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  1. At $15 I'm outta here, every mattress stuffed, bill paid for the next 25, and will spend the remainder of my life watching Scotland play rugby, because you know what? That's far more exciting..!
  2. I really don't get this hope it stays low way of thinking. We all have different agenda's of course but personally speaking steady price increase would suit me and go some way to prove that the business and use of XRP works and is supported. I've said it before, if you have a $20 + expectation why would you be getting so excited about the difference between buying at $0.40 and $1. That is greed!!! I have some dreamy exit points from $10 upwards to $100, but if this thing all stalled at $1 I would still have much more than a 50% increase in my investment if I cashed out at the $1 (albeit a risky and heavily fluctuating investment). Ok, retirement would be a bit further down the line but Its still a good earner for what I put in. Please let me know where else I can get that ROI?? I also don't get the fascination with EOY price!! Pointless.
  3. $5 lets me get where I want to be 5 years earlier, 10$ lets me get there in a couple of years and $25 is dosvedanya!
  4. My story. Try to keep it brief'ish. I work on oil and gas construction projects. Last year we had a handful of guys legitimately pack in the work thing in due to success on ETH (who bought in under $5 and invested $000’s. So from my perspective I literally know people who made very (VERY) good profits, got a bit lucky, and gave up the day job. If they withdrew all profits etc, I don’t know, that’s personal info, but I doubt it. These are regular guys, not crypto or financial whizz kids. Its been good to have this real life connection to bring me into this and not just rely on news or youtube articles. I first invested in mid 2017 on the back of these guys talk at work. Mainly in ETH and BTC, but progressed through research to OMG, ETN, SNGLS (I’m a frustrated ex-musician as well, so the artistic side liked this one!), and of course XRP, and lately CSC. The funny thing is, when I first put money into this in 2017 I found a couple of emails from way back in mid 2016 when I set up an account on Kraken following one of the guys at work giving me the lowdown on ETH …and I just set up the account .. did nothing more…bugger!!! Should have taken the next step and thrown a few thousand at ETH back then! Lesson learned! XRP fits my bill. I see what its trying to do, where it can work and that we can’t break the FI system overnight.. maybe it doesn’t fit into the whole decentralized crypto antigovernment picture, but for me, it’s more likely to work than a lot of others. Ive managed to acquire a whole lot more than I intended to originally, partly due to price, partly due to my improving understanding and confidence in it. Can’t deny the help this forum has given too. I always look for a read of comments from @RegalChicken @Hodor @Chewiecoin @Ripple-Stiltskin and sensible head @XRPto50dollars On the downside, and as an absolute hater of corporate buzzwording… the hairs on my neck raise up any time I read, use case, utility, bull run, ecosystem, lambo, when moon, etc etc :/ I’m at an age and stage in life (with low debts etc) of where $25 per XRP would let me call it a day, and quickly, based on my “stack” (there’s another one ..), but I have an exit strategy leading up to that and beyond that if all the hype comes to fruition! I have no ambition for a massive house, big fast red sports car..eh actually been there, and done some of that.... I don't need that ever again. I just buy more, I don’t day trade. I’m not on it daily, or smart enough. I also don’t see the logic in folk saying should I buy at 0.43 or wait until 0.30 when in the next breath they are talking about $100 or $589 … like does a 0.13 difference matter if you believe you will get to $100 or even $10 !?! I may have bought into Betamax, or Myspace,….I hope not, but it’s worth the risk IMHO and a bit a calculated gamble alongside my more regular retirement investments. Adds a bit o' fun as well.
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