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  1. I would also like to join your merry group. We need more rockets. Why people complain and cry so much but they decided to take that adult rollercoaster anyway..
  2. So nothing is decided yet. Another proof how trustworthy crypto news can be (sarcasm disclaimer) ?
  3. I just had to sell a few thousand xrp to pay my bills because of temporary financial downtime. Suck it up boys and girls and lets enjoy this madness ?
  4. This all doom and gloom reminds me of the last year. Everyone thought nothing good will happen and then... boooom. Current price or situation doesnt matter in this immature market.
  5. This whole thing smells like a bear trap to be honest. The last attempt to suck away all the small investors and crush their will. There is really no reason for this all but just for the big players to be even bigger. Of course this game could be going on for awhile (or end tomorrow) because these guys have millions of play money to manipulate while enjoying their life on yacht laughing to us. Regulation and real world usage are the only ways out of this silliness.
  6. I dont think we will see 0.1. We will probably have rapid visit around 0.2 and then move upwards. Really nobody knows as we are chained to sinking ship ms btc.
  7. This is indeed insane. I also have the worst possible time to have little financial down time (temp unemployed and I used my savings already). I have to sell like 10% of my stack coming weeks. Wondering should I sell now or later ? luckily my dca is around 0.2 but soon we could be below it as well. Life can be quite mean sometimes. Holding the rest what I dont need for the bills ?
  8. I dont think we will see 0.2 again. If we do though I think we will drop straight down to 0.10-0.15. Not based on anything else but the good old intuition.
  9. Great news! All these small drops will eventually form big lake.
  10. This has been interesting few days *eats popcorn* Alot of blood, tears and terror but I will be holding ?
  11. My reality is the fact I have bought xrp ready to lose it all (in case Ripple and xrp fails) but not selling until I see double to triple digit price. If someone wants to play the crypto trading game and potentially lose or win big time it is their choice to do so. DYOR and Amen
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