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  1. Please improve your research. Like I said in a previous post in this thread: only invest in assets which you're confident about, or not at all. Stop doubting your own investment, or invest in something else. Try to stop being an amateur, act like a pro and invest in something with confidence. Try.
  2. This was supposed to be a fun topic, right? I mean, did you actually expect a serious debate when making a statement just based on "gut feeling" instead of a serious technical or fundamental analysis supporting your thread? For crying out loud, you could at least TRY😂
  3. Haha indeed! Clearly remember that guy and these debates, was good fun while it lasted, hopefully Blubber stays around a little bit longer than Seaman Marbles😂😂🖒
  4. Haha spot on😆! Keep on getting those hilarious responses from these people, I love cabaret😂🖒
  5. Completely agree. I'm watching the people spreading negative sentiment in here with amusement. These people are here for a reason. These people either don't hold xrp, or are amateur investors at best. Serious (and pro-) investors do extensive dd PRIOR to committing capital to an asset. I work at a large asset management firm. Before committing large sums of capital (usually hundreds of millions per investment) to a contemplated investment, our investment managers have to deal with multiple rounds of heavy fud during the deal process (fud raised by the Dealteam, Risk, Team IC, Head IC, Board, Client level). ONLY AFTER these multiple heavy rounds of fud, our firm will decide to pull the trigger and commit capital. BUT: if the decision to invest has been made, the investment is made with confidence, committing for substantial investment periods (sometimes even 50-80 years per investment), and our firm stands behind its investment without questioning it after being committed. THAT's how serious investors invest: with confidence, or not at all.
  6. Boy oh boy this thread?Really? If warmed up 2017 fud combined with OP's lack-of-intelligence oozing responses really represent the current state of fudding, fudders really have hit rock bottom roflol??
  7. It's funny, in a way increase of negative sentiment on the forum actually strengthens my confidence in my xrp investment and the fact that it is greatly undervalued ? Good investments attract trolls. In fact, without trolls being active I might even get worried??.
  8. In 2006 GS acquired a stake in SBI. Perhaps GS still owns this stake and, hence, is an indirect shareholder of Ripple? This tweet has been posted in July by someone else on this forum (don't remember by who and in which thread but credits to him/her).
  9. Now that you have acknowledged that the markets are manipulated, it's easy to hodl. Use your acknowledgement to your advantage and have the same mindset as a manipulator (buy low sell high). Good luck!
  10. Hahaha lmao this thread is hilarious!!? Helping imago change of the t&ps club, this club appears to be a good hang out after all?
  11. Hi @Ripple-Stiltskin @Chewiecoin @RegalChicken, hit my 25th post today! Could I get an invite to the Zerpening? Missed it for 2 weeks already, lots and lots of catching up to do?!
  12. Thanks, I agree, very recognizable. Being completely new to crypto, I started buying xrp with some modest amounts in mid December after some high level research. I completely admit, back then I was FOMOing big time with a getting quick rich perspective?. Was pumped seeing my initial stash skyrocketing, and feeling sick when everything crashed again. But it was only then when I did my real solid research, and bought the far bigger part of my stash after that. Got really confident then and numb to the further crash and fud.
  13. Great post. The way I see it, is that people with a pessimistic attitude re their investment apparently did insufficient research re fundamentals, or at least did not factor in that short term price does not always equal the intrinsic value of an investment, prior to taking the investment decision. In other words, if you really did sufficient research prior to making the investion decision, one should trust its own investment decision. Having negative feelings after making an investment decision, in my view means that one is actually negative because of not trusting its own investment decision so being disappointed in oneself for not doing a proper research / risk analysis before investing. But if you have REALLY done a proper research before making the investment decision, you should trust yourself and there should be no need to be negative (unless there would be a black swan event re fundamentals, but as re xrp, in my view fundamentals haven't changed).
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