes "The Greensill affair is several orders of magnitude more serious. A former prime minister is at the heart of this scandal that points to something rotten about how we are governed and is now embroiling not just politicians, but also the civil service." Full article here if you are interested. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/apr/18/david-cameron-greensill-scandal-tip-of-fatberg Surely Congress should open an Enquiry as to the conduct of the SEC and its senior officials. Just saying
  7. At the very least Gensler has to initiate an investigation into the scandalous behavior of these individuals. If the SEC is to retain any credibility under his watch, he needs to drop this case, apologise for the actions of the SEC. In fact this should be investigated at the highest level.
  8. British TV police drama, has the country on the edge of their seats.
  9. We need Hastings and DCI Steve Arnott to issue a Regulation 15 Notice agains’t Clayton, And investigate institutional corruption in the SEC. Hinman must be “H”
  10. So from listening to the Judges comments, it would appear that not only does she have a grasp of XRPS utility, but is also aware of the small investors who have bought sold and traded XRP. We all know how damaging this has been to XRPS price amid this sustained Bull Run, but it could be devastating for the SEC. Gensler could be presiding over the biggest embarrassment in their history. Does he really want to take the risk of the SEC losing all credibility.
  11. The amount of people crawling from under their stones to give their un educated opinions is truly staggering. The latest to catch my eye Phil Liu of Arca Investment who states XRP will be a Remnant of History by the end of 2021. Well Phil is founder of Arca a crypto asset management company. So I had a look at their Sec filing and Arca have a heady $15 million under management. Impressive he must know what he is talking about. so Phil a bit of advice, best not to spout off uneducated sound bites you just sound like a fool.
  12. Could you expand and give any reasons why you think he should resign
  13. I find the behaviour of the exchanges that have de-listed or stopped trading XRP cowardly. It is disrespectful to all of their clients. XRP has not as yet been classified as a security and I can see no reason for this knee jerk re-action. Coinbase dragged their feet before listing XRP, their legal team surely addressed the issue before they did list. They should have stood by XRP. Again if XRP is deemed a security, then how many other coins that are listed on Coinbase will be be named as securities. That would not look good for the likes of Coinbase having traded so many unregistered securities. It is surely in their interest to stand by XRP, after all just because they have delisted XRP now does not alter the fact that they were trading and according to the SEC they should have known all along. These exchanges should know that if and that's a big if, XRP is deemed a security then those exchanges should be sued for selling un-registered securities. After all that is how the SEC seems to work, they should have known. They are just as complicit as the SEC for the losses and distress caused to thousands of XRP holders and likewise be held accountable. Can you imagine the price of XRP in this current bull run if this shitstorm had not occurred. Anyway XRP hit its all time high when it wasn't listed on Coinbase. So do not lose hope.
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