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  1. This has been heavily discussed all over this forum. Also the report addressed the amount they have been selling in Q2 and how it will be reduced going forward.
  2. They speak very highly of you.
  3. Ha no need to apologise. Just a little easier to read Totally agree with it all too, it's going to open up a lot of possiblities we havn't thought of.
  4. Very true. So what do you think these dates relate to?
  5. Do you not think it would be very weird for there to be hidden mysterious dates about a Fintech comany's product in a paper on the the website of the IMF? Those dates line up in september too, probably more.
  6. My bad, see it now. Still don't think its relevant though.
  7. The three days are just showing that the legacy system (SWIFT) can take 3 days to settle.
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