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  1. Maybe you're right, though remember that the current CEO also has the role to defend the interests of the main/biggest SWIFT stakeholders ... e.g. maybe he just "has to" buy time ...
  2. @Pablo @King34Maine Good point and well written! Considering the amount of change DLT brings and the fact that it touches the very core of the FI's business processes, you're right that it implies a lot of work and Ripple as well as their customers could use help from parties that are familiar with the industry. A Ripple product implementation probably isn't just the installation of some software ... apart from ICT and business process redesign consult, training, pre and after sales, their customers would also need to consider impact on reconciliation, auditing, legal issues and many
  3. Don't do as they say, do as they do ... apparently they need to buy even more time to build up their position and work on their infra ...
  4. Even if SWIFT won't use XRP and even if R3 members/Corda users would get an extra option, i.e. to settle their Corda based trade via the old fashioned slow and expensive nostro/vostro way (an option that they already have outside of Corda), that still wouldn't be bad for XRP as it would give aspiring R3 members/Corda users an upgrade path ... a paradigm shift doesn't occur in a month or two ... In the end people will use what they like best ... very difficult to beat fast, cheap & reliable ... usually it's pick two ... or even less
  5. Maybe it can function as a hedge against XRP or other digital assets, admittedly other DA's could also get this function. I mean, right now we all complain about price manipulation, but as XRP gains more traction and becomes more important, price stabilization instruments might be needed ...
  6. Maybe I'll do a lousy job, but let's try to be a devil's advocate: - First movers advantage; - BTC already has a certain value, being expensive might be a pro instead of a con; - Same goes for its lack of speed, a store of value might need a certain balance of (il)liquidity; - Many whales already have a position and there's already a lot of money invested in the market infrastructure (these things might be a bit less agile than we'd want).
  7. Hey @BigFish You're not alone. Others bought near ATH early January 2018. You're right, this bear market really sucks and it lasts longer than most of us would have thought, at least much longer than I ever would have thought. Of course I don't know how much longer it will last, but I hope that in a few years time we will be glad that we didn't sell at the current price level. Guess no one knows how the crypto market will develop, however I think that last year many organizations, FI's and enterprises invested in the crypto infrastructure. These things take time, a lot of time ... there's
  8. Well, if you really don't believe in the fundamentals of the asset you invested in, I'm happy for you that you didn't invest more than you said you actually did. And I hope that you'll be positively surprised by XRP some time in the next few years.
  9. Hey @Valhalla_Guy ... what happened? Did you buy near ATH?
  10. We're still very, very early in the game. Most investment money goes to building the required infrastructure for future utility, not to buying DA's yet. Also, remember that some of us investors put a lot of time in researching the crypto market, that doesn't mean that the rest of the world do so.
  11. You seem to leave supply out of the equation here ... a rather large part of the circulating supply of XRP is being owned by whales, not necessarily being retail investors ... those whales might have other interests than a short term price increase.
  12. Maybe several of the reasons you and others in here already mentioned and maybe several other reasons play a role. Apart from the obvious current bear market at this moment (in this stage of the game) XRP just isn't scarce and demand isn't big enough yet to make the price increase.
  13. LOL, looking at your avatar I'd say at least you entered early enough
  14. Well, I tried to target some things he said as targeting his presumed intentions doesn't change the (in)validity of the argument itself. Agreed that the term "Market Cap" doesn't mean much. Though i think that the term "Circulating Supply" does have some value ... not targeting the last price of the asset here ;-)
  15. That's your interpretation of the article ... though I admit that I also question the intentions of the author (and that's really an understatement) ... I fear we will see even more and even worse FUD arise this year as Ripple and XRP gain more traction. That's clearly a big threat to some people/organizations ...
  16. If I understand correctly the main argument of the author is that a certain (large) amount of XRP in under selling restrictions. IMHO this argument is flawed as selling restrictions shouldn't be part of the definition of 'circulating supply' ... you think Central Banks are free to sell their gold supply anytime they like? How much money on bank accounts is subject to restrictions? In my opinion the circulating supply is app. 99.991.xxx.xxx XRP, being the maximum amount of 100B minus the burned amount. The escrow of 55B XRP was a free choice made by the owner of the XRP, i.e. Ripple,
  17. Probably yes ... depends on the details of the bill, though ... However if the new bill explicitly targets digital assets as a new asset class, that could be an indication and argument for the SEC to revisit their interpretation of the current definition of a security ...
  18. Though I probably wouldn't use the same words, I also feel this wasn't a great move by Ripple. AAMOF it reminded me of a move by Redhat back in 2003/2004 ... (one of the reasons that turned me to Debian back then).
  19. It all depends on one's definition of the concept. Guess you could write a book or two about the concept of "Value" ... same goes for "Trust" and "Price" ...
  20. Well, the trading volume increased rapidly to app. 5B at the end of the week ... next Monday it decreased to < 1B again ... later it incidentally hit 2B, but stayed at much lower levels, though higher levels than before the spike. Guess, we'll just have to wait and see what happens the next few months ... It certainly was an interesting phenomenon last September, though Hope we'll see that volume and price action again.
  21. Maybe so at this time ... however I don't think they hold app. 1B XRP for fun ... Also, one could think of XRP usage and tests without necessarily xRapid being involved (R3/Corda being one example) ...
  22. So you seem to think. I think it had nothing to do at all with Swell itself. See my former post for the reason why.
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