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  1. I’m confused to say the least! Dr T on Twitter today postulated that the 1st bank to be announced in Q4 will be piloting (only) X-Rapid. Does this accord with your thoughts? HH
  2. If I correctly recall, in several of DAI’s videos he has stated that he worked for (12?) years at one of the top 3 hedge funds on Wall Street. From the contents of his videos this year he clearly knows his stuff and how markets work. In his last video (yesterday) he believes that all that needs to be put in place (custody, SEC etc) will be in place in the next couple of months to enable institutions to enter the market. He remains very bullish.
  3. Hi All, i am now post 25 posts - could I kindly receive an invite to the Zerpening? MTIA HH
  4. ? Please expand. Brad is on recent record in saying a bank will be using XRP by the end of this year.
  5. @HHamster Hi guys, I don’t know if i’m “in the club” and live, so to speak. Could you kindly confirm. BW HH
  6. If that’s the case, and I am not saying it isn’t, why would institutions buy on the open market going forward? Why wouldn’t they just buy from Ripple? We are all hoping that institutions will enter the market in a big way - but if they do enter the market through buying direct from Ripple then the effect on the price will be neutral for us investors, what am I missing here?
  7. Had a quiet chuckle - “bigger transactions move XRP too much on the exchange “. Downwards? ?
  8. If “they” buy directly from Ripple is the price per XRP the same as we can obtain in the market-place? Or do they secure a discount from Ripple - or do they pay more for the privilege of not having their trades divulged?
  9. Serious question. Please excuse me for being a bit thick - but if there is a lot of buying underway why is the price falling? Someone please help me here!
  10. We will turn in the 2-3 weeks. All things have a bottom. Too many things going on Ripple/XRP.
  11. Interesting. Some folks calling for $0.20 here while Sue (Esoteric Trading) reveals today someone suggesting fair value at $1200+. (good to see Sue posting again!) I’d be happy more than happy at $20!
  12. Agreed - but it’s difficult when everyone of your trades are in the red. This can’t go on much longer, surely,
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