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  1. 5 minutes ago, kryptoroi said:


    Similarly as we've seen in the latest q4 report, there's an increase in Xrp's demand (more sales) there's also an increase in the number of Xrp's wallets, an increase in institutional buyers, increases volume  and so on! By that logic, the price should go up! The only other factor I can think of are people shorting XRP! 

    You seem to leave supply out of the equation here ... a rather large part of the circulating supply of XRP is being owned by whales, not necessarily being retail investors ... those whales might have other interests than a short term price increase.

  2. Maybe several of the reasons you and others in here already mentioned and maybe several other reasons play a role. Apart from the obvious current bear market at this moment (in this stage of the game) XRP just isn't scarce and demand isn't big enough yet to make the price increase.

  3. 25 minutes ago, LordVetinari said:

    No, that my interpretation of the author. It was kind of a joke. You had said :

    "If I understand correctly the main argument of the author is that a certain (large) amount of XRP in under selling restrictions." 

    As far as the article or report about marketcap, that's not a metric I'm really concerned with. I agree his methodology is flawed, but it does really matter to me. The marketcap today or tomorrow won't mean anything 6 months from now. It like counting" likes" as far as I'm concerned. 

    Well, I tried to target some things he said as targeting his presumed intentions doesn't change the (in)validity of the argument itself.

    Agreed that the term "Market Cap" doesn't mean much. Though i think that the term "Circulating Supply" does have some value ... not targeting the last price of the asset here ;-)

  4. 16 minutes ago, LordVetinari said:

    @Rey  Actually, the main argument from the author is that Ripple is a company committing fraud or trying to cheat investors. 

    That's your interpretation of the article ... though I admit that I also question the intentions of the author (and that's really an understatement) ...

    I fear we will see even more and even worse FUD arise this year as Ripple and XRP gain more traction. That's clearly a big threat to some people/organizations ...

  5. If I understand correctly the main argument of the author is that a certain (large) amount of XRP in under selling restrictions.

    IMHO this argument is flawed as selling restrictions shouldn't be part of the definition of 'circulating supply' ... you think Central Banks are free to sell their gold supply anytime they like? How much money on bank accounts is subject to restrictions?

    In my opinion the circulating supply is app. 99.991.xxx.xxx XRP, being the maximum amount of 100B minus the burned amount. The escrow of 55B XRP was a free choice made by the owner of the XRP, i.e. Ripple, itself.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Foolaman said:

    pardon my naivety - would this help the SEC issue?

    Probably yes ... depends on the details of the bill, though ...

    However if the new bill explicitly targets digital assets as a new asset class, that could be an indication and argument for the SEC to revisit their interpretation of the current definition of a security ...

  7. 2 hours ago, Gilligan said:

    Ok, I get what you are saying, but IMO, you are letting the frustration of this prolonged bear market get in the way of critical thinking.  When you say "everybody" was saying the price will go up during Swell, I believe you are generalising in the extreme.  I recall a lot of posts around the time of Swell 2018 warning people not to get excited about price movement possibilities, but yes there was enthusiasm regarding what sort of announcements may be made, and rightly so as it turns out :)   Yes, there is/was the expectation that xRapid would cause the price to rise, but if anyone thought that was going to happen within 2-3months of it going live, then their expectations were a little high I think. I know basically nothing about the financial/technological world but even I could see that it would probably take a while to ramp up, especially with the unsure regulatory environment we are stuck in.   People say it all the time, but patience really is key.  Nobody knows what is going to happen in this space for sure 2 weeks or even 2 days away so for you to keep saying vehemently that nothing will happen for years, and calling out people who have a more balanced view based on actual facts, is in my opinion, ill advised.   I understand the frustration, but I really think there is no way you can say with authority that people are deluded for believing in and being patient with the progress of XRP.

    Thanks, agreed, awesome post @Gilligan 

  8. 8 minutes ago, tar said:

    Value is always a relation between 2 entities at a particular location at a particular point of time. You cannot value something by itself (so called "intrinsic value" which does not exist - except in some moral ideas which, by the way, also include the morality of an entity).

    The valuation for all entity relationships is therefore different for all particular individual valuations. For example, you rate your own car (in USD or EUR) higher than the car dealer you offer it to.

    The price is then the actual achieved and realized valuation on the (free) market, where different valuations meet. In order to arrive at the price, one trades.

    It all depends on one's definition of the concept. Guess you could write a book or two about the concept of "Value" ... same goes for "Trust" and "Price" ...

  9. 9 hours ago, VanGogh said:

    I really don't know, but it's clearly more than a few day volume spike. If I had to guess I would say it makes more sense that rapid began use in Sept. If it was a test (which I initially thought when it first spiked) then the trading volume would have immediately backed down. I don't see that on the chart. Weekly trading volume has largely remained strong. Am I missing something? 

    Well, the trading volume increased rapidly to app. 5B at the end of the week ... next Monday it decreased to < 1B again ... later it incidentally hit 2B, but stayed at much lower levels, though higher levels than before the spike. Guess, we'll just have to wait and see what happens the next few months ...

    It certainly was an interesting phenomenon last September, though :) Hope we'll see that volume and price action again.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Flintstone said:

    @Rey I don’t think it was testing myself as Binance is not an xRapid exchange.

    Im of the opinion that in such a bear market, the depth of the asks is not great and the price is susceptible to volatility with little volume.

    Maybe so at this time ... however I don't think they hold app. 1B XRP for fun ...

    Also, one could think of XRP usage and tests without necessarily xRapid being involved (R3/Corda being one example) ...

  11. @VanGogh

    The increase of volumes during that week started at exactly the same time for 4 days and ended with an extended run on Friday when we hit $0.80

    After that the action was turned off instantly. I honestly doubt that this kind of action originates from retail whales.

    Furthermore, look what happened to the price of XRP compared to BTC since September 17th. The position of XRP against BTC held even though the prices in crypto (in FIAT) tanked heavily since November 15th.

    This all makes me think that the September spike was some kind of test.






  12. 4 hours ago, Pieceofcandy said:

    Dead horse I know, but I remember reading sometime last year, idk if was David or someone else but I remember someone saying that should XRP be declared a security, Ripple would burn all the escrow accounts to invalidate the case against them, I remember reading also that it would slow down the master plan but wouldn't matter in the long run.


    idk if im gaslighting myself.

    Apart from the issue how to render an XRP account useless (which can be done even if the XRP deposit is escrowed) I still don't understand at all why such an action would help Ripple in any way in the (hypothetical) case XRP would be declared a security ... :girl_impossible:

  13. 7 minutes ago, BluKoo said:

    I think there is a bigger chance of long term hodlers from early 2017 selling chunks of their stash around that point. That's where the resistance will come from if anywhere.
    If they missed it first time round I'm sure they won't miss the opportunity to take some serious profit this time.

    Yes, for instance I bought the biggest part of my stash in the summer of 2017. Didn't sell in the Dec/Jan bull run.

    I do plan to take out app. 12% of my investment in the next bull run in order to cover my initial investment, taxes, costs including opportunity costs and a little extra.

  14. 16 minutes ago, Helmsdeep said:

    The fundamentals are what caught my attention but there are also some serious problems with XRP being used by banks .

    The biggest one is Jed pulling out the banks value adding daily , I mean that bank could spend a few million tops to cut him out of the picture along with all of us by hiring the genius to build their own that works on the ledger . 

    No, it isn't. As mentioned several times before, the amount of XRP Jed is allowed to sell has been maximized to a fraction of the daily volume. If real utility kicks in, and I'm not talking just one small bank, or if demand would increase due to some serious retail FOMO, in that case the daily Jed sales will barely have any impact at all.

  15. TRX

    4 hours ago, XRPcalling said:

    Can you buy XRP on Binance with TRX? Or would you first have to sell TRX for BTC and then buy XRP with BTC?

    If TRX were to ever take off and taxes come into play, there would be no point converting BTC to XRP if you think both will eventually go up in price

    Yes you can ... Binance recently introduced a TRX/XRP trading pair.


  16. On 1/10/2019 at 10:34 PM, T800 said:

    Built with users, gaming operators and regulators in mind, the CasinoCoin Bankroll Manager application features built in KYC capabilities, responsible gaming options, and provides an unparalleled user experience never seen before in the online gambling space.  The BRM will start the MGA  Sandbox testing soon. 


    Looks awesome :hi:

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