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  1. Hey @weex123 I'm sorry to hear that you have this very bad experience and I really hope that things work out for you, even while there doesn't seem much hope. That being said I really don't think it's fair to make a statement like you just did, while it's YOU who bought a device from an untrusted source.
  2. Thanks @Hodor Guess 2019 will be an interesting year, especially for smart contracts. TBH I'm very curious if Codius will be in the centre of the stage. As we know Ripple has its focus on payments. Maybe R3/Corda and Dfinity will show some awesome things ... maybe other platforms
  3. Well, not long ago about 200M was escrowed in chunks of 5M. That action also reduced the supply as showed by CMC. You're right, since today CMC seems to show a lower amount.
  4. Don't worry @hallwaymonitor You only mentioned facts wrt the article and you posted the link. Considering the topic of this thread the article is relevant and anyone who wants to know more can just read it. So I really don't understand the response of @TheXRPer
  5. This event sounds more interesting than all of those Coinbase events together ...
  6. LOL, that sounds like Coinbase really got inspired by Steve Jobs ...
  7. Ok, I'll add my XRP 0.02: * Only invest money that you can afford to lose. May sound like a cliche, but still many people seem to succumb to this pitfall. * Don't borrow money to invest in digital assets. Even though the fundamentals seem better than ever, it's still a very high risk investment. * DYOR and only invest in an asset that you really trust. I trust that XRP serves several major use cases, I trust the Ripple team and I trust their strategy. * DCA your purchases as well as your exits. In the long term this often works better than trying to time the market. * Make an exit plan based on your own goals and on the price levels that you think are achievable. I plan to first take out my invested money, and a premium for interest, taxes and a little extra (app. 12%-15% of my stack). * Early this year we saw ATH at app. $ 3.65 That price was based on speculation alone. As we still seem to be in a very, very early state of the crypto market, I really think that we will see much higher price levels, though there's no guarantee and no fixed timeline. So I would probably still buy @ $ .50 * We all have different preferences and ideas. I'd consider 20,000 XRP and 10,000 XRP nice investment stacks, certainly not something to look down at, though it depends on your own expectations. Good luck and I hope that your decisions will work out fine for you.
  8. Great idea @rootvegetable For 2018 I'd vote for: Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don't give up
  9. Preview Zerpening 4 : The booming Starring: a chicken, a wookiee, Denzel DiCaprio (or is it Leonardo Washington?), a bipolar bear , a shiny metal (yeah, yeah Platinum Plus) bot, some muppets, cartoons and much more ... Soon in a theathread near you ...
  10. Agreed that XLM is a riskier investment than XRP. Can't remember IBM having announced that they will use XLM full blown in their products and services ... LOL, that second statement sounds a bit ironic ... looking at the current order books and current price level you wouldn't say that supply is a problem ... I understand your statement, though and yeah, Ripple is working hard to solve the liquidity problem.
  11. Not wanting to pinpoint one particular party, I guess it's safe to state that the combined selling in crypto this year exceeds demand by large numbers, add to that almost no new money seems to enter the market ... hence the current bear market ...
  12. Please gentlemen, shall we keep this discussion to XRP and R3?
  13. Though the two solutions overlap to some extend, they don't necessarily compete directly. Corda is designed as a permissioned private blockchain solution that targets the R3 members (mostly enterprises in the financial sector, some ICT suppliers and some regulators). It's designed to support specific backend processes between a restricted number of consortium members (think smart contracts and sharing sensitive data between trusted R3 members). The consensus only involves the parties needed for validity and uniqueness of the transaction. It wasn't designed for cryptocurrencies and it doesn't have a native DA. Corda now has a settlement rail for XRP, so that R3 members can actually settle payments with each other in XRP. In this case XRP is the actual asset used for payment, not the bridge asset like it is in the case of xRapid.
  14. Not denying Elon really is a genius, I respectfully but wholeheartedly have to disagree with blaming others, in this case the SEC, for ones own mistakes.
  15. To me Jed and XRP is an issue though not a decisive one. 1. As said before even though there are selling restrictions, if you add up the sales of Jed, the programmatic sales of Ripple, possible sales by early whales, possible sales by charities that got XRP donated , all that might have an impact. 2. Sure R3 and Ripple probably know what they're doing. Though that doesn't mean that their goals are the same as ours or that their strategy serves our interest best. That being said, yes I do trust that Ripple's goals and their strategy currently serves our interest nonetheless. 3. LOL, I recall this quote from David Schwartz regarding Jed on Quora: "He will probably be the only person to become a self-made billionaire despite his best efforts." https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Jed-McCaleb-leave-Ripple-to-start-Stellar
  16. In case anyone is interested in this website, the owner and it's background ... you might also want to read this thread: Since the OP just removed his first post in this other thread, I'll add it here:
  17. This. Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback ...
  18. Jed left his active role with the company in July 2013 ... the deal with Ripple dates from 2014 ...
  19. Agreed to some extend, though I do think that in this stage of the game the ongoing sales of Jed's stack, together with the programmatic XRP sales by Ripple and the amounts of XRP Jed and Ripple gave away to charity, do have some impact ... sure, there are other factors, but at this moment XRP just isn't very scarce. As we all know this might change as soon as some big names start to accumulate on a large scale, if new retail investors would enter the market during a new bull run, or if XRP would be really used on a substantial scale ...
  20. Nope, sorry, price is just a temporary equilibrium of supply and demand. E.g. If the price of an asset is $2 and a supplier sells 1M freshly distributed assets OTC to a buyer who is planning to keep those assets for the time being, in that case the transaction doesn't move the price as the equilibrium of supply and demand hasn't changed. This would be different if the buyer of those 1M assets would decide to dump those assets on the market.
  21. Honestly, I wouldn't know what to expect wrt the price of XRP even within three days, let alone 20 ... I think it's brilliant though, that BG123 posted a few riddles ... gives anybody who wants a reason to keep their mind of the current price
  22. Golden eggs? LOL, I thought those were long chunks of wood that are on fire ...
  23. @Eric123 I didn't use the survey posted by @Ripple-Stiltskin to prove any point at all. Though I am saying that the way you reacted to the survey as well as to The Netherlands as a country is just poor ... same as your latest reaction isn't polite and nice to the inhabitants of Sri Lanka.
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