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  1. 1 hour ago, KaaKaRmA said:

    Change always start with the weak minded and gullible. 

    Change often starts with an idea. Someone thinking "Wouldn't it be great if ...", someone who thinks that change is actually possible.


  2. On 2/16/2019 at 10:05 PM, KaaKaRmA said:

    Quite the opposite.  I'm secure enough and have free time from not chasing riddles that I elect to spend some of the free time helping the gullible, weak minded, who may easily fall victim to the promise of riches.

    Owwww ... that's so sweet. How nice to do such a thing. And it's really awesome that from the gazillion ways to do so you elected specifically this niche. Thank you and good luck!


  3. 13 hours ago, Parabellum said:

    So, I visit in XRPchat for the first time in a long while again and I see a 195 page topic dedicated to some cartoon character. The XRP community its standards really have fallen compared to the past, I'll say that much. 

    You were that early, yet you don't like cartoons? What about magic cards?

  4. 3 hours ago, xrphilosophy said:

    Owners of certain coins are most certainly feeling threatened.  Nothing to do, but just allow the global market to choose...

    These street hustlers have absolutely no agency in the society of crypto as much as they would like to think...

    One could think of others with an interest at stake and the same goes for some other motives ...

  5. 8 minutes ago, Zerp_Legend said:

    Maybe @Ripple-Stiltskin knows this.

    I found the term "loro" account which means if for example Bank B holds an account for Bank A. 

    From A's perspective this is a nostro account and for B it is a loro account, so they mirror each other.


    Now Frances claims that Nostro and Vostro are mirror images but not true, as I understand it Nostro and Loro accounts are mirror images. 


    And why should Nostro and Vostro be the same? Maybe an African Bank needs to do lots of payments in USD, zhence creating a nostro account. That doesnt mean that the partnerbank in the US needs to make lots of payments in an African currency (vostro account)


    Vostro and Nostro cant even be the same because they are held in different currencies


  6. 17 minutes ago, Zerp_Legend said:

    Of course there are dormant funds. 

    Also, powerful banks benefit a lot from correspodent banking. With xrp small banks from all over the world will have more power/options to send money. Ripple is actually decentralizing the banking system.

    True, so maybe it's a good idea to keep that in mind when reading dubious or even false and malicious information online ... it's not only BTC maximalists who might have interests spreading FUD ...

  7. 47 minutes ago, Amigo said:

    I’m not a banker but there seem to be a series of flaws in her story:

    - She claims for every nostro account there is equivalent vostro account.


    - She mentions the banks' exposure to fx risk if they would use XRP. 


    Let's break down the terms "nostro account" and "vostro account". A nostro account and a vostro account actually refer to the same entity but from a different perspective. For example, Bank X has an account with Bank Y in Bank Y's home currency. To Bank X, that is a nostro, meaning "our account on your books," while to Bank Y, it is a vostro, meaning "your account on our books."

    So for the above reason the claim just states the obvious, though doesn't add anything to the debate regarding the need for pre-funded bank accounts.

    The argument wrt to the exposure of banks to FX risk has been countered very convincingly by Brad onstage with the SWIFT CEO. While it is still true for now that the volatility of XRP is larger than the volatility of many FIAT currencies, the period of TIME of exposure is significantly smaller. While a SWIFT transaction can take several days, a transaction on the XRPL takes just a few seconds and even an xRapid transaction takes less than a few minutes. So from a mathematical perspective this claim is also moot. 

  8. 36 minutes ago, Freaky said:

    For my bank yes.  Infact when we started our first POC with xcurrent in 2015 , a business case could not be justified as there was negligible savings over SWIFT, and this was revisited during our upgrade to GPI just over a year ago. 


    If that's true and the math is correct, maybe your payment infra already is fairly efficient ... did the business case include the costs of settlement? I ask because xCurrent in 2015 as well as SWIFT before and after GPI don't change anything about the Nostro issue ...

    And maybe the majority of your xBorder payments involve efficient, low friction, high liquid corridors?

  9. 26 minutes ago, Freaky said:

    The bank I work for charges customers $20 for a SWIFT transfer via Internet Banking, and $32 to do it via a branch.

    Our cost for standard value transactions via SWIFT GPI is 40cents, that we pay SWIFT.


    Do you think that those 40c are the total costs of the Xborder payment? :JC_thinking:

    Here's the average break down of Xborder payments in general ...


  10. 5 minutes ago, invest2lose said:

    what does this mean then? why would coppola say otherwise? obviously she's a smart person and has been in the banking industry. what's missing? blatant lies and fud?

    Good question. The issue at hand is Ripple stating an amount of $5T that can be released, while Mrs. Coppola states that that amount is just a flow.

    First, tbh I haven't seen the number $5T mentioned explicitly in the McKinsey report, even though that number hasn't been debated itself.

    Second, if $5T would be flowing continuously, one could argue that it's actually locked ... so we'd need to know the volume that flows per time period.


    I don't know enough about Mrs. Coppola in order to be able to say anything about her motives and objectives ...

  11. 1 hour ago, automatic said:

    @Tinyaccount - I think that the entire nostro balance point is meaningless.

    Hey @automatic

    Sorry ... nope ... according to a McKinsey report from 2016 the average costs of Nostro liquidity (period 2013-2015) are 34% per international payments transaction

    See Exhibit 9 (page 21):

    https://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/Industries/Financial Services/Our Insights/A mixed 2015 for the global payments industry/Global-Payments-2016.ashx

    Though I concur with you that there are many other arguments pro the Ripple solution :) 

  12. 2 hours ago, Tinyaccount said:

    I take @automatic s point about her predisposition to attack the concept but she has raised a small doubt in my mind.

    I’m now in sceptical mode...  I’m not at all sure if she is right or Brad is right about Nostro.  I’m guessing Brad but I’m open to persuasion either way.  

    I do recall Brad quoting what seemed like an authoritive source at one point that had researched the ‘locked’ capital in Nostro.  

    But now I’m uncertain.  

    I have myself seen a FI run out of capital in its overseas account and so it was unable to process further customer transfers...   so it sure seemed liked the situation Brad has endlessly described.  In that case it was a weekend, and so nothing could be done till Mon arvo because of timezone differences.  

    I guess someone will know around here and come back with useful info.  Sorry that I can’t...

    Hey Tiny,

    According to Ripple itself (see: https://ripple.com/insights/liquidity-explained/) the source is a 2016 McKinsey report:

    "According to a 2016 McKinsey Global Payments report, there is approximately $5 trillion dollars sitting dormant in these accounts around the world – tying up capital that could be used in more productive ways."

    Link to the report:

    https://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/Industries/Financial Services/Our Insights/A mixed 2015 for the global payments industry/Global-Payments-2016.ashx


    HTH ;)


  13. 3 minutes ago, Ripple-Stiltskin said:

    This is a clear case of “ contrarian view profiling”  imo.

     1. Post an absolute nonsense FUD article without additional comments

    2. Wait for the anti FUD reactions

    3. Call them out for disliking “ contrarian views” 

    4. Play the victim of so called “ hypers” 

    5. Denial

    6. More FUD posts


    Crypto is unpredictable but this poster isn’t, lol. 

    Thanks @Ripple-Stiltskin

    Agreed. And this is the third time within a week that this member starts a new thread mentioning content from the same source.

    Last Thursday: "Ripple’s “200+ Institutional Clients” Claim Is A Scam"

    Last Friday: "Ripple’s Lie About Its Santander Partnership"

    I have nothing against a healthy critical discussion, but this is just trolling and IMHO harms our forum.

  14. @Pablo @King34Maine

    Good point and well written! Considering the amount of change DLT brings and the fact that it touches the very core of the FI's business processes, you're right that it implies a lot of work and Ripple as well as their customers could use help from parties that are familiar with the industry.

    A Ripple product implementation probably isn't just the installation of some software ... apart from ICT and business process redesign consult, training, pre and after sales, their customers would also need to consider impact on reconciliation, auditing, legal issues and many other things ...

    Ripple could work on some implementation white books together with channel partners ...

    So yes, I'd say it sounds like a good idea ... big ICT firms as well as accounting/consulting firms would be suited for the job ... 

  15. Even if SWIFT won't use XRP and even if R3 members/Corda users would get an extra option, i.e. to settle their Corda based trade via the old fashioned slow and expensive nostro/vostro way (an option that they already have outside of Corda), that still wouldn't be bad for XRP as it would give aspiring R3 members/Corda users an upgrade path ... a paradigm shift doesn't occur in a month or two ...

    In the end people will use what they like best ... very difficult to beat fast, cheap & reliable ... usually it's pick two ... or even less :)

  16. 1 hour ago, KarmaCoverage said:

    BTC is the Bridge Asset between fiat and digital assets in the current crypto market's environment.

    Once it loses that spot as the main inter-ledger token, IMHO it will have no value.

    Maybe it can function as a hedge against XRP or other digital assets, admittedly other DA's could also get this function. I mean, right now we all complain about price manipulation, but as XRP gains more traction and becomes more important,  price stabilization instruments might be needed ...  

  17. 45 minutes ago, kanaas said:

    Can you give me ONE reason for Bitcoin to be MORE attractive to hold as a value (aside hype or speculation)?


    41 minutes ago, KarmaCoverage said:

    BTC is the Bridge Asset between fiat and digital assets in the current crypto market's environment.

    Once it loses that spot as the main inter-ledger token, IMHO it will have no value.


    39 minutes ago, kanaas said:

    Don't you think it WILL lose that spot being this expensive and slow to move "on ledger"?

    Maybe I'll do a lousy job, but let's try to be a devil's advocate:

    - First movers advantage;

    - BTC already has a certain value, being expensive might be a pro instead of a con;

    - Same goes for its lack of speed, a store of value might need a certain balance of (il)liquidity;

    - Many whales already have a position and there's already a lot of money invested in the market infrastructure (these things might be a bit less agile than we'd want). 


  18. 2 minutes ago, BigFish said:

    So in December 2017 I invested all my savings in XRP. I opened a SELL  position a few hours after COINBIAS announced they would list ripple; by that time it already went down 20-30%. I then panicked as the price started going back up since people where saying it's just a bluff; now I have come back a year later and i'm down 96%, DAFUQ :(

    Hey @BigFish You're not alone. Others bought near ATH early January 2018. You're right, this bear market really sucks and it lasts longer than most of us would have thought, at least much longer than I ever would have thought. Of course I don't know how much longer it will last, but I hope that in a few years time we will be glad that we didn't sell at the current price level.

    Guess no one knows how the crypto market will develop, however I think that last year many organizations, FI's and enterprises invested in the crypto infrastructure. These things take time, a lot of time ... there's one thing though that those developments indicate: crypto is NOT DED.

    Take care!

  19. 3 minutes ago, Valhalla_Guy said:

    Not even close, my post history says it all. First purchase was around $0.50, Bought into the run, and increased my DCA to around $1.00, however Tron saved my ass in 2018.

    I became disgruntled when I realized that the only way I will ever profit from Dig Assets is by taking my profits from other speculators’ losses. I did not join this to take money from those more desperate than myself. I thought XRP had utility, but there are 0 working cases of XRP, and none of the XRP models make any sense, when scrutinized at any level.

    I will be here for 3 more years, just like my posts have always said, but unless RL can manufacture another pump like Dec 2017, my only benefit will be the tax deduction, (for losses) not profits from XRP utility.

    “Invest money you can afford to lose” That part I got right. Only spent 2 weeks pay, But I am saddened when I read the posts from those living in 3rd world countries, stating they invested their life savings, and cannot even afford to fund their own wallet (20xrp). I do not want their money, perhaps you do?

    Well, if you really don't believe in the fundamentals of the asset you invested in, I'm happy for you that you didn't invest more than you said you actually did.

    And I hope that you'll be positively surprised by XRP some time in the next few years. 

  20. 11 minutes ago, Valhalla_Guy said:

    Most people hate it when they realize they fell for a scam. We will be happier when the indictments come. Of course we will not be able to share our joy, because this site will be the first to go dark. (Who do you believe runs this site?? Ever care to ask??)

    Pump and dump, keeps the price at $0.30 while RL continually puts out false quarterly statements. Your money is definetly going somewhere, although XRP will not.

    The exchanges are all fake, the Chinese have manufactured ( Bitcoin) the largest transfer of wealth from the desperate to the ruthless, in my lifetime. This has attracted hundreds of other copy cats, trying to find an angle to your cash.

    If you have not noticed all the coins follow the exact same price changes. This is so ludicrous. Who believes that the public interest in all coins rises and falls precisely together? 

    Go ahead buy (be) the dips. 


    Hey @Valhalla_Guy ... what happened? Did you buy near ATH?

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