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  1. 24 minutes ago, Harishka said:

    Hi all,

    just a few small questions. To my understanding,  csc is a fork from xrp. (Just as Stellar is). 

    My questions would be, why did they not just use the ripple system like alv is doing?

    Would it be easy to create a wallet that supports both stellar as csc as xrp (an thus alv)? 

    To be honest, I would love to have a wallet that could hold all currencies instead of having >= 4 wallets on my phone.


    The answer to your questions wrt Casinocoin (CSC) might be found at the Casinocoin forum https://www.cscchat.com/ or the CSC website https://casinocoin.org/

  2. 4 minutes ago, Harishka said:

    @Rey thanks! As you might expect i have some XRP, but also some CSC, VET, BAT and some (whispering) BTC :). Not a lot, but mostly because of the learning aspect of it. (Technique, trading, banking etc).


    LOL, that's almost the same as my stash, though I don't have BAT yet ...

  3. 1 hour ago, BobWay said:


    I think xCurrent has a huge advantage. I just happened to give some details about KYC/AML/OFAC in the post I just wrote, linked here. But in this bit of Ripple marketing collateral on page 18 you see mention of "Rulebook & Advisory Board". I can assure you that one seemingly boring, insignificant, non-crypt, non-sexy two pages, is worth more than all of the partnerships announcements and rumors you see and speculate on every day.


    Thank you :girl_in_love:

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Bob and Benchmark. And I really think that as good community members we should encourage others to take their privacy serious and not mention sensitive personal financial information on any public medium.

    To be honest I could imagine people working for a company like Ripple, that probably has major global financial impact, being a bit scared as many others might have an interest in wanting something from them. We as a community should at least not make that worse.

  5. 1 hour ago, XRPboi said:

    Whether anyone wants to believe it or not makes no difference. It was a response he recently made to a users question on Quora (and has since been deleted since I mentioned it in this thread).

    The post was a question about why/how banks would want to use XRP/Ripple after the price begins to take off (because "it would be more expensive for new partners to buy XRP"). David's answer was clear and concise, and the only part I was surprised to see (towards the end) was the line about how 'Ripple won't let the price take off (and price potential partners out) before they are ready."

    I'd go take a screenshot, but like I said, the post has been removed. Maybe I just misinterpreted what he meant (although it seemed pretty straightforward, and very contradictory to what he typically says publicly). 

    I respectfully disagree as to me it makes all the difference. Based on all the things I've heard and read about David, including that verifiable event last week, I trust that his statements as made on that event are true. As your statement isn't verifiable, I see no reason to change my opinion on this issue ... please note: I'm not saying you're lying as I do believe that you're honest about what you think you saw. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  6. 9 hours ago, XRPboi said:

    I recall reading a post by David saying that Ripple wouldn't let XRP be a high price (too early on/soon) because this would be a barrier for entry for new partners as well. 

    Honestly, I have a hard time to believe that. Like @Tinyaccount I'd be very surprised to read that.

    Even this week David mentioned at an event in Texas that he, like most of us, has no idea why the crypto market prices are at the current levels and also that it feels slightly frustrating that the quality/success of a project doesn't seem to be reflected in the market price in this stage of the game (my paraphrasing of David's words).

  7. 17 minutes ago, kanaas said:

    Hi Bob. Thanks for bringing lots of input and insights. While I suppose many will be more like personal views on a future for XRP,  there sure will be a few based on insight and knowledge that you have and we as outsiders don't.

    This brings me to another inside person you may know very well and who was leaning to a much more negative view on XRP. I'm talking about Vinnie Falco. By the end of his career @Ripple he even was extreme bearisch on XRP and sold all his holding before that famous run from 0.006 to 0.2 and later even to 3.

    When someone is that negative he must have had a reason for that. Any idea from your side? Not to rant against him, because he seemed very talented and smart, but more like to understand his and yours view and how they differ.


    Considering the contributions by Vinnie to the XRP ledger software this seems interesting indeed. David Schwartz mentioned the number of commits on Twitter last month.


  8. @karlos

    Though @BobWay only joined this awesome chat about a week ago, he shared so much first hand knowledge, experience and wisdom already, that you guys might consider rewarding him with an honorary badge. If not for that reason, it also might make other badge holders (like myself :newblush:) feel a little less uncomfortable. Last but not least, current Ripple employees, just as forum admins/mods, have a special mention of their function added to their profile and they don't seem to take part in the badge subsystem, so that might be an alternative ... though you might just ask Bob if he would be comfortable with that.

  9. 1 hour ago, lucky said:



    I too I hate the 2018 rebranding of:

    • Currency Ripple (XRP) -> XRP
    • Ripple Labs (company awarded 80% of the Ripple currency to build ecosystem around it) -> Ripple

    which was not really a rebranding, but unbranding: taking the excellent brand name away, and leaving the currency with just the technical ISO 4217 code, which is a lousy brand name (has to compete with many other X** tokens and does not have any associative meaning) .

    Would you join a community effort to claim back the Ripple name for the currency, just by using it as such? I think we can legally do that, because the majority of tokens that were sold to the public were sold under that name. I consider stripping a perfectly good brand name from the tokens after selling them, and assigning that good brand name to your own company, is a form of theft.

    Though I probably wouldn't use the words and the qualification you just did, I do sympathize with the sentiment. Actually the event reminded me of the Redhat Linux story back in I think 2002 or 2003 ...

  10. 4 minutes ago, CaptainHook said:

    Mr Way

    First off I would like to thank you for the gifted insight on our little forum......   much appreciated. 

    Secondly I would like to offer my words of wisdom regarding your health problems specifically diabetes. 

    As I reported on here 3 weeks ago, my brother lost his lower right leg from complications related to sugar, and an injury. 

    He failed to take advise I would like to impart to you !

     I also have diabetes. 

    At one time I was up to 3 shots a day. 

    Thru a combination of exercise diet and one other thing I am now easily controlling my sugar with diet. 

    The other thing I am speaking of is a combination of caplets of cinnamon and chromium taken by mouth daily.

    This combination is nothing short of a miracle that I have used and hopefully my brother has seen the light and will use. 

    I also helped my neighbor with the same therapy with amazing results.

    I urge you to research and see for yourself the benefits of these two substances. 


    Thank you Bob, and as I always say .......................................................................................................................       Buy more XRP !!! ....  of course you know this !


    Thanks for sharing @CaptainHook Really awesome that you're trying to help others staying healthy. I wish you and your brother all the best :heart:

  11. Hey Bob, thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Really awesome that you're trying to help us understand more about Ripple, the XRPL and XRP.

    Could you talk a little about the unique features of Codius, its design goals and the current status of smart contracts ? Also, with R3, the Corda platform has come to the XRP ecosystem. Do you think that this has any impact on the future of Codius? 

  12. Hey Bob, welcome to XRPchat and thanks for your contributions!

    Could you please tell us some things about the early days of Ripple, as that information seems to be fairly fragmented?

    E.g. what was the origin of the name Ripple, was it a thing Ryan Fugger came up with? What was his contribution? Also, what was exactly the role of Jed? David recently mentioned: "Jed had the original idea to use a distributed agreement algorithm instead of PoW to solve the double spend problem in a distributed ledger. He hired me in late 2011 to see if that was possible and, if so, if it was good for anything."

    As we mostly hear things about Jed like the MtGox story, Jed leaving Ripple with some issues, I wonder how you guys feel/think about him.

    Also, the road that did lead to the current focus of Ripple, was that primarily inspired by Chris? Was there much input from the Ripple investors (i.e. strategic investors/venture capital firms)?

    Last one for now, I promise ;) ... what do you think that we as a community could do to support Ripple, XRP and IoV in general?


    8 minutes ago, Sukrim said:

    [picture of text without source]


    4 minutes ago, LilBender said:

    Picture of text is not without source

    it is part of a twitter conversation by DS. The time stamp is there, you may go verify the entire conversation yourself


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