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  1. Hi guys, Is someone has the list of the shareholders of R3 classified by number of shares? Would interest me for researchs. I think this information is on Crunchbase Pro but I do not have a Pro account. Thank you Gyru
  2. If possible, I would also try to find a check system limiting the number of validators per cloud platform (like the biggest AWS and Azure). What good is decentralized if the higher level is more and more centralized with time passing. The latest AWS incidents did not cause the xrpl network to freeze, but could have been affected if multiple servers had been impacted. https://www.mondo.com/aws-outage-internet-centralization-problem/
  3. To me this is a very important move. Central Banks are speaking about stablecoins for months now. I really liked the idea to use the Cosmos but in this case you add a secondary layer (network) in the trust mechanism. A direct implementation on the xrpl would permit organisations like Moneygram to easily manage fiat operations and a growing pool of locked xrp would be beneficial for a global price increase of the asset (cascade on the liquidity part and reduce friction for a growing ecosystem). Is xPool here? Is the future of the current eurodollar market here?
  4. Great text from mars. This post should be pinned to help people understand every system is linked and need trust and interoperability to work.
  5. @Nightjanitor I understand the context in China. My only question is, Is there a connexion with this important centralized hub using instant payments?
  6. https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2019/01/07/1546853764000/Will-fintechs-sink-or-swim-when-floats-are-regulated-/ "Since June 2018, fintechs must also channel payments through a newly authorised clearing house, NetsUnion, (graph 7 above) in a bid to enable the PBoC to better monitor customer funds on third-party payment platforms. What's interesting about the changes being imposed in China is how they marry up with narrow-banking inclined responses to fintech and crypto challenges elsewhere, especially attempts to introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC). (More on that in a follow-up post.) The 100 per cent reserve rule, for example, will see fintechs' "payments" float segregated in a specific reserve at the PBoC, preventing it from being rehypothecated or invested onwards for interest return. Once at the PBoC the reserves will earn no interest. Carstens says this is unusual because the fintechs are not banks. But compare and contrast that to the Fed opening its balance sheet to MMFs, albeit with a different agenda -- to stop them crowding out the safe asset market, which was pushing negative interest rate territory as a result. Zero interest in this case providing a floor on returns rather than a cap." Fintech refers as Alipay and other similar systems. Is someone has made researchs about it and found a link with our prefered company? The link could be on the upper level with the PBoC or inexistant. In this case it would probably be invisible to us. Regards, Toolate
  7. Hi guys, Is someone use the Cryptofacilities services? Here is my question: I would like to work on the xbt usd future trading contract. To do that you need to fund with usd or btc. Do they have the function to convert "xrp -> btc" on their website or do I have to exchange "xrp to btc" on another exchange and send them btc? And after that, i would like to convert the result of the trading in xrp to send it easy without using the btc network. The question is the same. Kind regards, Toolate
  8. They are creating IOUs on the ledger https://bithomp.com/explorer/r42bkC8QGXQocD35D8cA7e37cXGCCncoCW The volume here is misinterpreted. It's iou's creation.
  9. Thanks for the correction EasterBunny! The info in my last reply comes from a colleague trader, I didn't verify.
  10. In all cases it will not start directly. Brokers seems to be too afraid about this new futures product. You can trade maximum 5 contracts with 12$ to 50$ per round turn.
  11. To monitor : - a bigger and bigger short position in the bitcoin futures month after month - a price explosion in the Bitcoin itself month after month As a hedge fund, how can I invest in bitcoin without any risk? (and hedge my fund to systemic risks) Easy. I buy the Bitcoin itself and short the same exact position in the bitcoin futures. It costs me only a part of the underlying to hedge like that (with leverage and little interest rates). If the system fails, the clearing house will be in trouble and my position will be terminated in the futures product. In the same way the system will. Do not forget, the bitcoin futures will not be settled in bitcoin but in usd. The futures position will not impact the price of the bitcoin itself. So, if you look at the two things to monitor and see a correlation, do not worry, funds are investing and hedging against the fiat system. It's a way to do. Toolate
  12. It takes all the bullshits and shows from MLM like stupid Onecoin. Happy stupid people for another stupid investors.
  13. Good evening everyone, Is someone can help me understand something? I simply do not understand valuations in cryptoland. Assume you have bitcoin at value 100 It forks, you receive +20 for free Where does this valuation comes from? (please don't tell me about the utility valuation, here we are speaking about flow of money) It seems created out of thin air like our fiat central banks. I mean NONE HAVE EXCHANGED ANY DOLLARS TO BUY A FORK in the first time. And important: After receiving these 20, I can exchange it against xrp or something else. And considering much of these thin air creations stays in cryptoland, when you have a big confidence correction on the main product like Bitcoin, could it be the explanation of the price correction on all other products? Does it seems correct? Thanks
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