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  1. It could still go to zero. Xrp is illusory. For example an EMP pulse like the Carrington event but on a larger scale, malicious AI, quantum computing could see that happening. If xrp moons I sell 90 percent and buy property, then i use the rent to buy more on the following inevitable dip. Lol. Also aliens.
  2. This is my take. It will be global, involving retail and banks etc. 100 is possible... xrp already is a global currency showing lots of support at 30c. Easy to buy, easy to sell and use. Easy to transport. Could also go to zero...
  3. Ripple is selling into this volume.. how else to distribute?
  4. Doctor

    xRapid Now Commercially Available

    Also... what a position to be in.... give him 20m, give her 30m, give him 10m, give her 40m... unreal leverage. This company will buy it's way to success mark my fuckin words lads... only a drooling fool would sell now.
  5. Doctor

    xRapid Now Commercially Available

    I think BG was being very direct when he talked about pudding. Lol. Anyway... nobody knows really what will happen but my simple take is this... its automated... automatons don't care about price they care about moving value across borders. We care about price and want a high price. This interplay will be interesting to watch. The price will be what it needs to be.... and imho it needs to be high. I think the escrow was demanded by government interests and a significant proportion of the escrow is promised already. Make way for moon.
  6. Doctor

    Call Your Shot: SWELL

    I hope xrapid announcement... in order to prevent the inevitable dump if nothing is announced.
  7. Classic projection. I find you funny so I won't block you.
  8. Yes but you could put thing like "bg sucks ****" or "Hitler was right" or whatever **** in the memo... right? That shouldn't be allowed imho.
  9. It shouldn't be possible for any random person to do this surely. You could make all sorts of mischief with this...
  10. Doctor

    A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets

    Agree. Very interesting paper from authors at the absolute coal face of crypto and with access to the best financial minds in the world.
  11. Doctor

    Bitcoin Ben (XRP related)

    I bet he does. He was convincing to me. He has 20000 subscribers. If I was a budding crypto entrepreneur I would make it my business to get to know the crypto youtubers with over 5000 to 10000 subs.
  12. Doctor

    Where's Jasil/Mods are tyrants?

    Been lurking for just under a year. It's been great to have @jasil and @Mods_are_tyrants doing their thing. Loving the volume eh lads:).
  13. I think it's worth at least 20 bucks. 1 trillion worth of xrp will move a lot of value. The really wild card is internet payments with coil/spring. It's a fabulous gamble.
  14. Doctor

    Coinbase are such clowns

    Bought xrp first in Early November and then each dip including a few days ago at 28. It's my only crypto investment. Never even considered using coinbase. I like most views here bullish and bearish but my main reason for continuing to invest and hold is it is the best speculative investment in the world today as judged by me. Lot of fun too. No advice to anyone but to enjoy this process... don't invest more than you can afford.... good luck everyone I think it has a lot further to go!
  15. Doctor

    Raiding the Club

    Irish in oz... if there is a meetup let me know.
  16. I agree with @RegalChicken. Clinton and snoop were poor business decisions. Its needlessly controversial and try hard. One promotes illegal drugs. One used an intern as humidor.... poor optics. I would have picked george bush and oz Osborne.
  17. The pressure is building... remember remember the 12th of december...
  18. Doctor

    Climbing in Bed with the Clintons

    At least it wasn't a divisive decision as we can see from this thread. I couldn't give a s..t the tech speaks for itself, needs no introduction at this stage.
  19. Ive been thinking this would be a great way to build controlled volume on the xrp ledger... Are low value remittances a bit hit and miss maybe...
  20. Doctor

    Zerpening Lurker

    And i have to wait to be moderated too... no rocket gifs for me tonight... i dont think ill make the next bullrun... i reckon shes about to blow.
  21. Doctor

    Zerpening Lurker

    Lurking since Dec 2017... never sign up to online forums. Had to this time to catch up in the zerpening thread. Is@LilBender ok...? Hope he hasnt died and risen from the dead since ive been away. Any chance of an invite before i have to do 30 posts? Im just gonna bung up the site with 29 more garbage posts. I should have split this first post up.