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  1. Nope no roadmap, This is just for fun. Yes, i turned of the comments, Need to get rid of all spams before turning it on.
  2. Hi XRP Community. Want to take a trip down memory lane? I have been here since the beginning and have alot to tell you guys. Follow my blog. http://xrpfans.se
  3. cool!!! some suggestions, I think it would be nice if you put ”2017” and the the value of 1 xrp the day you make it. just to make it more nostalgic when looking at it severall years from now
  4. Or maybe it is? https://www.google.se/amp/s/www.indianweb2.com/2017/07/15/makers-indias-upi-app-bringing-ripple-technology-india/%3famp_markup=1
  5. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sadhana-akella-mishra-66738a4/ Look at here linkedin profile she earlier worked at ripple...
  6. This sounds really good! I wonder if they are using XRP...
  7. 2014, Bad day at work, angry on my self for not jumping in on Bitcoin earlier. Googled the next big thing cryptocoin. Found Ripple, the rest is history
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