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  1. Even though I'm not on Twitter, thanks for explaining @TiffanyHayden
  2. You mean people who do their job like you and me and who don't even get paid if the legislator/politicians scr*w up?
  3. Since Kraken has a market share of app. 2% of the total XRP traded in the last three days (source: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets), I really doubt that the article you've read is based on facts. The recent ETH price spike might be due to the upcoming Constantinople hard fork.
  4. Thanks for another awesome blog @Hodor Wrt the vid by Yana Novikova, as you mentioned "I'd classify this video as a resource to share with others that may be interested in cryptocurrency", maybe an idea to incorporate the link in your blog that targets people who are new to crypto and/or XRP? Anyway, thanks again and have a fabulous 2019!
  5. Thanks so much for another awesome blog @Hodor Your excellent work and generous attitude are much appreciated. Really great that you educate us all, new members of the XRP community as well as more experienced investors. Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2019 to you and your family!
  6. Thanks for sharing @xrpmommy You often post links to very interesting articles and valuable information. I'm grateful and glad that you're on XRPchat. Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2019 to you!
  7. Wow, impressive how much wrong information regarding XRP and Ripple has been collected. If the founder of Nano really said the things as stated in the article, he actually has no idea whatsoever about the things that are necessary to accomplish the paradigm shift and changes in the world of payments as Ripple is doing. Another example of someone who has his focus primarily on tech instead of solving real problems for real customers. Guess he'd better choose a different hobby.
  8. Not commenting on individual members, however those two qualities once were considered assets ... these days many consider them liabilities I guess ...
  9. To each his/her opinion. My opinion is that hating Blythe Masters for inventing the credit default swap financial instrument is like hating the Wright brothers for inventing airplanes. A victim of an air raid would possibly do so ... Anyway, I think that most of us wouldn't be smart enough to achieve the same as Blythe has done, at least I am not. At the time of designing the CDS she was only about 25 years old. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2019.
  10. (OutOfLikes) Yeah, dear bull, they're probably very busy as they not only sawed a boat in half ... they also gotta fix their business strategy using Flextape ... Anyway, I wish you Happy Holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2019
  11. Maybe they are, maybe there are other reasons why they haven't listed XRP yet.
  12. Hey @Baka So you sold your stack and made a profit of > 200%. That's great. I'm happy for you. The great thing of a forum is that everyone can post his/her opinion and many eyes see more than just a few, so if anyone would give inappropriate advice, others can and will chime in. I fail to believe that many people in this chat, especially those who post regularly over a longer time frame deliberately fool other members. However, If you do feel that way I'm sorry for you and you're free to leave and join other social media. I wish you Happy Holidays.
  13. Who is "they"? Whether you're a trader or a HODL-er, it's always a good thing to sell at high prices (and buy at low prices). It's up to yourself to research the fundamentals and the market conditions and to make a sound exit-plan (based on price levels that you consider realistic). In my opinion it's not fair to blame others for your own mistakes. As far as @Chewiecoin is concerned, like me he researched the fundamentals and we trust that IN TIME XRP will appreciate, I don't think that he ever told any member on this Chat that a specific price would be sure on whatever point in time ...
  14. Really great that you're enjoying yourselves guys! Wait, let me take a picture so we'll all remember the fun times. I wish you Happy Holidays. Cheers
  15. Bummer ... postponed till May 2019 ? LOL, the purple coloured book top shelf on the left is by Hodor
  16. LOL, yep, agreed ... right now they're not equipped to meet the requirements of the Millennials, so they're trying to buy time ... probably won't work ... Hey guys (i.e. WU), wake up ... there's a paradigm shift in the air ... so you don't cope? OK ... next !
  17. Best of luck @weex123 I hope that they will be able to help you.
  18. Obviously the device, the software on it and/or your computer/mobile device were tampered with. Unfortunately right now we can't tell what exactly went wrong. So I agree, as others already said before, maybe ask if Ledger would be so kind to look into your case.
  19. https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us
  20. Hey @weex123 I'm sorry to hear that you have this very bad experience and I really hope that things work out for you, even while there doesn't seem much hope. That being said I really don't think it's fair to make a statement like you just did, while it's YOU who bought a device from an untrusted source.
  21. Thanks @Hodor Guess 2019 will be an interesting year, especially for smart contracts. TBH I'm very curious if Codius will be in the centre of the stage. As we know Ripple has its focus on payments. Maybe R3/Corda and Dfinity will show some awesome things ... maybe other platforms
  22. Well, not long ago about 200M was escrowed in chunks of 5M. That action also reduced the supply as showed by CMC. You're right, since today CMC seems to show a lower amount.
  23. Don't worry @hallwaymonitor You only mentioned facts wrt the article and you posted the link. Considering the topic of this thread the article is relevant and anyone who wants to know more can just read it. So I really don't understand the response of @TheXRPer
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