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  1. Agreed, more transparency would be welcome. While it's certainly nice to hear that app. 20% of all RippleNet transactions use ODL (and thus XRP), it's a big difference whether those transactions are micropayments valued at a fraction of a cent or high(er) value payments ...
  2. Welcome to XRPchat @NachoVarga ... The fastest way for XRP to reach a price level of $2,000 is to start paying that price. That being said, you're very welcome to buy my stash of XRP at a price of $2,000 per XRP.
  3. Welcome to XRPchat @Wharton_2020 There's a lot of information available on Ripple, the XRP ledger and the eco system. You might use the search feature to find answers to specific questions and/or join various clubs. Please read the forum rules before posting. Wrt Polysign, a visit to https://www.polysign.io/ shows that this organization targets "Institutional-grade custody for digital assets". Considering its modest size and the background of the founders and employees it seems logical that they don't target retail end-users directly. On UBRI (University Blockchain Research Initiativ
  4. "Countries marked for coverage this year with this service include Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam." ... Since SCB and SBI Remit already work together (using RippleNet) to power real-time remittance payments between Japan and Thailand, maybe in the above mentioned corridors XRP will be used when available ... not only in the SCB app, but also in the SBI MoneyTap app which is scheduled to go live in Q1 IIRC ...
  5. ... and what do we have here? A new XRPchat member who, instead of reading up on the valuable info on XRPchat addressing the issues he pretends to wonder about, opts to ventilate a lot of FUD in a new separate thread ... If you're honest, welcome to XRPchat, there's a lot of information on all the 'questions' that someone new to XRP might have. I suggest to DYOR before posting clear FUD. The article you posted cherrypicked some facts, neglected of lot of other relevant facts and added biased opinions as "analysis". Also, please read the XRPchat Forum rules before posting. You can fin
  6. Are you sure that you weren't told a made up story by someone who wanted to make fun of you? ... Since in April 2017 Ripple wasn't OpenCoin and XRP wasn't OpenShares ...
  7. If you want to know more about this, read the documentation about the consensus protocol used by the XRPL ... You can find that information at https://xrpl.org/intro-to-consensus.html
  8. Indeed is the value of the SDR calculated based on the rate of a basket of existing currencies. To peg a digital asset to those currencies would introduce just another 'stablecoin' ... How could XRP, if being used as a bridge currency as you described have some price stability ... that could be if it is traded as a forex currency, so very high volume, high liquidity, low spread ... how to get there is an interesting issue ...
  9. The SDR is the unit of account for the IMF, and is not a currency per se ...while XRP is targeted as a bridge currency ... "One of the XRP Ledger's most powerful features is the native ability to use XRP as a bridge currency on a decentralized exchange, whether for trades or for cross-currency payments." -- David Schwartz https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_drawing_rights
  10. Rest in peace @P3T3RIS My condolences to family and friends.
  11. The answer to your questions wrt Casinocoin (CSC) might be found at the Casinocoin forum https://www.cscchat.com/ or the CSC website https://casinocoin.org/
  12. Hey Timeslot, I hope you're OK. Cheers
  13. Timeslot or Johns NO ...
  14. LOL, that's almost the same as my stash, though I don't have BAT yet ...
  15. Hey @Harishka Welcome to XRPchat! Nice story, I also love the work by Frank Herbert Can you tell us what assets you like besides XRP? Cheers and have fun
  16. Send me 1,000 XRP and I'll return 100,000 CartoonCoin
  17. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Bob and Benchmark. And I really think that as good community members we should encourage others to take their privacy serious and not mention sensitive personal financial information on any public medium. To be honest I could imagine people working for a company like Ripple, that probably has major global financial impact, being a bit scared as many others might have an interest in wanting something from them. We as a community should at least not make that worse.
  18. Toast uses the "passphrase" to generate a cryptographic key for storing your secrets. The PIN isn't used for encrypting secrets, it's just a privacy guard on the front of the app. See Q14 & Q15 in the Toast FAQ: https://toastwallet.com/faq
  19. I respectfully disagree as to me it makes all the difference. Based on all the things I've heard and read about David, including that verifiable event last week, I trust that his statements as made on that event are true. As your statement isn't verifiable, I see no reason to change my opinion on this issue ... please note: I'm not saying you're lying as I do believe that you're honest about what you think you saw. Anyway, thanks for sharing.
  20. Honestly, I have a hard time to believe that. Like @Tinyaccount I'd be very surprised to read that. Even this week David mentioned at an event in Texas that he, like most of us, has no idea why the crypto market prices are at the current levels and also that it feels slightly frustrating that the quality/success of a project doesn't seem to be reflected in the market price in this stage of the game (my paraphrasing of David's words).
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