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  1. Would second that, they are recognizing the upside of whatever system your company is going to adopt. TFH on, is this being sent out to all employees of pending xrapid customers???
  2. My brothers from other mothers! Room for one more in the church of the chicken? And the Bull. And the Robot. Not forgetting the wookie. And that dude from great gatsby. And everyone else. Any chance of an invite? @RegalChicken@Chewiecoin@Ripplestiltskin Cheers guys
  3. From a friend who invested in BTC in 2013, he said it was a scamcoin. ?????
  4. Completely with you on this @TrueXRP. Until we see the effect of xrp in commercial use within xrapid it's impossible to judge. We are the early adopters, it's the chance we take whether the investment works out or not ( it will ?) So, when moon?
  5. Hopefully blowing within the next 24 hours! ?
  6. Certainly seems that way - welcome Zerpnaut!
  7. Guys, completely with you. Its been posted before but if anyone hasn’t seen it watch the big short. ‘I may have been early, but I’m not wrong’ ? https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/fcd761d2-027d-4cf1-80c9-cf2dff8ac070
  8. Would agree with @Tinyaccount. Toast seems to be the option if your not going down the nano route. Obvious both better than leaving on exchanges.
  9. First time I’ve ever really looked at Bitcoin Lighting Network - feels like I’ve been schooled! Preloaded accounts, correspondent networks, isn’t this just Swift??? If you haven’t seen this great piece below.
  10. No worries Chicken, By the way all, just been checking out Julio Fauras replacement at Santander - John Whelan. Seems like another ETH-a-lite who liked the fuddesk article which quoted Faura saying crypto was not the answer to liquidity management for banks (xrp or otherwise) https://mobile.twitter.com/_JohnWhelan/status/987037892051693568 Wonderful, at least he's right about Brexit. Onwards and upwards - bring on Chewsday.
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