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  1. This. Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback ...
  2. Jed left his active role with the company in July 2013 ... the deal with Ripple dates from 2014 ...
  3. Agreed to some extend, though I do think that in this stage of the game the ongoing sales of Jed's stack, together with the programmatic XRP sales by Ripple and the amounts of XRP Jed and Ripple gave away to charity, do have some impact ... sure, there are other factors, but at this moment XRP just isn't very scarce. As we all know this might change as soon as some big names start to accumulate on a large scale, if new retail investors would enter the market during a new bull run, or if XRP would be really used on a substantial scale ...
  4. Nope, sorry, price is just a temporary equilibrium of supply and demand. E.g. If the price of an asset is $2 and a supplier sells 1M freshly distributed assets OTC to a buyer who is planning to keep those assets for the time being, in that case the transaction doesn't move the price as the equilibrium of supply and demand hasn't changed. This would be different if the buyer of those 1M assets would decide to dump those assets on the market.
  5. Honestly, I wouldn't know what to expect wrt the price of XRP even within three days, let alone 20 ... I think it's brilliant though, that BG123 posted a few riddles ... gives anybody who wants a reason to keep their mind of the current price
  6. Golden eggs? LOL, I thought those were long chunks of wood that are on fire ...
  7. @Eric123 I didn't use the survey posted by @Ripple-Stiltskin to prove any point at all. Though I am saying that the way you reacted to the survey as well as to The Netherlands as a country is just poor ... same as your latest reaction isn't polite and nice to the inhabitants of Sri Lanka.
  8. Hey @xrp_sea If there are topics, opinions and posts that you don't like, just ignore them. Calling people delusional just because they believe something that you don't buy isn't nice. And please let's forget your first request as banning the digits 589 is just as stupid as banning the characters aeprsx_ Back on topic: sure, the sceptre might be a symbol of POW though as a sceptre figuratively means a sign of royal or imperial authority or sovereignty, maybe there are alternative explanations ...
  9. LOL, yep ... and the king's broken mace is in the fire ...
  10. Maybe it's jargon, maybe it's just my hopium: #xrpthestandard
  11. Just some facts, @Eric123 ... the first share ever (VOC, in the year 1606) and the first investment fund ever ("Eendragt Maakt Magt", in the year 1774) were Dutch. For reference, The United States Declaration of Independence was created and ratified in the year 1776 ...
  12. Thanks to @karlos and @rootvegetable for explaining! I agree with them and also with @Tinyaccount. Please people, stay level headed and think. There's a balance between trust, control and risk. First of all XRPchat is a great FREE service to the community. The site administrators and moderators put a lot of resources, time and money in keeping this service available and in good shape. Many volunteers contribute to support their effort. If you don't trust their service or actions, you're FREE to use other media/third party services. Second, XRPchat is an online service, so despite all
  13. Well, I respectfully opt to disagree to some extend here. I agree that if facts are available or if they become available one should always have the flexibility to adapt/disregard an assumption conform those facts ... though I don't think that assumptions are wrong and useless per se.
  14. Yes, though the survey also states: "Dit rapport is het resultaat van dit marktonderzoek dat in februari 2018 onder Nederlandse consumenten is uitgevoerd." So the data collection seems to date from February 2018 ... meanwhile we've seen nine to ten months more bear market ... would be interesting to know if those numbers have changed ...
  15. Sure, fair enough. My point is that many of them probably already left the crypto market or have significantly decreased their investment. Would be interesting to know more about the current crypto investors, the amount of their investment and the market share as a group. IIRC analyst Tom Lee estimated that institutions have app. 4% of the market. A golden OOL for you as you seem to be a brave and determined retail investor
  16. As I think there are two reasons for this continuous bear market in 2018, first a correction on the very high crypto gains in 2017 and second the very early and immature state of the crypto market, I think the current sellers are: * whales who got in early (and who probably don't have another source of income than crypto sales) * ICO project owners/leaders * Miners and other participants who have to fund their hash-war * @Ripple-Stiltskin (as there are probably almost no other retail investors left) * due to the early state of this market almost no institutional/smart
  17. Yes, agreed, If Ripple sold a large amount OTC you'd probably see no immediate price effect in this stage of the game.
  18. Maybe that's due to the recent 200M escrow (in 5M chunks) as mentioned by @jbjnr ?
  19. Corda, being a permissioned private blockchain solution brings a.o. a smart contract API to the table. So I guess the R3 partners (mostly in the global corporate/enterprise realm), could incorporate smart contracts (via Corda) in their own business applications and use XRP for automagical payment/settlement. https://docs.corda.net/releases/release-M1.0/inthebox.html
  20. You could take the perspective of Corda having another use case than xRapid. Corda doesn't have a native DA. It settles in XRP if R3 partners want to. That's another use case than cross border payments where XRP is used for transport in order to settle a fiat to fiat transaction.
  21. Indeed, Ukraine is not a EU member state ... furthermore the disputed areas (Crimea and Eastern Ukraine) are much more intertwined with Russian history than most EU parts of Europe.
  22. And you're right again ... if you'll excuse me I have to go outside ... have to watch for the evil savages from the north
  23. Don't worry dear bull. It's an important issue and goes way beyond politics I think. Anybody who wants to understand why people in Europe feel the way you just described, and I think you're right btw, has to know a little bit about European history. Europe has a history of over a 1,000 years of smaller more or less independent societies, lots of local languages, cultures and interests. Another even more important issue would be ... how does Europe get a ticket towards a prosperous future ... that one is not very easy
  24. I'm sure most of the "EU citizens" absolutely don't feel any EU citizenship at all!
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