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  1. pitchblack452

    The Rise of Digital Assets In 2019

    great read as always Hodor ! I do wonder what your price prediction is for the next 2-4 years ( i think i have seen you say that you dont want to make any price predictions) but i cant help thinking that you are expecting very high prices every time i read your blog. On the other side there is Galgitrons" explanation/blog where he shows how much money is needed for xrp to reach 5 USD (i know that would be a 10x increase and therefore a really good return but i got the feeling from your blog that you expect even higher prices) and try to understand how that would be compatible with your version. I think i prefer your "positive" outlook on the price :) PS: for those wondering i have put my price predictions up on these forums.
  2. pitchblack452

    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    can somebody explain this in laymens terms? I am having a hard time understanding any of this. Is this good/bad for adoption? Is this good/bad for xrp price (for us as part of the "retail"). thx
  3. pitchblack452

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Welcome to this forum. Another user that is here only to attack people, be negative and spin things. Your first two post are both negative. I do not understand what brings you to this forum if you are here only to post negative things? Or you are one of the lucky ones who got in at below 0;10 USD (like every new poster).
  4. pitchblack452

    Own Your XRP

    @ Hodor: i will definitely read your newest blog (when i am a bit more focused) and always enjoyed reading the previous ones. Please dont let yourself be discouraged by these blatant trolls. I have been reading this forum for quit some time and it really is starting to annoy me that every topic that has a bit of good news in it is constantly attacked / invaded by people that i can not imagine to hold any XRP based on their posts. Im not happy with the current price, this bear market is getting to everyone. But i dont get what these people gain by constantly posting negative things, questioning things that have been explained multiple times, trying to spin everything and when something is posted positive and full of facts (like this blog) they start attack the person or are reading/interpreting the forum rules to such a strict way to annoy these posters. @ mods: i am aware most of these trolls are working within the rules (they are not that dumb to get easily banned) but can you pls do something about the same people invading every thread with a little positive tone? Im not asking that all negative points/developments be deleted/refrained upon but if you look rational at a lot of these posts there is really no purpose to them. For example asking that everything is consolidated in one topic ('so the positive facts get less exposure) for the so "good of this forum" and at the same time not contributing anything to this forum is beyond me. I hope that something is done about this or that we get a bull market soon so that these trolls can get back to where they came from. Good night !
  5. Q1: 0,4 EUR (but i think we will see close to 0.15 in jan/feb) Q2: 0,7 EUR Q3: 0,9 EUR Q4: 2,5 EUR
  6. pitchblack452

    New EOY 2019 predictions

    1-5 dollars If its less then a dollar im starting to get worried Happy New Year !
  7. pitchblack452

    How Are We All Doing?

    Well since i have been in the red most of the time i am not so happy with the current price but belief in the potential. Seeing green portefolio must feel nice i think
  8. TY again for doing all this work. Really appreciated. So many good things happening, just hope this all gonna be reflected in the price at some point;
  9. thx for the info. Hope he blinks around the same date ...
  10. pitchblack452

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Pretty strange indeed but i think its coincidence (not a believer of bg123)
  11. pitchblack452

    Roger Ver ‏Sorry

    Great Job by JK
  12. OP thanks for posting. Thought the mods had deleted in. Long time lurker. Better start posting so i can catch up.