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  1. Well I have decided to leave this forum too. This is the view from my house this morning and later today when the tide is in I'm going to take that fishing rod resting in the table and try for some nice dusky flathead. There is a nice channel just out front. Going to enjoy a couple of beers too. Best of luck with your investments and life in general.
  2. I dont have a cause. My statement was to her directly, and it's up to her and people who like and follow her to reflect. She has the online brand, not me. A lot of people here defended tiffany respectfully (and I agree she is a good person and takes a lot of ****) but some of her followers unfortunately just love to lay the boot in, illustrating my point somewhat. I cant help but hold her a little responsible for their behaviours as they seemed to be taking their cues from her.
  3. Well I was bullied off Twitter by her and her followers ( almost a pavlovian response) for nothing actually. Very bad experience. Left Twitter. Later I was like so that's what online bullying is. I actually joined here after that because it was a way of keeping up with the news without the nastiness on Twitter. I didnt know she posted here too. If you look back at any of my posts you will find it hard to see trolling I'm sure, and indeed I have actually defended her on a previous thread. When I saw her post I took the opportunity to address her previous behaviour toward me directly. I used the best descriptor for my experience that i could and have used much nicer language than her gang of bullies used.
  4. Well I must thank you all for making my point. On Twitter it can be much worse and often vicious. Sad to see. I think it easy to be nice and polite to people on or offline and remember there is a person you are talking to who has feelings. Peace.
  5. Well I'm not tough, that's the point. I'm weak. Looks like I'm facing a gang of bullies now which is quite intimidating. I would ask politely that you dont all gang up on me please. That's not fair.
  6. Name calling is bullying, like you are to me now. "Loser!" "Coward!" "Vile!" "Sick" Anything else you would like to add sir?
  7. A sick coward eh? Typical bullying behaviour.
  8. That's nice @TiffanyHayden . Good luck with everything. I think though it's very clear that you are a cyber bully, aren't you?
  9. Why does she get in so many Twitter arguments? That's the question. Always some sort of drama.
  10. I think the number was well thought out. This will go global and 100b makes more sense than 21m. Xrp is now a globalist asset. Had to happen eventually. Bitcoin is too... rigid, is the right word. Slow, energy poor. Cant scale.
  11. So you are saying a lowly intern made the all in on xrp tweet? I've been sending and showing that to a few well heeled friends who I convinced to have a little punt on xrp. Very unimpressed.
  12. I very respectfully disagree. He is the CEO of a large multinational. He should not be allowing his Twitter handle to throw out any old ****. If Brad or David were tweeting this stuff people would be going mental. Sbi are a large shareholder of ripple who own 50% of xrp... its unprofessional whatever way you cut it Imho.
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