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  1. Genuine question, genuinely not FUD! For those that understand this stuff better than me, is anyone slightly concerned or is there any reason to be concerned that ripple picked bittrex for it's xrapid liquidity in the US, when it's only operating in 6 states! Does that matter, or once it's active anywhere in the US, does that make it ok? I suppose the question is: if bittrex is not available in texas (as an exmaple), how do banks there source xrp from bittrex? Just looking for an answer to this, not looking to sow doubt! Im sure somebody's got the answer!
  2. Imagine if, on the strength of the ripple partnership and xrapid use, that both xrp and bittrex takes off, leaving a certain c**nbase to look like AOL from the mid 90's during the internet and dotcom revolution! Imagine that- xrp ultimately rocketing and giving c**nbase a good kicking as well!
  3. Just to clarify $213,000 × 21M coins = $4.44tn $4.44tn ÷ 100bn coins = $44.73 Disclaimer: I am not an accountant, economist or mathematician! The same numbers but calculating the current 17M supply of Bitcoin and current xrp supply of 39bn is: $92.84 per xrp
  4. Poor @Kiwi This thread is perfect for him but such a blatant lack of kiwis is upsetting!
  5. What timeframe are we talking to get a validator up and running? Could ripple be below 50% in 2-3 months? Or is that too ambitious?
  6. As others have said, Ripple the company are trying to revolutionize the entire banking and payments sector with xrp! That doesn't happen overnight! The 3-5 years is not set, nor indeed do I feel it's meant to be taken literally! Rather, it's a statement to say that things like this take time, and reflecting on its progress/success (in terms of xrp value) is pointless in the next few month's - we're talking years! The big positive I take is that ripple clearly feel usage will drive up price when real usage comes in a few years!
  7. Perhaps an acknowledgement that institutional money will go into xrp one way or another?
  8. So if coinbase don't trade it you could have institutions buying it elsewhere before then turning to Coinbase saying: 'Hey Coinbase, HODL my Zerps!!!' Awesome ?
  9. Gold will always be a hedge against currency, digital or otherwise. Gold will always have a place at the table and many would argue that the loss of a direct fiat anchoring to gold (Bretton woods etc) has created many problems! Something digital will never replace something tangible I think anyway!
  10. I was green in December but have continued to buy afterwards so am in the red now like most people! Green is such an amazing feeling but for those that haven't experienced it and bought all the way through this bear market, that feeling will be especially immense! Its coming folks!!!!
  11. I first looked into cryptocurrency in September 2017 - initially Bitcoin, then xlm, eth and Ltc! Whilst weighing them all up I stumbled across xrp on a recent cryptocurrency forum. That lead me xrpchat and the wealth of information around ripple the company and xrp the digital asset (as the great bearded one calls it!) I researched the company and their vision! I trawled through the forums here and particukarly liked @Hodor blogs! All of this confirmed for me the more total value in xrp! Nothing is a sure thing in life and as j said before, it's not easy to part with hard earned money but after coming across this site, it really helped me feel comfortable with my investment! On a lighter note, when i tell people about xrp and this website, I do have to warn them to look beyond the fact that much of the posts are from a chicken @RegalChicken, a wookie @Chewiecoin, a bull @zenkert, the hoff himself @bachmama, a reincarnated robot @LilBender and a farting unicorn @Nouknitouk! But yea, once they accept that, they're all on board too! ???
  12. Exactly! My only fear is that without a visible zerpening (even if closed!) Lurkers from now on will not see as positive a vibe on the largest site discussing all things xrp! I don't have an answer, it's just unfortunate! I'm working up my post count tho so I can get in on the bikini, rocket and good vibes action! ?
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