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  1. Damn Guys!!!! I only said I thought it might be xRapid....
  2. FYI - https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-expands-to-40-countries-improving-remittances-and-sme-payments/
  3. you are the one trying to put words into my mouth. I suggest you take a deep breath and reread the whole thread or quietly go away.
  4. Really exasperating. The transaction may have taken the speed of light. Do you think the end user will be watching the XRapid tech move XRP in realtime? Or do you think they will get emails from their banks after due course?
  5. Well to be pedantic - the 1st, 3rd and 4th of your statements are incorrect. "they're" not "their" btw
  6. Well we will find out soon enough what it was. As to testing - you arent being serious I take it?
  7. ...and? Where do you think makes more sense to test the payments?
  8. TIPS isn't crypto friendly - the payment providers I used ARE. Re-read my post. I didn't realise a post like mine came up every month otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Like I said, things changed this week and it may be a coincidence. Just naively thought I'd post my observation. Shouldnt have, clearly. Have a great day now.
  9. Cool, thanks. Both payment providers are new tech, crypto friendly setups. They could have switched to TIPS this week for sure. They could be testing/using xRapid. We'll see within a few months i guess.
  10. Such as? Between 2 parties that want instant settlement? I'd be interested to know what can do that. I appreciate the responses here, but unlike previous transactions between the same parties it has taken a minimum of 1 working day. With the seemingly unexplained price spike I was adding a speculative 2 with a speculative 2. Maybe I got 5.89 but if anyone here actually works for Ripple then I would suggest my OP no more ridiculous than the above replies.
  11. Must've been some other super fast crypto based tech at work then.... I've not seen a uk - euro transfer that quick before.
  12. I made an international payment yesterday morning and it was settled, done and dusted, with email confirms both sides in under 2 hrs. It's always taken 1 working day at a minimum. Knowing the payment providers I would expect them to be open to xRapid usage. This coupled with yesterday's price pump leads me to think I may have just seen the tech in action. Interesting times.
  13. Im still unsure of this - Ripple controls his XRP no? How does he have 259 million in his accounts without that being an issue for Ripple?
  14. Here goes XLM again, against the tide of the whole market. 6 cents between XRP and XLM right now. This, after Chain CEO basically saying they are not focused on XLM. I really dont get it.
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