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  1. SirPalot

    Zerpening Lurker

    I could really use a big dose of Zerpening during these harsh times..can I get an invite? Much appreciated!
  2. SirPalot

    Do not let go of your dream!!!

    Good for you Youngster! I'm sure your belief and positivity will be rewarded sooner than later (and in that case mine will be too..)
  3. SirPalot

    Is er nog vertrouwen ?

    In 2014 de eerste (beperkte) hoeveelheid gekocht, daarna een tijdje er weinig naar omgekeken en vanaf midden 2016 tot begin 2017 het merendeel van mijn XRP gekocht.
  4. SirPalot

    What really went down on the XRP community night

    Oh boy you almost had me with that smooth editing..?
  5. SirPalot

    Hi everyone. HOLD ON

    It's an expensive lesson but you know it won't happen to you again..HODL
  6. SirPalot

    New Crypto Exchange Uses XRP as its Base Currency

    Looking good thanks for sharing
  7. SirPalot

    Satoshi Nakaboato

    Ana PowerBotín
  8. SirPalot

    Hi XRP Chatters

    Welcome! Don't forget to buckle up for the ride!
  9. SirPalot

    Quick Hello

    Welcome all to this great place, the more the merrier!
  10. Take the XRP for sure. Money isn't everything
  11. SirPalot

    Advice needed with XRP on Ledger Nano

    I wasn't sure but also a software wallet can be used to restore it and/or the private keys can be generated: https://support.ledgerwallet.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005297709-Export-your-accounts