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  1. ... exactly this is one of the issues in the security debate imho ... Brad can say whatever he wants about XRP being used 'as a currency' by some market participants today, but it's much more about how the current XRP allocation and thus the XRP market conditions became what they currently are in the first place (just imho of course) ... Let's add a little GIF to the text ...
  2. People with the largest wallets aren't necessarily the biggest sellers in a specific time frame, big bag holders often own several accounts. My point being: we just don't know about a lot of XRP holders, sellers and the impact of their behaviour on price development. And the introduction of crypto derivatives early 2018 might have contributed to the list of big sellers ...
  3. Are you aware of the fact that without Jed there possibly wouldn't have been no XRP, Ripple and consensus model as we know it? ...
  4. 1) Jed and Ripple already agreed upon the amounts he's allowed to sell years ago. Ripple executes the contract. None of us are involved. 2) Not wanting to revive the reasons that led to the conflict, and I'm defending nor blaming anybody, still I think it's weird that everybody keeps jumping on Jed, while the contract is clear for about five years or something ... and people don't even know about the selling by the other founders ... At the time of the issue of Jed wanting to dump his entire stash of Zerps back in 2014, there also was a lot of concern about the initial allocation an
  5. Did you check if Jed was the only one, or even the biggest seller in the last few years?
  6. Well, the Zerpening isn't an echo chamber and apart from a lot of GIF's and sh!tposting we DEBATE all things wrt XRP and RIpple and we RESPECT all opinions ... last but not least: we al endorse DYOR and never just trust or follow only one source to make any financial decision ...
  7. Lol, wake me up when we're near ATH again ... $3.84 according to CMC, $3.40 according to CoinGecko ...
  8. Maybe some flaw in the data as reported by CMC? ... e.g. this seems rather odd: https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/xt/
  9. Agreed, more transparency would be welcome. While it's certainly nice to hear that app. 20% of all RippleNet transactions use ODL (and thus XRP), it's a big difference whether those transactions are micropayments valued at a fraction of a cent or high(er) value payments ...
  10. Welcome to XRPchat @NachoVarga ... The fastest way for XRP to reach a price level of $2,000 is to start paying that price. That being said, you're very welcome to buy my stash of XRP at a price of $2,000 per XRP.
  11. Welcome to XRPchat @Wharton_2020 There's a lot of information available on Ripple, the XRP ledger and the eco system. You might use the search feature to find answers to specific questions and/or join various clubs. Please read the forum rules before posting. Wrt Polysign, a visit to https://www.polysign.io/ shows that this organization targets "Institutional-grade custody for digital assets". Considering its modest size and the background of the founders and employees it seems logical that they don't target retail end-users directly. On UBRI (University Blockchain Research Initiativ
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