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  1. My EOY prediction is that XRP and the XRP Ledger will still work flawlessly. A proven track record of several years. I really hope that you all comprehend what an awesome achievement that is ...
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    Calling people names and insulting Ripple employees is not a gender issue. It's improper behaviour and acting against forum rules. So I really don't think this adds anything to this thread. If he agrees maybe it's better to close this thread @Pablo
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    @MQB This is not about sharing thoughts nor about discussing whether Ripple or any of its employees are right. It's about decency and complying to XRPchat forum rules. You called people names and insulted a Ripple employee. As such you do harm to our forum. Please stop doing so.
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    Thanks for sharing, RS! And agreed. Investing isn't one size fits all. We all have different goals that depend on our own lives, preferences and circumstances.
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    Honestly I'm glad that this strategy works for you. Nothing wrong with trading and profit taking. However, the thing is, you never know upfront if and if so when a coin you believe in will moon. Would be interesting to see over a period of time (say three years), if your strategy would outperform a 100% HODL strategy. I really doubt it, though admittedly, most retail investors already abandoned ship, and most of the others will probably cash out as soon as a new ATH comes in sight ...
  6. Now that's really Interesting, RS ... I always thought that you'd be among our top traders (not day traders, but anyway ... EDIT: yeah, special traders might be close).
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    It's really great you guys still have some fun. I'll add my 0.02 XRP to the current status of the crypto market. I agree with Tom Lee that there are two reasons for the continuous bear market in 2018. * a correction on the very high gains in 2017 * as crypto is still a very early immature market, almost no FI's are currently investing in DA"s (I'm not talking about the infrastructure, just the digital assets). So the problem is that no new money flows into crypto right now. Guess retail investors have almost completely lost confidence and FI's are patiently waiting on the sidelines. Till that new money starts flowing in, I don't see why the whales would stop squeezing the lemon ... OK, thanks for reading ... back to the fun in the No-zone ... so here's to the OP:
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    LOL ... and also in his name ...
  9. LOL, guess he also wouldn't have predicted his hero dancing and singing, well, uhm, performing on stage ... That being said, I'm not convinced that ETH is ded yet ... Let's put it this way, yes, a lot can be improved in the area of smart contracts, but ETH is there ...
  10. Ok, you win, that stuff looks so illogical that it must be true
  11. Even a broken clock is right twice a day ... though anybody having a good laugh is just awesome ...
  12. Sorry to hear you sold at a loss @zenkert , sometimes BCH seems tempting, however it's too dangerous for me ... BCH SV even more so ...
  13. Nobody builds an island in 2018. I'm not arguing about any possible future instant payment technology. Sure there'll be hooks to support that. I'm only saying that as it is right NOW intra European instant payments (Euro to Euro currency) between banks do not involve any Ripple product.
  14. The article posted by the OP mentioned a FRENCH bank and a SPANISH bank doing intra European instant payments as of November 30th. The link I posted, originates from the ECB, you really think this is not all about TIPS (TARGET Instant Payment Settlement)? Tell me what other authority in Europe is in charge of payments/payment settlement. Fine, let's agree to disagree. Connecting dots is fine however as far as I know there is no evidence whatsoever that any Ripple product is involved in intra European instant payments by banks.
  15. No, probably not. It's about TIPS (scheduled to go live today). https://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/target/tips/html/index.en.html
  16. LOL, yeah, I decided that I made too much of a point of it ... now you make an even bigger point of it ... That escalated quickly! Cheers!
  17. That's a pretty poor waiver for his current behaviour ...
  18. Yes, that's true and also the BTC/ETH/USDT trading volumes are higher (vice versa the same would be true wrt XRP if that would be a base pair DA).