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  1. Wasn’t CSC .53 last year at its highest? At least according to CMC. These little guy should get up there again with another bull run and with actual utility.
  2. Fork actually lol. Had the first one associated to an old email I deleted and forgot password. So no access there anymore lol. Really appreciate the invite. The rest of the forum is pretty cool. Did a lot of digging these past few days. However - the zerpening is what helps keep the motivation up. Cheers to all.
  3. @RegalChicken @Chewiecoin Would you guys mind sending me an invite to the zerpening - having trouble accessing the club! Thanks guys!
  4. I know the zerpening. Been in there all year - hence the reaching out for assist. It was a legitimate technical question for the forum. If anyone else can help - same is appreciated.
  5. Anyone know why the zerpening club is not listed in the club section?
  6. Crazy. Such a short while ago. Can’t even remember what I was doing in 2010 but definitely want paying attention to the emerging crypto tech.
  7. https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/01/27/starbucks-preparing-accept-crypto-payments Looks like Starbucks has been at it for a while. It seems to only make sense that you would use xrp to handle the amount of transactions they process.
  8. All this just feels like a quiet storm just brewing in the background gettin ready to be unleaseh. Ripple team has a plan and is executing on it. Exciting times ahead!
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