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  1. Ha no need to apologise. Just a little easier to read Totally agree with it all too, it's going to open up a lot of possiblities we havn't thought of.
  2. Very true. So what do you think these dates relate to?
  3. Do you not think it would be very weird for there to be hidden mysterious dates about a Fintech comany's product in a paper on the the website of the IMF? Those dates line up in september too, probably more.
  4. My bad, see it now. Still don't think its relevant though.
  5. The three days are just showing that the legacy system (SWIFT) can take 3 days to settle.
  6. Apparently he changed his name 20 times and then disappeared. In all seriousness though, the exit strategy posted by forest trees was one of the best reads I've had on here. Great info.
  7. Yeah, definitely would not be telling the whole story in that timeframe, I think I just see it as being quite a turning point or at least a very noteable time in the history of crypto. The years of hopefully moving from speculation to adoption. Would love to know the ins and outs of market movements this year, how much control did whales actually have, was there ever a dialogue between Swift and Ripple. Also who was BG123? Or at least who did he think he was
  8. ...I really hope somebody involved behind the scenes, writes a book about what has actually been going on in the background the crypto space the past 18 months. Or between 2017-2019. It would be so interesting to read through an insiders perspective of such a speculative (seemingly random) market. I guess we will know with time what rumours are true and stories will come out but I'd love to be able to read the whole story someday.... ....while living up the mountains in financial freedom of course
  9. Dr T - @Xrptrump I think @C3_Nik Bank xrp @haydentiff Some reasonable people to get you started.
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