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  1. Also briefly spoken about here aswell. https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2018/10/08/ripple-xrp-is-down-almost-20-in-seven-days-heres-why/#769de69b6040
  2. Great find RippleRicky! Very exciting watching and hearing from the fed like this about RTGS. At roughly 10.40mins she spoke about how the Australia reserve bank and the euro reserve something are on the "cusp" of implementing there own RTGS systems. I wonder what these are? I havnt heard anything before about these two.?
  3. I struggled to sleep last night, this is hard as I'm sure it is for everyone but I cannot wait till we even hit $1. I'm gunna have a few beers that night ?. I did wake up all of a sudden and buy 700 more zerps thismorning ?
  4. Are you guys aware that Ripple have the xrp they own in an escrow contract? The Q2 reports show how much xrp they have sold to exchanges and it's nothing compared in the scheme of things.
  5. Can I can get an invite, I've got to 25 posts without spamming the everyone's threads ?
  6. chewsday. joking I have no idea, soon I hope. Why did brad tease us this "very very soon"?
  7. Thanks for the cigarette packet maths, it doesnt seem pretty completely unrealistic, if SBI does eventually go live with Xrapid then I hope we get those price levels but stay there aswell! I think from memory SBI could bring in 1.3billion worth of daily volume so this should help us get to the $10. Again thanks for your analysis much appreciated!
  8. I completely agree, we have been blessed in some kinda odd way with this bear market. It has tested our patience and probably made us second guess ourselves at some point. It's definitely made me more emotionless about trading with my account at some points 30% in the red. My first purchase was at .17c but then came the bull run and I was Fomo buying into the market up to the 1.20. But I think have nearly 4x my holdings now. No one knows how much I have in it not even the Mrs?. I hoping for the $5-15 range by eoy ?
  9. I bloody hope so, or il have to start paying back my credit cards myself ?
  10. "we want to talk about the real infustucture of the future not the stupid bitcoin stuff everyone was taking about yesterday but the real infrastructure of the future" ?
  11. Great find @slinuxuzer thank you very much. $589!!! that damn bear could be right after all ?
  12. Don't we have another ETF proposal in August? This may give a short pump. We have held this .4x range for nearly a month. Guess we will find out soon enough
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