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  1. I look at that page regularly and I'm sure that's recently been added.
  2. Ethereum went to over $1,000 within a year and it has no utility. Why would XRP, which is vastly superior to any other digital asset take 5 years to reach only $10-$20? Makes no sense.
  3. There's another new Ripple product called Xterminate which they created in order to eliminate competition. I heard it's very effective.
  4. I came to be involved in Xrp the same way as I'm involved in anything, which is the result of millions of other people's decisions and actions. I didn't make the decision to invest in XRP, ithat decision was made by others.
  5. When XRP becomes #1 the news channels will refer to it as "the next Bitcoin". People who have never heard of XRP before will see the price is still low at a few dollars and invest in it. The FOMO will be crazy.
  6. Valhalla_Guy posted the truth. I didn't find anything disgraceful about his post.
  7. Something is about to happen I can feel it in my water.
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