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    Can i have an invite please : )
  2. For claiming sparks you should set MessageKey. For MessageKey set transaction you need a small fee. So if you have xrp to pay the fee you can claim the 12. dec snapshot.
  3. For spark token airdrop one should poses xrp on Dec 12. You can sell on Dec 13 and still claim sparks.
  4. thank you, i also think like that. Anyway it's good to see it more people
  5. Hello there, I am a 2017 hodler, using nano ledger. A few days ago, i received a strange email from "ledger.com". Email informs me that my ledger is disabled due to the new kyc regulations, ledger need personal data for verification. In the email is located an hyper link to google docs, wich i haven`t open. I am not able to check if the ledger is disabled because it is not located near me. Can you advise me what do you thnik about this email. If this is usefulf information, i am set up for the airdrop, by the wietse tut. The things bodering me are: -why i need kyc for ledger( may be i missed some news) -the sender email is encrypted -the link to google doc/ not to ledger web page itself - the additional email adress this email is redirected. i apply a screen shot with the email.
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