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  1. So things seem to be falling Ripple's way. Fingers crossed that they move this right along.
  2. A man can dream, right? I have no doubt that if each of these stakeholders find an arrangement like this is in their own best financial interest, they will make it happen. If I can run Microsoft software on a Mac, anything's possible. It will be really interesting to see how it all plays out.
  3. So, what you're saying is you need to create an alter-ego who is free to express his thoughts without fear. ?
  4. You're an anonymous user on an internet forum. You should let it all hang out. Why should you be the only one to restrain yourself? ?
  5. I didn't read everything in your post, but you made a Star Wars reference, so you get a like.
  6. I agree. The smell of desperation is getting strong.
  7. Fair enough. All any of us can really do is offer the advice, and be satisfied with that. What others choose to do with it is up to them.
  8. I just have a hard time taking hysterical "TheEnd is nigh" warnings seriously. Wait a minute...
  9. Very interesting, and fun to think about! Your tickling all my crypto-erogenous zones. I am here for this. My body is ready.
  10. What do you have against looking for the best value? By your way of thinking, the financial world should go ahead and adopt BTC, even though XRP is cheaper, because, who cares, it's only money.
  11. I also do not believe in coincidence. Everything is connected, or will be, eventually.
  12. This is a long overdue re-imagining, and modernization, of the global financial infrastructure. The nations who are paying attention and making rapid moves on this technology are positioning themselves to have an advantage over those nations who must be dragged into the future, kicking and screaming, imo.
  13. I think my aunt's dentist's assistant once backpacked across Europe with her BFF, who ran a bed and breakfast in San Francisco. One of the guests said they went to a coffee shop once. It's a small world, afterall.
  14. It's like that now with BTC. "The payment is on the way, I swear!"
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